Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love you Much Bundle

Love you Much Bundle 20% off starting Dec 23, 2008- January 31, 2009 # 115405

Love you much stamp set , Candy Lane Designer paper and the Heart to Heart Punch .

20% off price $41.48
View Flyer HERE

Here is a sample I CASED for a swap :)

Scrapbook page for Gifts

Ok I totally CASED this from someone at SCS because I have NEVER stamped on a scrapbook page before - I've done a few pages before SU! but they look like something my 9 year old daughter made :)

SO I'm happy that this page turned out - I gave my mother in law 2 8x8 pages - then made this single 8x11 page for my mom and sister in law for Christmas gifts - I need to make one for myself now :)

Enjoy every moment stamp set
Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Teachers gift

Sorry I'm late on this too - I actually just finished making them last night - gave them away this morning since it's the last day of school - YES I like to leave everything for the last min - ask me how my Christmas shopping is going :) HA HA Haven't even started yet !

BUT yeah - ok last August when the stores were having back to school sales I got a package of 4 cork boards at the dollar store - well I had 4 teachers to make gifts for sooo this is what I did with them -

can't see it very well but I stamped the flower stamp from the "simply said" stamp set - I also used a bo-bunny flower in the corner and had my sister in law write the names (my handwriting sucks) Then I had the kids write "Merry Christmas and Happy New Years" on a peice of paper and pinned it on the cork using a thumbtack with punched out flower petels from the 5 petal punch -

So that's all it - OH MAN!! Another stupid thing about leaving things for the last min! I forgot the magnetic backs and ribbon in case they wanted to hang it up!!! AHHH!!! Oh well :)

So what do you think?? Is it cute even though I forgot the back part of the gift??

Thanks for looking :)


Puppy Pictures!

Sorry I didn't realize people were still reading my blog :) HA Thanks so much for the comments about the puppy pictures - I'm sorry I haven't posted them before now -
It's been crazy trying to get into schedual with puppies , kids, dogs, not to mention we all had the flu this week - so glad that's over with -

OK on to pictures - I'll try to keep updated pictures but it's harder for me since I can't upload the pictures to my computer from the camera - I stole these pictures off my husband's KSL classifies ad for the puppies - yes they're for sale now :) WHOO HOO!

BUT he does have a website www.sbrbulldogs.com where he uploads new pictures every week -

I can't remember what I put in the first blog about the puppies - I think I just said he just left to get the puppy formula - well good news - after only 4 days of feeding the little guy (Tiny) a couple of times a day with the puppy formula - he is now growing big and strong - he's still a LOT smaller then the others - but when he's hungry he usually digs his way UNDER all the puppies to get a spot - I have them on a semi eating schedual (lots of work with these guys) I have to go down there every couple of hours to make sure they're all full bellies and happy - Rosie isn't too happy about the welping box - it's just a wood box with a couple blankets - not comfortable at all - we do have her favorite dog pillow down there which is where she sleeps most of the time - so that's why I have to go down to make sure she gets OFF the comfortable pillow and feeds the puppies all the time ;) She's doing good though -

Most of the pupies are starting to open their eyes now - Tiny has his all the way opened but it will be another week or so before he can actually see out of them - right now everything is big blur - but my kids are excited -they can go down pet the puppies when I'm down there - the older 2 can hold the puppies under extreme supervision :) But they're doing great- Samantha named her favorite "goofy" because he likes to eat upside down and sleep on his back -he wiggles around too - but he is probably the biggest male we have and to me he still looks like a little cow with these spots -

OK sorry here are the pictures -sorry they're not that great but it's all I have for right now on my computer I'll up date it next Monday when they're 2 weeks old :)

By the way these guys have more then doubled their size since they were born -

First picture is Rosie and Champion Desiel - he is an Champion showing and has started weight pulling classes - his parents ARE Grand Champions in weight pulling - you should see some of the pictures my husband got from the owner - these dog pulls - I think he said 1000 lbs - We have apicture of one of his dogs pulling weights on a trolly with the whole family sitting on it - WOW!

Samantha calls him Goofy :)

Here's a picture of all 11 puppies :) All growing big and strong :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Puppies are here!!

