Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Love you Much Bundle

Love you Much Bundle 20% off starting Dec 23, 2008- January 31, 2009 # 115405

Love you much stamp set , Candy Lane Designer paper and the Heart to Heart Punch .

20% off price $41.48
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Here is a sample I CASED for a swap :)

Scrapbook page for Gifts

Ok I totally CASED this from someone at SCS because I have NEVER stamped on a scrapbook page before - I've done a few pages before SU! but they look like something my 9 year old daughter made :)

SO I'm happy that this page turned out - I gave my mother in law 2 8x8 pages - then made this single 8x11 page for my mom and sister in law for Christmas gifts - I need to make one for myself now :)

Enjoy every moment stamp set
Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Teachers gift

Sorry I'm late on this too - I actually just finished making them last night - gave them away this morning since it's the last day of school - YES I like to leave everything for the last min - ask me how my Christmas shopping is going :) HA HA Haven't even started yet !

BUT yeah - ok last August when the stores were having back to school sales I got a package of 4 cork boards at the dollar store - well I had 4 teachers to make gifts for sooo this is what I did with them -

can't see it very well but I stamped the flower stamp from the "simply said" stamp set - I also used a bo-bunny flower in the corner and had my sister in law write the names (my handwriting sucks) Then I had the kids write "Merry Christmas and Happy New Years" on a peice of paper and pinned it on the cork using a thumbtack with punched out flower petels from the 5 petal punch -

So that's all it - OH MAN!! Another stupid thing about leaving things for the last min! I forgot the magnetic backs and ribbon in case they wanted to hang it up!!! AHHH!!! Oh well :)

So what do you think?? Is it cute even though I forgot the back part of the gift??

Thanks for looking :)


Puppy Pictures!

Sorry I didn't realize people were still reading my blog :) HA Thanks so much for the comments about the puppy pictures - I'm sorry I haven't posted them before now -
It's been crazy trying to get into schedual with puppies , kids, dogs, not to mention we all had the flu this week - so glad that's over with -

OK on to pictures - I'll try to keep updated pictures but it's harder for me since I can't upload the pictures to my computer from the camera - I stole these pictures off my husband's KSL classifies ad for the puppies - yes they're for sale now :) WHOO HOO!

BUT he does have a website www.sbrbulldogs.com where he uploads new pictures every week -

I can't remember what I put in the first blog about the puppies - I think I just said he just left to get the puppy formula - well good news - after only 4 days of feeding the little guy (Tiny) a couple of times a day with the puppy formula - he is now growing big and strong - he's still a LOT smaller then the others - but when he's hungry he usually digs his way UNDER all the puppies to get a spot - I have them on a semi eating schedual (lots of work with these guys) I have to go down there every couple of hours to make sure they're all full bellies and happy - Rosie isn't too happy about the welping box - it's just a wood box with a couple blankets - not comfortable at all - we do have her favorite dog pillow down there which is where she sleeps most of the time - so that's why I have to go down to make sure she gets OFF the comfortable pillow and feeds the puppies all the time ;) She's doing good though -

Most of the pupies are starting to open their eyes now - Tiny has his all the way opened but it will be another week or so before he can actually see out of them - right now everything is big blur - but my kids are excited -they can go down pet the puppies when I'm down there - the older 2 can hold the puppies under extreme supervision :) But they're doing great- Samantha named her favorite "goofy" because he likes to eat upside down and sleep on his back -he wiggles around too - but he is probably the biggest male we have and to me he still looks like a little cow with these spots -

OK sorry here are the pictures -sorry they're not that great but it's all I have for right now on my computer I'll up date it next Monday when they're 2 weeks old :)

By the way these guys have more then doubled their size since they were born -

First picture is Rosie and Champion Desiel - he is an Champion showing and has started weight pulling classes - his parents ARE Grand Champions in weight pulling - you should see some of the pictures my husband got from the owner - these dog pulls - I think he said 1000 lbs - We have apicture of one of his dogs pulling weights on a trolly with the whole family sitting on it - WOW!

Samantha calls him Goofy :)

Here's a picture of all 11 puppies :) All growing big and strong :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Puppies are here!!

