Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Just got this new feture to follow my blog :)

That is IF you're interested :)
I maade some Christmas cards over the weekend but haven't taken a pcture yet - Cody tripped and fell yesterday and ended up getting about 10 stitches just above his eye - poor guy :( BUT he's being a good trooper - loves to gross mom out by showing me what's under the bandaid - blach! I'm afraid to post a picture here because the only one I have is the one that Cory took at the Hospital just after they cleaned it but before they stitched it - ewwww I"m sure those family members with cell phones have recieved that picture already :)

What else - the puppy - Mattie is doing good - she's getting a lot better - she still potties in the house but we're working on it - Rosie's great -she's due to have her puppies THIS SATURDAY!!!!!yikes! I had a weird dream a couple nights ago that she couldn't/wouldn't feed her puppies so on top of 6 kids and a new puppy I had to go downstairs every 2 hours to feed 9 puppies - I invented something to help me out easier then Cory told me to draw a picture of it and we'll try to make one - he said I could have invented something in my dream and not even know it - So COOL! I haven't drawn a pic ture of it yet but I have been thinking of it alot and if there is a problem and Rosie doesn't/can't feed her pups - then I"ll be set :) YEAH!!!

WELL I'm off to make dinner - got lots to do next week so I"ll get a little more active later :)

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