Rosie just had her first litter of puppies!!
She had 11 puppies! Which is a LOT!!! Misti's biggest litter was 9 - so WOW!

Rosie is a puppy from Misti's 2nd litter - so I've been through this before - but never like this!
She didn't tear open any of the bags for the pups - so I had to help them all -
It was scary because after #3 was born - i had to go upstairs to feed the kids breakfast (dry cereal) put the other dogs outside and back inside (it's FREEZING outside!) Then I had to try to sneak back downstairs - Collin kept screaming at me every time I tried to go down - I was upstairs about 10 mins - tops - By the time I got down there - Puppy #4 and #5 were born but she was just licking the bag! She didn't open them up!! So I had to hurry and get them breathing -

Marla (my sister in law) came over for about 2 hours to help with the kids upstairs - that was a big help! So I was able to stay down there and help her out - she had 6 puppies in 2 hours - then she got about a half hour break before having the next 4 - and #11 was about 15 mins later - just after Marla left -

She's doing good though - these puppies have a lot of color in them so Cory is happy -

Cory is home now and we went down to check on them all - 4 girls and 7 boys! WOW!

There are 2 that aren't eating or latching on - Cory put them up to her and got milk on their nose and they wouldn't latch on - so he's going to petsmart right now to pick up a bottle and some formula/milk and we're going to try to get it to eat a little that way - once it catches on with the bottle it should be easier to latch on to rosie - but yeah - so there are 2 runts that we're not sure will make it - hopefully this will help though - Please pray for the puppies :) I already love them all (at least for another 3 weeks until they start getting up and playing and biting everything! lol )

I don't have any pictures on my computer yet - but give me a couple hours when we get the kids to bed and I'll be able to sit down and upload them -

I better get down there to make sure she's ok - She's trying to be a good mom - she's just pretty clueless :)


Friday, December 5, 2008

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

I got up this morning - and started getting the kids ready for school - Once they sat down for breakfast - I was stuck holding the puppy in the family room til they were finished -
SO while in here - I was running through my emails - I get some good blog updates - but today I got a really good one from Andrea Walford
She had her very first video tutorial!!
Now I'm really visually impared - I have the hardest time reading through tutorials -and if there aren't pictures - I don't even bother - but video's are GREAT! I hope she makes more :)

Anyways - so on her video tutorial - she showed how to make this really cute Christmas tree skewer - Well I had the skewers and the bags - just missing the candy - luckly I was going to walmart today to pick up some cups for Samantha (In Utah , watching Fox 13 on Thursday Dec 11th - both my girls are going to be on TV!!!! will update time when they finally let us know :)

OK SO while at walmart I got some gumdrops - only problem with this tutorial - she didn't mention it was harder to get the candy on the skewer then it was to make the tree :)

I love it though - I will be putting one of these inside the bags for teacher's gifts - maybe a few friends/family - I wont be making a lot of them - but some :)
I've already made 3 - It's a start :)

Thanks for looking!!

Baby Gifts!!!

WOW! I got home today from Walmart - and on my doorstep was a big package - I thought it was going to be my Christmas gift (Much Love Bundle - Can't talk about it til Dec 23rd - but it's going to be a GREAT Gift :)

BUT it wasn't my Christmas gift - instead it was a WAY CUTE Baby Box!
Michelle from UDI made some really cute things! I got a couple adorable baby bibs - and a really nice picture frame - There was a cute thing of body gel that she decorated too :)

Digging in deeper I noticed a little thing "For Dad" he LOVES Chocolate :) So it was perfect for him :)
Then she made 5 "Big Brother" "Big Sister" goodie bags for each of my other kids - they really enjoyed the craftmanship and details she made on the oh so cute bag topper - OK OK OK - if you know my kids - they really enjoyed the candy :) I really love the toppers - so I carefully opened them up for each kid and I'm saving these things :) SO CUTE!

Here is a picture of the "Big Brother" one - My model for today is Cody - he's showing off his stitches he got last Saturday - which I don't think he really needs anymore- but wont get them out til Monday -

Then there was a really cute bagger of "Baby BOY" Card Candy - they look like they're made out of SU! Punches - if they're not - I'm going to make some that are :) WAY Cute ideas!

