Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to do for Christmas???

WOW - Thanksgiving already??

I'm have been busy working on Thanksgiving - getting my house cleaned up for Christmas Decorations to start going up on Friday (keeps me out of the stores)
This month is going to be gone before we know it - are you ready???

I've been working on some fun ideas for Christmas cards - Dec 10th is Enrichment night at the church - we are having a Make it/Take it Christmas card - and a make it/take it Christmas Orniment -
The Christmas card will be easy enough for anyone to do - once you see how easy it is to make one - you'll want to go home and make 20 more! If you need the supplies to make it - Contact me and we'll get together and work it out!

If you don't want to make a card - but maybe a picture of you and your family to share a nice Chirstmas message with your loved ones - I can take your picture and turn it into a whole Christmas card -

Check out the ones I made last year -

Here is one I made the year before -

Just take it to smiths (Or whatever) and go to the photo section and print them up - these are really easy 4x6 Christmas cards - and all you have to do is adress and stamp and send them off! They also make great inserts for CHristmas cards - who wouldn't want to know who is wishing them a Merry Christmas?

Don't stress about the PERFECT gift for the one that has everything! I know - I have 6 on my list that really DO have everything! (smiles)

If you're looking for some cute mini scrapbooks for grandma and grandpa to put on their coffe table - or a Nice 8x11 scrapbook page to put in a picture frame or to hang on the wall - How about a refridgerator magnet to hold up your little one's art work? You could use their picture to hold up their picture!! Maybe a little picture frame that folds out of a tin to stick in your purse so you'll always have individual pictures of everyone you love!

Here's a blast from my past - I made some digital scrapbook pages last year and the year before - They're so easy to print up right at home and make a little book out of

Want to hear a cute gift for a baby - Get some pictures of everyone in the family (doesn't have to be posed to perfection) Put it on a peice of colored paper with their name on it - I can laminate it (to keep it safe from drooling mouths) and we can put it together on a key ring - A little hand made mini book for baby to look at - even when they're not right there :) PERFECT to bring to the babysitters for a mom's night out!!!

Stocking stuffers are easy too - mini note books/journals - my boys love them as much as my girls do! I have even personalized with their school picture so they know it's just for them. Or maybe a couple of suckers with some cute little santa's or snowmen toppers on them - a cute gum holder -
What about Gift wrapping?? Have you ever stamped on wrapping paper?? I let my kids stamp snowflakes on white paper last year - We even made matching gift tags! Each gift was carefully wrapped and everyone LOVED it!

Do you need some name tags for your gifts? Sure the cute little stickers at the dollar tree are fast and easy - but what about those specially wrapped gifts? Do you really want to throw a sticker on those?? I have plenty already made up - and the supplies to show you have to make your own :)

Have too many friends/neighbors that you want to let know how much you care? But not a lot of money to give them each a box of chocolates? I have some cute and easy and CHEAP ideas that you can make a lot of for you to use :) Just add your own candy or treats - I have bag toppers (for zip log baggies full of carmal corn) or cute little gift bags - the perfect size for a small portion to get more out of your goodies - or bigger gift bags for bigger familes - Mint - Chocolate covered chex mix - or even a bottle topper for the bottle of SPRIT "may your Chirstmas be Merry and SPrite" I have a ton of little sayings to go with different items.

Oh the list goes ON AND ON!! If you need some ideas - let me know - I can help you figure something out - and if I can't - I might be able to know someone who can :)

♥ Jen Stewart ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Step Card

I finally made a step card! This is super easy! It looked so complicated when I saw others making them :) But this morning I was reading some old emails (Still plenty unread) and came across this beautiful Step Card that Dawn made with her daughter's pictures - I thought "WOW! That's an awesome idea for Christmas cards!" Well I already have my Christmas cards for this year planned out - but thinking of taking some pictures of my kids (what a shock huh) and hopefully getting them printing them up for Christmas gifts (that's the tough part) :)

This one Im going to give to my Stampin' Sister - I told you Elizabeth - the longer it's in my home the better the goodies will be for you :)

SO I"m off to create a few more for gifts *Pat on back - it's not even Thanksgiving yet *

