Sunday, November 30, 2008

Follow me!!!

Just got this new feture to follow my blog :)

That is IF you're interested :)
I maade some Christmas cards over the weekend but haven't taken a pcture yet - Cody tripped and fell yesterday and ended up getting about 10 stitches just above his eye - poor guy :( BUT he's being a good trooper - loves to gross mom out by showing me what's under the bandaid - blach! I'm afraid to post a picture here because the only one I have is the one that Cory took at the Hospital just after they cleaned it but before they stitched it - ewwww I"m sure those family members with cell phones have recieved that picture already :)

What else - the puppy - Mattie is doing good - she's getting a lot better - she still potties in the house but we're working on it - Rosie's great -she's due to have her puppies THIS SATURDAY!!!!!yikes! I had a weird dream a couple nights ago that she couldn't/wouldn't feed her puppies so on top of 6 kids and a new puppy I had to go downstairs every 2 hours to feed 9 puppies - I invented something to help me out easier then Cory told me to draw a picture of it and we'll try to make one - he said I could have invented something in my dream and not even know it - So COOL! I haven't drawn a pic ture of it yet but I have been thinking of it alot and if there is a problem and Rosie doesn't/can't feed her pups - then I"ll be set :) YEAH!!!

WELL I'm off to make dinner - got lots to do next week so I"ll get a little more active later :)

Thanks for looking!


Friday, November 14, 2008

For Sale

I'm working on some things for sale -
Right now I"ve put a few different Christmas cards that I'm willing to make for a small fee - I'm probably not charging enough - but I just want to see if it will work - Right now I have 10 cards AND matching envelopes for $15 plus shipping - need more cards - it's only $10 for each additional set after that -
These cards are well embelished and the envelopes are stamped with the same stamp set that I use on the cards - or a really nice sentament that goes with it -

The pictures on my FOR SALE page are really not the greatest - the cards do look a LOT better In real life - the colors are more bold and you can't see the embossing or the glitter in the photo very well - For that I"m sorry but I DO garentee that each card I make is done with the most care to make sure each card is to the best of my ability -

I am working on setting up a pay pal account - I will take Cash, Check, Money order or credit card - and will set up pay pal as soon as I get that done too -

Click HERE to visit my new Card store -

Oh an watch for updates - after this weekend I should have a few little "Neighbor Gifts" for sale too :) Just add a few little peices of candy and voila! Each "gift" will come with a matching gift tag too!

THanks for looking - and please email me if you have ANY questions or comments -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas swap

Priceless stamp set
Best yet stamp set (Hard to see but it's on the green IN Green ink :)
5 petal flower punch
Real red and Glorious Green paper and ink
Gold brad ( I need more!)
Also I dabbed Red Ridinghood ink to darken around the edges of the petals

Poinsettas :)
WOW! I was so shocked that I could make these with my 5 petal punch - I LOVE this punch - I can't believe I waited so long to get it! I've wanted it for a while but it was on back order and I hate waiting for things so I alway put off ordering it until they catch up :) I finaly got it -
I used it for the birthday swap - I made the flower the same way I made this - so cool how just changing the color of card paper changes the whole look of the flower!

SO I'm happy with this card - it was easy enough that I may actually just make this one for my Chirstmas cards for family and friends this year :) MAYBE :) I sitll want to use my Lovely as a tree set too - but - we'll see

SO That's what I've been doing every night this week after the kids go to bed - Luckly day light savings ended and they go to bed earlier now :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Swap

I joined in on a birthday card swap at UDI - and this is the card I made -

CASED From SCS but changed colors and a few little things -

Priceless stamp set
5 petal flower and boho blossom punchs
Pink pirouette and glorious green and whisper white
Pink Pirouette ribbon
SU! Silver brad and paper clip from the dollar store :)

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Sheri - my sister in law just had a little baby girl today -

Unfortunatly I wont be able to go over to meet her until NEXT weekend - I don't want to wait a week! She's beautiful though - She looks just liker her 3 other sisters - wow how nice to have 4 daughters :)
I have 4 boys and 2 girls - I really wanted 3 of each but - oh well - I"ll take what I can get - She doesn't know the joys of raising a boy though - Personally I think boys are a LOT easier when they're babies - I have all mama's boys though so maybe I just got lucky with mine :)

Anyways -
I wanted to make her a baby card - I don't have ANY in stock - SO I got to play a little while making it - I will be working on a couple little gifts for her as soon as I find out her name! She had like a list of 10 names - and just couldn't commit to just one - SO hopefully she'll pick a name before they leave from the hosptail :) It will make it SO much eaiser to personalize things!

It's funny - Sheri and I have 2 kids that are 11 days apart - and now we have 2 more that are 8 weeks apart :) And (it's my Father's Birthday today too! Happy Birthday again dad!)

Ok back to the card - here it is :) I did CASE it from SCS - I changed the colors around though - I wanted this punch set because of this baby card - but I never used it for my own baby - I was going to use it to make my birth announcments - but ha ha still haven't even gotten those out yet :)

SO here's the card -

I used my Pink Pirouette paper (Finally)and Pixie Pink along with Chocolate Chip -
I used my small star punch and the crop a dial for the embossed circles on top
and the Punch Three Hostess level 1 stamp set :)

Congradualtions again Shane and Sheri and Girls :)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 2 - play day!

Well I got a chance to play a little today - yeah!

Here is a picture of a Chicke Broth Holder - from Dawn's video - I CASED it exactly but it's cute - It has a little pocket in it to hold the packet of chicken broth - I love it! I used Sincere Solutions "get well soon" and I finally got to use my Eastern Bloom set :)
I have a few more cards to make with it - but I'm working on "other then cards" for now -

Next is a picture of a Deer Friend 3x3 note card - I made a whole set of the Deer Friends using different colors but the same pattern as you see here - I tried taking a picture of it but it's too colorful for my cell phone and wont send out :( I'll get one though :) I am working on a little card box to hold the set in too - it's coming along but not quit finished - I couldn't find a pattern for it so I'm just making it up as I go -

Then there is this card - Ok my friend Kadie - I love her to peices - she sent me a couple different card kits that she made a few extra of - I LOVE this card and I feel bad because it took so long for me to make these - This one is using the Fast Notes set - if you look at it - you can see the middle section is lifted up ? They all 3 lift up like that - She used a few different retired stamp sets - my favorite was the last year sell a bration using the scallop set for the baby card - I'm going touse it and put some pictures of Cameron in it for a sample - I haven't finished making it yet - but it is really cute :)

This is another card she made a couple kits for me out of using the oval punch - I love how these cards look - She is an AWESOME SU! Demo and does really great work! She doesn't have a blog right now - so I get to keep her to myself for now :)

Thanks for looking and Happy Novemeber!!