Thanks so much Michelle! This is even cuter then I had thought it would be :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Follow me!!!

Just got this new feture to follow my blog :)

That is IF you're interested :)
I maade some Christmas cards over the weekend but haven't taken a pcture yet - Cody tripped and fell yesterday and ended up getting about 10 stitches just above his eye - poor guy :( BUT he's being a good trooper - loves to gross mom out by showing me what's under the bandaid - blach! I'm afraid to post a picture here because the only one I have is the one that Cory took at the Hospital just after they cleaned it but before they stitched it - ewwww I"m sure those family members with cell phones have recieved that picture already :)

What else - the puppy - Mattie is doing good - she's getting a lot better - she still potties in the house but we're working on it - Rosie's great -she's due to have her puppies THIS SATURDAY!!!!!yikes! I had a weird dream a couple nights ago that she couldn't/wouldn't feed her puppies so on top of 6 kids and a new puppy I had to go downstairs every 2 hours to feed 9 puppies - I invented something to help me out easier then Cory told me to draw a picture of it and we'll try to make one - he said I could have invented something in my dream and not even know it - So COOL! I haven't drawn a pic ture of it yet but I have been thinking of it alot and if there is a problem and Rosie doesn't/can't feed her pups - then I"ll be set :) YEAH!!!

WELL I'm off to make dinner - got lots to do next week so I"ll get a little more active later :)

Thanks for looking!


Friday, November 14, 2008

For Sale

I'm working on some things for sale -
Right now I"ve put a few different Christmas cards that I'm willing to make for a small fee - I'm probably not charging enough - but I just want to see if it will work - Right now I have 10 cards AND matching envelopes for $15 plus shipping - need more cards - it's only $10 for each additional set after that -
These cards are well embelished and the envelopes are stamped with the same stamp set that I use on the cards - or a really nice sentament that goes with it -

The pictures on my FOR SALE page are really not the greatest - the cards do look a LOT better In real life - the colors are more bold and you can't see the embossing or the glitter in the photo very well - For that I"m sorry but I DO garentee that each card I make is done with the most care to make sure each card is to the best of my ability -

I am working on setting up a pay pal account - I will take Cash, Check, Money order or credit card - and will set up pay pal as soon as I get that done too -

Click HERE to visit my new Card store -

Oh an watch for updates - after this weekend I should have a few little "Neighbor Gifts" for sale too :) Just add a few little peices of candy and voila! Each "gift" will come with a matching gift tag too!

THanks for looking - and please email me if you have ANY questions or comments -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas swap

Priceless stamp set
Best yet stamp set (Hard to see but it's on the green IN Green ink :)
5 petal flower punch
Real red and Glorious Green paper and ink
Gold brad ( I need more!)
Also I dabbed Red Ridinghood ink to darken around the edges of the petals

Poinsettas :)
WOW! I was so shocked that I could make these with my 5 petal punch - I LOVE this punch - I can't believe I waited so long to get it! I've wanted it for a while but it was on back order and I hate waiting for things so I alway put off ordering it until they catch up :) I finaly got it -
I used it for the birthday swap - I made the flower the same way I made this - so cool how just changing the color of card paper changes the whole look of the flower!

SO I'm happy with this card - it was easy enough that I may actually just make this one for my Chirstmas cards for family and friends this year :) MAYBE :) I sitll want to use my Lovely as a tree set too - but - we'll see

SO That's what I've been doing every night this week after the kids go to bed - Luckly day light savings ended and they go to bed earlier now :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Swap

I joined in on a birthday card swap at UDI - and this is the card I made -

CASED From SCS but changed colors and a few little things -

Priceless stamp set
5 petal flower and boho blossom punchs
Pink pirouette and glorious green and whisper white
Pink Pirouette ribbon
SU! Silver brad and paper clip from the dollar store :)

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Sheri - my sister in law just had a little baby girl today -