P.S. Parden the Non SU! gold brad - I don't have any more and couldn't find anything that looked right :)

THanks for looking!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Upsy Daisy Scrapbook page

We had a blast last Friday at Debbie's "workshop"

This year for my swaps at Convention This is the card I made - I used the new IN colors - and made 20 of each color. I think they turned out really cute :)

We did the matching scrapbook page and card for the workshop at my mother in law's house last Friday:)

I was trying to think outside of my comfort zone with my scrapbook pages. My mother in law wanted to hold a scrapbook "workshop". She isn't into the "kid" stuff that I normally do - so I was looking for some ideas and found a few of the extra cards I made for convention. and converted it into a scrapbook page :) I have lots of certainly celery and so saffron paper - so that's why I chose these colors for the 12x12 scrapbook

We had a lot of fun! We had all the kids with us - which made it al ittle more challanging for us - so they didn't get to make the matching cards - but they had a great time with the scrapbook page - We're hoping to get together a little more often for play nights (without the kids though :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrapbook pages

Here is the new scrapbook page for next week Enrichment mini class .
I am excited about this one because it is made all with punches! I love Punch art!

Look at those Mushrooms! They're made with the circle punches -
The grass is made with the boarder punch - Love this look!
And the flowers - I used the 5 petal punch for the leaves and the scallop punch for the daisy's - I love the demention on the flowers because the petals really pop up to make it look like a real flower :)

The centipede is just little circle punches -
The only thing NOT a punch is the butterfly - that was left over from my velum butterflies from my convention card swaps using the Big SHot machine - I really need more velum - those things are GEORGOUS! I love how they add so much more elegance to the project :)

Anyways - this page really fits in with my kids - living out here we have a LOT of bugs - and my kids really love it too - If we have a jar left out on the counter - or dishwasher - my 5 year old takes it every time and just has to catch something in it :)
We had a swarm of prey mantisis out here this year - I can't even count how many they've caught. A couple of weeks go - my husband came in the house after church and had one on his back - just hangin' out with him. Last week we had one sitting on my vacuum cleaner - just waiting for someone to help him find his way out of the house - They're so cute actually - we kept putting them in my veggie garden - this year has been pretty good becasue there aren't any big spiders in my garden anymore! I can actually stick my hand through the tomato gate and get what I want without weaving in and out of the webs :)

We were hanging out sometime in July when one of the kids out here spotted a centiped in the street! This was a pretty BIG centiped! My neighbor put it in a bug catcher with a few leaves and put it up in her garage - a few weeks later we had a butterfly!!!! The kids were SO excited! We didn't see it come out of the cucoon - but it was pretty cool to watch :)

Anyways - so needless to say it's been a great year for my kids with these new found friends - we have jars still hanging around with some not so fortunate rolly pollies and crickets and grasshoppers -

SO this page is going to fit in really good with our scrapbook pages for this summer - I may need to make a couple more like it to go with all the pictures of bugs we took this year :)

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Debbie's birthday gift

One of my friends out here had a birthday yesterday -
I made her this little birthday card/box - inside it holds 2 peanutbutter cups -
She said she liked it :) Hope so :)

Here it is closed - I used the Bella DSP and matching card stock - I punched out a flower with the scallop punch and cut it close to the middle to make the pettles. and then used a large crystal brad for the center :)

open up the top and there is al ittle card - I stamped with my Party Harty cupcake stamp - then wrote my little birthday note -
Then pull open the hidden drawer and there is the chocolate :)
I hope she really does like it :)

Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enrichment Mini Class - August 27th

Ok skip back to last month - I added in a 4th of July page to go with the Enjoy page -

STILL don't have my pictures printed up - but they're ready :)

OK SO Enrichment Mini Class - It was supose to be last Thursday but I came down with a really bad head cold and just couldn't make it - so I called all the usual ladies who come - and hopefully no one else was going to come for their first time :(
BUT we'll see next week :)

Anyways - this is the 2 page layout I made for the class -
The first one is an End of Summer type layout -
I couldn't get a good shot of the 2 full pages so you can see the popcicles - they're made using punches :) I loved this as a card last year - so I thought I'd turn it into a scrapbook page :) Now I just need some pictures of my kids eating popcicles before Fall/Winter hits here :)