Rosie just had her first litter of puppies!!
She had 11 puppies! Which is a LOT!!! Misti's biggest litter was 9 - so WOW!

Rosie is a puppy from Misti's 2nd litter - so I've been through this before - but never like this!
She didn't tear open any of the bags for the pups - so I had to help them all -
It was scary because after #3 was born - i had to go upstairs to feed the kids breakfast (dry cereal) put the other dogs outside and back inside (it's FREEZING outside!) Then I had to try to sneak back downstairs - Collin kept screaming at me every time I tried to go down - I was upstairs about 10 mins - tops - By the time I got down there - Puppy #4 and #5 were born but she was just licking the bag! She didn't open them up!! So I had to hurry and get them breathing -

Marla (my sister in law) came over for about 2 hours to help with the kids upstairs - that was a big help! So I was able to stay down there and help her out - she had 6 puppies in 2 hours - then she got about a half hour break before having the next 4 - and #11 was about 15 mins later - just after Marla left -

She's doing good though - these puppies have a lot of color in them so Cory is happy -

Cory is home now and we went down to check on them all - 4 girls and 7 boys! WOW!

There are 2 that aren't eating or latching on - Cory put them up to her and got milk on their nose and they wouldn't latch on - so he's going to petsmart right now to pick up a bottle and some formula/milk and we're going to try to get it to eat a little that way - once it catches on with the bottle it should be easier to latch on to rosie - but yeah - so there are 2 runts that we're not sure will make it - hopefully this will help though - Please pray for the puppies :) I already love them all (at least for another 3 weeks until they start getting up and playing and biting everything! lol )

I don't have any pictures on my computer yet - but give me a couple hours when we get the kids to bed and I'll be able to sit down and upload them -

I better get down there to make sure she's ok - She's trying to be a good mom - she's just pretty clueless :)


Friday, December 5, 2008

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

I got up this morning - and started getting the kids ready for school - Once they sat down for breakfast - I was stuck holding the puppy in the family room til they were finished -
SO while in here - I was running through my emails - I get some good blog updates - but today I got a really good one from Andrea Walford
She had her very first video tutorial!!
Now I'm really visually impared - I have the hardest time reading through tutorials -and if there aren't pictures - I don't even bother - but video's are GREAT! I hope she makes more :)

Anyways - so on her video tutorial - she showed how to make this really cute Christmas tree skewer - Well I had the skewers and the bags - just missing the candy - luckly I was going to walmart today to pick up some cups for Samantha (In Utah , watching Fox 13 on Thursday Dec 11th - both my girls are going to be on TV!!!! will update time when they finally let us know :)

OK SO while at walmart I got some gumdrops - only problem with this tutorial - she didn't mention it was harder to get the candy on the skewer then it was to make the tree :)

I love it though - I will be putting one of these inside the bags for teacher's gifts - maybe a few friends/family - I wont be making a lot of them - but some :)
I've already made 3 - It's a start :)

Thanks for looking!!

Baby Gifts!!!

WOW! I got home today from Walmart - and on my doorstep was a big package - I thought it was going to be my Christmas gift (Much Love Bundle - Can't talk about it til Dec 23rd - but it's going to be a GREAT Gift :)

BUT it wasn't my Christmas gift - instead it was a WAY CUTE Baby Box!
Michelle from UDI made some really cute things! I got a couple adorable baby bibs - and a really nice picture frame - There was a cute thing of body gel that she decorated too :)

Digging in deeper I noticed a little thing "For Dad" he LOVES Chocolate :) So it was perfect for him :)
Then she made 5 "Big Brother" "Big Sister" goodie bags for each of my other kids - they really enjoyed the craftmanship and details she made on the oh so cute bag topper - OK OK OK - if you know my kids - they really enjoyed the candy :) I really love the toppers - so I carefully opened them up for each kid and I'm saving these things :) SO CUTE!

Here is a picture of the "Big Brother" one - My model for today is Cody - he's showing off his stitches he got last Saturday - which I don't think he really needs anymore- but wont get them out til Monday -

Then there was a really cute bagger of "Baby BOY" Card Candy - they look like they're made out of SU! Punches - if they're not - I'm going to make some that are :) WAY Cute ideas!

Thanks so much Michelle! This is even cuter then I had thought it would be :)