Unfortunatly I wont be able to go over to meet her until NEXT weekend - I don't want to wait a week! She's beautiful though - She looks just liker her 3 other sisters - wow how nice to have 4 daughters :)
I have 4 boys and 2 girls - I really wanted 3 of each but - oh well - I"ll take what I can get - She doesn't know the joys of raising a boy though - Personally I think boys are a LOT easier when they're babies - I have all mama's boys though so maybe I just got lucky with mine :)

Anyways -
I wanted to make her a baby card - I don't have ANY in stock - SO I got to play a little while making it - I will be working on a couple little gifts for her as soon as I find out her name! She had like a list of 10 names - and just couldn't commit to just one - SO hopefully she'll pick a name before they leave from the hosptail :) It will make it SO much eaiser to personalize things!

It's funny - Sheri and I have 2 kids that are 11 days apart - and now we have 2 more that are 8 weeks apart :) And (it's my Father's Birthday today too! Happy Birthday again dad!)

Ok back to the card - here it is :) I did CASE it from SCS - I changed the colors around though - I wanted this punch set because of this baby card - but I never used it for my own baby - I was going to use it to make my birth announcments - but ha ha still haven't even gotten those out yet :)

SO here's the card -

I used my Pink Pirouette paper (Finally)and Pixie Pink along with Chocolate Chip -
I used my small star punch and the crop a dial for the embossed circles on top
and the Punch Three Hostess level 1 stamp set :)

Congradualtions again Shane and Sheri and Girls :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 2 - play day!

Well I got a chance to play a little today - yeah!

Here is a picture of a Chicke Broth Holder - from Dawn's video - I CASED it exactly but it's cute - It has a little pocket in it to hold the packet of chicken broth - I love it! I used Sincere Solutions "get well soon" and I finally got to use my Eastern Bloom set :)
I have a few more cards to make with it - but I'm working on "other then cards" for now -

Next is a picture of a Deer Friend 3x3 note card - I made a whole set of the Deer Friends using different colors but the same pattern as you see here - I tried taking a picture of it but it's too colorful for my cell phone and wont send out :( I'll get one though :) I am working on a little card box to hold the set in too - it's coming along but not quit finished - I couldn't find a pattern for it so I'm just making it up as I go -

Then there is this card - Ok my friend Kadie - I love her to peices - she sent me a couple different card kits that she made a few extra of - I LOVE this card and I feel bad because it took so long for me to make these - This one is using the Fast Notes set - if you look at it - you can see the middle section is lifted up ? They all 3 lift up like that - She used a few different retired stamp sets - my favorite was the last year sell a bration using the scallop set for the baby card - I'm going touse it and put some pictures of Cameron in it for a sample - I haven't finished making it yet - but it is really cute :)

This is another card she made a couple kits for me out of using the oval punch - I love how these cards look - She is an AWESOME SU! Demo and does really great work! She doesn't have a blog right now - so I get to keep her to myself for now :)

Thanks for looking and Happy Novemeber!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lovely as a Tree

Just finished making some samples for either a workshop or a stamp a stack - I haven't decided yet :)
My Mother in law wants to hold a workshop in November so I'm working on something to show her -

Here are 4 cards - if she picks this set it will be just 2 cards not 4 - she has to pick the glitter or embossing - Personally I like the glitter better though :)

It's hard to see in the picture - sorry -

The embossing cards - Bravo Burgandy with gold embossing
and Not quit Navy with silver - more traditional colors here :)

The glitter set is Eggplant purple and kiwi Kiss -

Thanks for looking!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday cards Class??

I'm not sure if these are what I'd use for a Birthday card stamp a stack - but I like the colors :) They're plain and simple - so if you're new at stamping - it wouldn't take much to make these :)

Using my new Party Harty set I made a few birthday cards for my mother in law (4 of each design) She is always in need of cards for the ladies in her ward so I thought I'd help her out some :) Hope she likes them :)

Party Harty stamp set
(now on sale this month only!
Click here to order 24/7 )

Whisper White CS
Baja Breeze CS & Ink

Thanks for looking :)

Halloween Party

Saturday we had our Church Halloween party -
The kids had fun - it wasn't as "all out" as it had been in the past with all the games and fun activities - but we had a nice meal - the kids paraded around the room for a costume contest and they had a pumpkin decorating contest (my kids didn't win in either but had fun painting their pumpkins and getting it all ready :)