THEN just for fun - I made a "back to school page" I CASED from SCS - but I think it turned out really cute - One of the ladies I showed it to said she really liked both of the pages I made - sooo we'll see how it goes on Thursday :)

If you follow my Facebook - you've seen these before - and seen the pictures of my kids I'll put it in - once I get them printed up :)

SO there it is - my great love for Scrapbooking :)

Too be continued :)
I made a cute little Thank you box of cards for Kimberlee and Kellie for helping me out at convention - once I get them in the mail I'll post the pictures of them here :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Convention Fun!

Well it's been awhile but I'm back :)
A lot has happened since July - Stampin Up! Had their convention - I didn't attend the actual convention -but I went to dinner with a group of Awesome Demonstrators from Utah Diva's international Group that I belong to - If you're a demo and are interested in joining in on all the great fun we have - send me an email and ask me how to join :)

Anyways - so among the great dinner we had - we also did a bunch of swapping :) Always a lot of fun!

For a Card swap I made this card - (I hope I have it) AND I don't have it and can't find an extra one - but no worries - I don't think it was that marvous - so you're not missing much :)
I got a lot of really cute cards back though - Im ready for card classes if anyone wants to have one :)

Next we did a 3D item swap - I forgot to take a picture of that one too - I didn't mean to forget - but time just got away from me - what I made though was one of those little hidden treasure boxes - Loved it :) I filled up the drawers with some punched out flowers and some extra butterflies I had from my convention swap (keep reading)

What I got in exchange - It's an adorable little calendar card - it sits upright on my dest with the mini calendars on it.
There was so much confusion while we were swapping with everyone "ohhh" and "awe"ing over everyone's stuff and trying to find the matching number to the item we get - I don't even think I know who made this cute little calendar :( I'm going to have to ask in the group :(

For a scrapbook swap I made this page -
Not the greatest - I wanted to add a few butterflies on it - but I never got the chance to cut them out - BUT I got a few compliments on it anyways - I got a few really great pages back too :) Kimberlee swaped those for me on Thursday -

This is the card I made for convention swapping -
Like I said I didn't get to go and swap around - but Kimberlee and Kellie were awesome at swapping for me :) Thanks ladies :)
This is the card I made 50 of to swap around - then I got 50 really cute cards back :) Which I wont be uploading just yet - but maybe I"ll select a few next week and see if I can get them up -

Lots of fun though :)
I really love being a demonstrator :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 30th Enrichment Scrapbooking Class!

Well so much for once a week :) SOrry about that - my life gets more and more complicated every day with these kids :) "Drive me here" "take me there" "Buy me this" Whatever happened to "SUMMER JOBS!" lol

Anyways -
We have been talking and trying to put together a scrapbook mini enrchment class at the church - I've had 9 people sign up and a few more telling me they'll be there :) I'm excited -

We are having it on July 30th this month - then every 3rd Thursday after that - too much going on this week :)
SOOO here is the project I have available for purchase - it's $5 for the 2 page layout - very easy and fun -

Stamp set used "Enjoy every moment"
Colors - Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip with whisper white

THanks for looking :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Stampin' Up 2009/2010 Catalog Beings TODAY!

At last! It's finally here!!!

If you'd like a new 2009/2010 catalog - let me know ASAP :)

Specials for this month - July only - FREE SHIPPING (or 10% discount on all orders under $50)

If you want to host a workshop (cards - scrapbooking or 3d Item) you can get $15.00 worth of FREE merchendise - AND a FREE hostess Stampset of your choice!

July 16th is the Scrapbook mini Class - pay $5 for a 2 page layout -

Plus you'll get to use any of my retired stamp sets that I"m bringing for your own projects :)

If you'd like to set up your own workshop - mini class - or a monthly ladie's night out club -

Contact me and we'll set it up

If you've never scrapbooked or made a card before - send me an email or give me a call and we'll get together for alittle "Hands On" demonstration -

I'm sorry I haven'be been keeping up with my blog - ever since I got Facebook it seems to be taking over my Blooging time -

I'll try to keep it updated at least once a week for this new Catalog - New Catalog - Fresh Start :)

Check back soon and I'll show you some fun new projects I've been working on!

