Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to do for Christmas???

WOW - Thanksgiving already??

I'm have been busy working on Thanksgiving - getting my house cleaned up for Christmas Decorations to start going up on Friday (keeps me out of the stores)
This month is going to be gone before we know it - are you ready???

I've been working on some fun ideas for Christmas cards - Dec 10th is Enrichment night at the church - we are having a Make it/Take it Christmas card - and a make it/take it Christmas Orniment -
The Christmas card will be easy enough for anyone to do - once you see how easy it is to make one - you'll want to go home and make 20 more! If you need the supplies to make it - Contact me and we'll get together and work it out!

If you don't want to make a card - but maybe a picture of you and your family to share a nice Chirstmas message with your loved ones - I can take your picture and turn it into a whole Christmas card -

Check out the ones I made last year -

Here is one I made the year before -

Just take it to smiths (Or whatever) and go to the photo section and print them up - these are really easy 4x6 Christmas cards - and all you have to do is adress and stamp and send them off! They also make great inserts for CHristmas cards - who wouldn't want to know who is wishing them a Merry Christmas?

Don't stress about the PERFECT gift for the one that has everything! I know - I have 6 on my list that really DO have everything! (smiles)

If you're looking for some cute mini scrapbooks for grandma and grandpa to put on their coffe table - or a Nice 8x11 scrapbook page to put in a picture frame or to hang on the wall - How about a refridgerator magnet to hold up your little one's art work? You could use their picture to hold up their picture!! Maybe a little picture frame that folds out of a tin to stick in your purse so you'll always have individual pictures of everyone you love!

Here's a blast from my past - I made some digital scrapbook pages last year and the year before - They're so easy to print up right at home and make a little book out of

Want to hear a cute gift for a baby - Get some pictures of everyone in the family (doesn't have to be posed to perfection) Put it on a peice of colored paper with their name on it - I can laminate it (to keep it safe from drooling mouths) and we can put it together on a key ring - A little hand made mini book for baby to look at - even when they're not right there :) PERFECT to bring to the babysitters for a mom's night out!!!

Stocking stuffers are easy too - mini note books/journals - my boys love them as much as my girls do! I have even personalized with their school picture so they know it's just for them. Or maybe a couple of suckers with some cute little santa's or snowmen toppers on them - a cute gum holder -
What about Gift wrapping?? Have you ever stamped on wrapping paper?? I let my kids stamp snowflakes on white paper last year - We even made matching gift tags! Each gift was carefully wrapped and everyone LOVED it!

Do you need some name tags for your gifts? Sure the cute little stickers at the dollar tree are fast and easy - but what about those specially wrapped gifts? Do you really want to throw a sticker on those?? I have plenty already made up - and the supplies to show you have to make your own :)

Have too many friends/neighbors that you want to let know how much you care? But not a lot of money to give them each a box of chocolates? I have some cute and easy and CHEAP ideas that you can make a lot of for you to use :) Just add your own candy or treats - I have bag toppers (for zip log baggies full of carmal corn) or cute little gift bags - the perfect size for a small portion to get more out of your goodies - or bigger gift bags for bigger familes - Mint - Chocolate covered chex mix - or even a bottle topper for the bottle of SPRIT "may your Chirstmas be Merry and SPrite" I have a ton of little sayings to go with different items.

Oh the list goes ON AND ON!! If you need some ideas - let me know - I can help you figure something out - and if I can't - I might be able to know someone who can :)

♥ Jen Stewart ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Step Card

I finally made a step card! This is super easy! It looked so complicated when I saw others making them :) But this morning I was reading some old emails (Still plenty unread) and came across this beautiful Step Card that Dawn made with her daughter's pictures - I thought "WOW! That's an awesome idea for Christmas cards!" Well I already have my Christmas cards for this year planned out - but thinking of taking some pictures of my kids (what a shock huh) and hopefully getting them printing them up for Christmas gifts (that's the tough part) :)

This one Im going to give to my Stampin' Sister - I told you Elizabeth - the longer it's in my home the better the goodies will be for you :)

SO I"m off to create a few more for gifts *Pat on back - it's not even Thanksgiving yet *

P.S. Parden the Non SU! gold brad - I don't have any more and couldn't find anything that looked right :)

THanks for looking!!