Samantha was a baby -
Christina was a half Devil and half Angel
Cody was a grim reper
Collin was a dinosaur,
Casey was a dark ghost and
Cameron was a duck :)

Quack Quack - or should I say "peep"

Here is a little milestone we hit last week - Cory FINALLY got to see Cameron's smile over the weekend :) And then all of a sudden he started putting a little laugh in with his smiles :) SO CUTE!
I was finally able to get him to smile long enough to get a picture of it -
This is the end of his smile - but don't worry - you'll be able to see it in person soon enough :) He has been giving me these big heart melting smiles all day today :) Gotta love those big toothless grins :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upsy Daisy set of 4

Ok well I was going to do a set of 4 with a box but I am not in the mood to deal with a box today :)

SO here are the 4 Upsy Daisy cards for this class - all were semi CASED from SCS but changed around a lot of different ways too :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Harvest!

Yesterday was the ward Pumpkin harvesting in our ward's garden -
All the kids - under 18 - got to go out to the garden and pick a pumpkin - then have hot chocoalate - yum - that was fun! We got there about 10 mins early along with a few others. They all started fighting over the biggest pumpkins - funny thing is - Casey and his friend were sitting on their big pumpkins then decided they wanted hot cocoa - so they got off and the girls got on - lol so the boys lost their pumpkins - I told the girls if they couldn't carry it to the car they can't have it - it was funny watching them try to carry them :)
After we got home I set up the pumpkins on the front porch THEN woke up Cameron and rushed everyone out in the cold for a quick picture - The first picture of all 6 kids together! (they didn't all fit in the picture frame so I altered it alittle) BUT It turned out great!

Playing with some Digi pages from Smilebox :)

Upsy Daisy

I've been wanting to make one of these sunset looking cards for a while now -
FINALLY Dawn made a video tutorial on how to use the Brayer -
I copied hers using the Upsy Daisy stamp set -
I was surprised at how easy it actually was!
(watch for more of these when I finally break open my Lovely as a Tree set I just got :)

Sorry the picture sucks - I have to take it with my cell phone :(

Stamp set - upsy daisy
Card Stock -
Chocolate Chip
More Mustard
Whisper White

Inks -
More Mustard
Pumpkin Pie
Bravo Burgandy
Chocolate Chip

Others -
Ventage brads

I have decided to put up an Upsy Daisy Card Class on my Demo's website - if anyone out there is intersted :) You can make this card - and 3 other's that are simular with a card box to put it all in :) Check out my calendar of events for more details -

THanks for looking :)

Halloween Card

I made this halloween card for a swap -
The inside spider is CASED from Dawn's website -
I made the spiders for pixie sticks - which is what I'll be making for Cody's pre-school but my kids ate all the pixie sticks so I had to find something else to do with the spiders until I get some more -

I joined a Halloween swap with the UDI's and decided to use the spiders in there -
They open up and pop up inside :)

Batty for you Stamp set
Whisper White CS
Basic Black CS
Lovely Lilac CS
Basic black Ink

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

He's HERE!!

Ok well he's been here for almost 3 weeks but I'm finally up to sitting at the computer long enough to tell you about it :)

Cameron Krawler Was born September 17th at 1:51 pm -
had my dr appt on Tuesday -

I was still not dilating -
Because of my past pregnancies/births my dr was afraid to let me go over my due date (Thursday) I was measuring at 43 weeks and feeling really crummy - I was having major back pains - I could barely make it through the day with my other kids -

SO my dr decided to go ahead and schedule down for me to go in Tuesday night -

SO Cory and I got to the hospital - weird enough - there was another Jen Stewart checked in already to be induced - with her 5th baby and she was having a boy too! We KNOW we're going to get HER bill in the mail!

