Monday, December 8, 2008

Puppies are here!!

Rosie just had her first litter of puppies!!
She had 11 puppies! Which is a LOT!!! Misti's biggest litter was 9 - so WOW!

Rosie is a puppy from Misti's 2nd litter - so I've been through this before - but never like this!
She didn't tear open any of the bags for the pups - so I had to help them all -
It was scary because after #3 was born - i had to go upstairs to feed the kids breakfast (dry cereal) put the other dogs outside and back inside (it's FREEZING outside!) Then I had to try to sneak back downstairs - Collin kept screaming at me every time I tried to go down - I was upstairs about 10 mins - tops - By the time I got down there - Puppy #4 and #5 were born but she was just licking the bag! She didn't open them up!! So I had to hurry and get them breathing -

Marla (my sister in law) came over for about 2 hours to help with the kids upstairs - that was a big help! So I was able to stay down there and help her out - she had 6 puppies in 2 hours - then she got about a half hour break before having the next 4 - and #11 was about 15 mins later - just after Marla left -

She's doing good though - these puppies have a lot of color in them so Cory is happy -

Cory is home now and we went down to check on them all - 4 girls and 7 boys! WOW!

There are 2 that aren't eating or latching on - Cory put them up to her and got milk on their nose and they wouldn't latch on - so he's going to petsmart right now to pick up a bottle and some formula/milk and we're going to try to get it to eat a little that way - once it catches on with the bottle it should be easier to latch on to rosie - but yeah - so there are 2 runts that we're not sure will make it - hopefully this will help though - Please pray for the puppies :) I already love them all (at least for another 3 weeks until they start getting up and playing and biting everything! lol )

I don't have any pictures on my computer yet - but give me a couple hours when we get the kids to bed and I'll be able to sit down and upload them -

I better get down there to make sure she's ok - She's trying to be a good mom - she's just pretty clueless :)



Jill St. Angelo said...

Where are pictures of the puppies? Hugs

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Judi Harvey said...

Okay Jen, this Diva wants to see the puppy pics! Hugs and congrats on being a puppy grandmother again!

Judi H