Friday, December 5, 2008

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

I got up this morning - and started getting the kids ready for school - Once they sat down for breakfast - I was stuck holding the puppy in the family room til they were finished -
SO while in here - I was running through my emails - I get some good blog updates - but today I got a really good one from Andrea Walford
She had her very first video tutorial!!
Now I'm really visually impared - I have the hardest time reading through tutorials -and if there aren't pictures - I don't even bother - but video's are GREAT! I hope she makes more :)

Anyways - so on her video tutorial - she showed how to make this really cute Christmas tree skewer - Well I had the skewers and the bags - just missing the candy - luckly I was going to walmart today to pick up some cups for Samantha (In Utah , watching Fox 13 on Thursday Dec 11th - both my girls are going to be on TV!!!! will update time when they finally let us know :)

OK SO while at walmart I got some gumdrops - only problem with this tutorial - she didn't mention it was harder to get the candy on the skewer then it was to make the tree :)

I love it though - I will be putting one of these inside the bags for teacher's gifts - maybe a few friends/family - I wont be making a lot of them - but some :)
I've already made 3 - It's a start :)

Thanks for looking!!

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