SOOO ok we get in there and get all checked in - and take my first pill - The contractions were coming on strong - but not too bad -

I got a little sleep but it wasn't easy -

Cameron was born at 1:51 pm - about 2 1/2 hours after my water was broke - and it was a fairly easy delivery! So all went well -

NOW comes the hard part -

Collin, my 19 month old was very mad at me while he visited in the hospital - I was so looking forward to having him sit on my lap and hold the baby like all my other kids did for the first time when they were younger - but he didn't even want to sit on the bed with me - Every time we tried to get him to see the baby he ran to Cory and wouldn't look - it was so sad!

BUT now that we're home - Collin wont stay out of the bassinett! He has to sit with me when I'm holding Cameron and he loves me again :) Whew :)

Canerib is doing great - I had to take him into the pediatrician Friday morning -and he lost about 8 oz :( he was sleeping so much it was hard waking him up to feed him :(

BUT slowly he started waking up more and more and Eating a lot more - We had our 2 week check up last Wednesday and he is up to 8 lbs 15 oz (over a lb from his birth weight) and grew a full inch - he head is a little smaller then average but being Cory's little boy - his soon to be big ego will fatten up his head in no time :)

The day after his 2 week appt I went on baby fit to ask about my I'm hurting so bad when I BF him - I was told to check in his mouth and diaper area for a rash/spots - well sure nuff - Cameron has Thrush! and he passed it on to me -
SO I called the Ped office and they called in a prescription for him and me - and now about 4 days later - we're still pretty sore - but they said that it will take probably the full 10-14 days to feel better - HELP!!!!

SO I'm still BFing for as long as I can - and then giving him a bottle when he's still hungry - we've cut down to 3 bottles a day today so hopefully we'll be feeling better soon and only have the bottle ONCE a night instead of most of the day :)

What else..... He now has some strange eye goobers coming out of his right eye - I'm praying it's not pink eye - Collin had pink eye for 2 days after Cameron was home - Cory doesn't think it's pink eye because it's not swollen or pink - so I guess maybe his tear ducts are now coming in and maybe he has a little cold?

That's about it!
I've made a few little crafty thingies for halloween I"ll post in another post -
Sorry this is so long :)

I'm just excited my little guy is here - Sure he doesn't sleep at night - and having him AND Collin in my bedroom - wakes them both up at the same time so I'm not getting any sleep - BUT we're all doing good - I feel SO MUCH BETTER then I did when I was pregnant - I can WALK again!!!!

OH and Cory got WII Fit :) I told him I wanted it after the baby is born - he got it :) I'm feeling up to starting it this week - jsut hoping for a good nights sleep - or at least an hour nap during the day so I have the energy to play :) My kids LOVE it - the games are a lot of fun and it's REALLY challanging too :) No they don't need to lose weight but they are getting toned pretty good :)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby announcments

All I'm missing now is the baby!!!!

I was supose to get induced yesterday but my crummy body is broken and I'm not dialiated - So BLACH! Still pregnant - I did get an antibiotic though for my cough/cold/sinus infection/whatever I have - so hopefully I can get a LITTLE sleep at night again - tonight's the first night with it - so crossing fingers it's not one one those - "get worse before get better" type medicines - I am TIRED!!!

Anyways - back to the announcments :)

I followed a video tutorial by Dawn's Stampin thoughts - and made this cute little pocket card - you pull out the "sweet one" scallop and it will be attached to a picture of the new baby - While I'm in the hospital I'll be snapping TONS of pictures - Then I'll take it home and digi it up with the baby info on who (since we stilld on't have a name yet :) and weight and size - bla bla bla - THEN i'll put it in the card and mail it off :) I only made a few for mostly family - and a couple of friends - I couldn't sit on that stupid chair for too long - plus I ran out of the Summer picnic Designer paper that I was using - so I may have to order more - darn it!!

Anyways - HERE'S The card!

Recipe -
Certainly Celery
Old Olive
Bashful Blue
Summer Picnic Desier Paper

So many Scallops (retired - but I have 2 extra unmounted sets :)
Old Olive Ribbon
White Gel Pen for doodles :0

Thanks for looking! And wish me luck ! I have an appt on Tuesday and hopefully will be induced next Wednesday - IF he's not here before - Cory is saying he'll be here Friday - better be Friday night!!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Harvest

Nope no baby yet - I have my appt tomorrow to find out if I'm ready to go in on Wednesday or not - wish me luck because I'm SO tired of being pregnant :) I just can't wait to meet my new little boy :)

Just CASED this card for my Secret Sis -
CASED from SCS -

I changed the colors to kuwi kiss, tangerine orange and more mustard - not sure what she used :)
Loads of Love and accessories -

That's it :)

Thanks for looking -will let you know how it goes tomorrow :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Well Today is Labor day - and still no baby -
It's also my mom's birthday -

Since I got her some tulip bulbs for her birthday I decided to use my Garden Whimsy stamp set to make her a card - the idea is CASED from the Stampers Showcase (Demo's only sorry) I can't remember who made it but I loved it :) I did a few little changes but it's pretty much her card :)

You can't tell from the picture but the tulips are glittered with Dazzling Dimonds and the butterfly has chuncky chunks on it -

I used Always Artichoke and approcot appeal and rose red

That's about all the details in there :)

Thanks for Looking!!

Dr appt is tomorrow so I'll keep you updated :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Money Holder

Well I haven't done much since Convention is now over -
I'm pretty much stuck on the couch with these pregnant hips and pains -

We have a scheduled due date for Sept 8th - IF he's not here before then -
Still arguing over names - I will NOT have a child named Cannyon Crawler Stewart
No IF'S AND's or BUTT's about it!

I'm leaning towards Craig (Means Rocky Mountain/hill)
OR I'm even finding myself to like Camran (his first pick) a little more every day - so we'll see - I'll keep you updated :)

Anyways - I joined in on Max's Marker Club - I'll finally have all the SU! Markers come November! I'm excited!

I sent her the first payment in August and had to make this CUTE little money Holder that I got from Dawn's Video Tutorial - I LOVE the way it turned out!

I used the new Dreams Du Jour Stamp set - with the NEW IN Color Pink Pirouette - and the Bella Rose paper to match :)

I'm not going to be posting much - I cleaned out my craft closet and put everything away until after the baby is born - I have TOO much to do - cleaning and sewing wise -
BUT If I have to make a quick B-Day card (YIKES! I have a bunch of birthdays coming up in September - My mom's is the FIRST!!!!!
WELL Scratch that - I'll be posting some b-day cards soon :)

Thanks for Looking!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stampin Up New Annoucments

Sorry it's been awhile since I"ve posted anything - this pregnancy is really getting to be a bit much this late in the summer - but - I'll try to keep up to date alittle more often :)

STampin Up!Had their convention last week - I was able to go to dinner with a few Diva's on Wednesday - what a great group of ladies!!! I'm so happy I got to meet them :)

We had a great dinner and swapped some cards and a 3D item - I got an awesome Scrapbook in a box - WAY CUTE!! I'll upload a picture when I can take some :)

NOW Onto Stampin' Up! NEWEST Announcments!

Demo's $99 Promo Information

If you are interested in signing up as a Demo, now is the time! Its $99 for the kit you pick and this is a special limited time only deal. August 11 - October 11 only!

SU! Online Ordering announcment

Well starting this fall SU! will have Customer Online Ordering. They are running it in a way so that the demonstrator is still in touch with their customer.For those who might want to order w/out having to send me an email or call me on the phone, can easily place an order via the SU! directory or my SU! Website.

Now for those that do not order via the directory or my website but just places a general order on SU!, you will see the pricing is higher than our catalog prices. (about 20% if I am not mistaken) It's all very new. I am trying to make heads or tails of it so bear with me and once I am 100% clear I will share it in more detail.

I think it will be a great thing for many people who are just starting to come in to the SU! world.


SU! Is now partnered up with SIZZIX!
We will be selling the BIG SHOT ( Exclusive color & more of course ) this year!
And along with the BIG SHOT we will have exclusive dies just for Stampin Up! that work with our Big Shot such a wonderful addition to SU! Yes, this is an official Sizzix "Big Shot" BUT it comes in a cool black and features *exclusive* Stampin’ Up! dies AND you can order regular Sizzix dies from me which can earn FREE hostess sets and benefits (so take THAT Michaels!!!).

PLUS Starting Aug 11th there will be several brand new stamp sets at 15% off
You can click HERE to see the new offers -

PLUS Aug 11th is the 1st day we will be able to order out of the brand new catalog So mark your calenders & Don't forget all the Excitement starts in Just 7days

That pretty much catches you up to date -
OH I didn't mention the newest in Decor Elements - I wasn't at convention so I don't know first hand on it - but from what I've heard they were showing a LOT of different samples in the phase 2 of these - I will have more information when it becomes available :)

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask :)

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank yous :)

I made 25 of these little 3x3 note cards with a little Jr Mint inside for my open house-
I'll have it displayed in a little basket next to a sign up sheet for my monthly email newsletter - they can have one IF they sign in :)

I also just made a sign up sheet for my new monthly class - starting August 13th - I'll be holding a class at my house every 2nd wednesday of the month -
My first class is going to be the Emergency Birthday card class - make 12 birthday cards for $15 - $20 if you sign up after August 7th - SOO hopefully that'll help :)

Wish me luck on these classes - only enough spots for 8 people :) Maybe I'll get more people to sign up and I can hold 2 classes a month!! Wouldn't THAT be cool!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well I am offically a member at SUDSOL (Simply Unique Demonstrators Sharing OnLine)
They have a Challange/chat that they do every week (I think- I'm still new) and I joined in today for the first time -
The give out free memberships to the winners - so I HOPE they pick mine :)

Their sketch challange to me looked like a scrapbook page - I had school pictures out on the table - so I grabbed one and went to work -
If you know me at all you know I"m not much of a scrapbooker - it scares me :) Especially when I have to stamp on it :) BUT this one turned out... not to bad I think :) Then again look at the handsome 11 year old in the picture - how could that face look bad on any layout :)

Greetings Galore

I just made 5 of these boxes of cards for my open house - SO If you're planning on coming - and ordering the soon to be retired Greeting's galore stamp set found on page 52 out of the 2008 - spring catalog - then this box of cards is yours :) FREE!!

I'm working on a few other gifts to go with a few of the soon to be retiring stamp sets as well - I only have a few sets on the list - but hopefully it will get people interested :)

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Retired List - OPEN HOUSE!

Retired List is Here!!!

Stampin' Up!® has released the list of sets which will NOT be included in the new Fall-Winter Idea Book & Catalog, which starts on August 10 Th.

There is both an Alphabetical List, and a list in order of Page Numbers the stamp sets appear on in the catalog.

Also Click HERE for the new dormat list for the 2008 Fall & Winter catalog. The dormat list of Stamp sets are going to be active and available for purchase They Just will not be listed in the new catalog in August.

I will hate to see so many of my favorite sets go. But it also means their will be a lot of new sets in the up coming catalog. So before it is to late get your Stampin Up stamp sets now.

I am holding a Retirment Open House at my house on Saturday June 28th from 11:00 am until 3:00 Pm - come and Make a CUTE card for a make it/take it using a stamp set from the retired list -

So to help things out I am offering a special.

This is only offered by me

Buy one set from the retired list, get a 2nd at a 15% off

If you spend $50 during June or July you get a FREE catalog when it is released in August.

This offer is good until June 30th.

Email me at Jen@stewland.com

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Punchy Swap

For VC Rocks I signed up for a puncg swap -
Ok Yes I know it's a CASED card from Dawn's stampin' thoughts - but I love this card and these colors!!

Her card used the Jersey Shore Designer paper - but because it has wild wasabi in it it will be retired (that's an IN color that will be replaced in August) SO I couldn't use the Jersey SHore paper - BUT that's ok :) I like the colors - so I stuck with them -

I used Ballet Blue - Mellow Moss and Only Orange for this card - oh and Creamy Carmel :) Love the way it looks but it took ALL DAY to get it done - Collin has a bad diaper rash and just wont stop crying - I feel bad for him but ugh! Give me a break already!

Oh and I used the stamp set "Happy heart day" I think it looks kind of like a summer sun with a little heart :) If I had the markers in the matching colors I would have colored in the hearts -but since I can't place an order to order them right now... they'll just have to do - BUT I like the way it looks - nice and summery :)

Thanks for looking!