Thanks for looking

Jen Stewart

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bookmark card

I saw this really cute bookmark card tutorail and had to give it a shot - it was SO EASY! I love how they look :) Both on a book and on the card :)
I made 4 of them using the baja breeze - and pretty in pink designer paper -
Why haven't I used Baja Breeze before ? I love this color!!!

Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

SAB - Mini scrapbook

I mad a little mini scrapbook for Easter - using the SAB paper and punch set - but now I have no way of getting Easter pictures of my kids - SNOW ALL WEEK LONG!!!!

Anyways - but the album looks kind of cute :)
I just took two 7 1/4 x by 5 peices of kraft card stock and scored one of them at - I think it was 1 1/2 - Then I took the clear envelopes from SU and taped them in - and used NON- SU! jumbo eyelets (but they match :))

BUT everything else is SU!
Thanks for looking and as usual - sorry for the bad pictures

First picture is the cover -
Then first page is the same as the last page -

(note to self - take the pages OUT of the clear envelopes before taking pictures - common sense Jen - Geez!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

A few things for the fair

Here are a few things I've made -

This is what I'm working on today -
I found some circle coasters in my closet - not sure where I got them but I wish I had more! I found 6 of them - so I'm making ONE for me and 2 for the fair to sell - not sure on price yet - but so far they're cute -
I'm mad at my CSP right now - it keeps cutting the paper and snagging it so I have to start over - sucks - but hopefully it'll do better - I haven't made the inside yet - but I"ll post those when I get them done -

Next I decorated a few pillow boxes - No I STILL don't have the die cut yet - but a nice friend mailed me a couple for samples - so this is what I did with them - not sure what I'm doing with them - but they look cute :)

I altered 6 mini comp books - I don't have the pens yet - I can't find them :( But I'll either bead them or wrap the matching paper around them - we'll see what I"m in the mood for :)
I also made a couple magnetic post it's holdes that I'll be making pens for too :)

Finally my boy/girl punch art card candy -
I CASED them from Brenda - she made them for the new mom's at UDI - Michelle sent me a way cut package (look back in Oct or November :)

SO thats what I have been working on :)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

He does NOT look like a turtle

PLEASE Leave a comment here and tell Cory (My husband) that my Dear sweet Cameron does NOT resemble this turtle in any way - He has been calling him Turtle and Turtle head all weekend and I'm starting to get peeved about it! My baby is perfect!

Slider Card

I went to Scrapbook Expo last Friday - Cory surprised me by saying he would take Cody and Collin to work with him - I had to take Cameron but he just found ou how much he loves the stroller and he is so happy all the time so he was no trouble - in fact he was a big help at passing the time n lines for all the make/take items :) Everyone was just eating him up! Loved it!

Ok So I made a couple of - ok things - they weren't the best but they were free and something new - so it wasn't too bad - Iwish I had someone to go with me other then Cameron -it's more fun to go with a friend - but hey I got to go so I'm not going to complain :)

OK SO One of the make it/take it's I made was a cute slider card - I don't have the picture of the one that I made - but I did buy the template to make them for myself at home - I am excited -

I sat down to make a couple but everyone and their kids needed me for something - so I didn't get much time to play with anything -

Stephanie from UDI (Hi!!) had a birthday last week - and I made her a card using the slider template - (I hope she got it already :)

HERE is the card I made:) (finally huh :)

When you pull on the "Celebate You" It pulls up the cupcake and brings out the message thing :)

Cute Huh!! I made another one using the Just Buzzin' By Set but I didn't really like how it turned out - I'll keep trying-

I also got another template o make a "ripper" card - not sure how to explain it - but you start off with the front of the card - pull the tab and it kind of .... rips apart to show you a hidden message (inside) really cute - I'll see if I can figure out how to make it and upload some pictures :)

WELL I'm off -

Thanks for looking!

New Facelift

Well I just found a cool website that helped me make my blog look better :) Even if Don't stay on top of my posting :)

Lets' see a lot has happened - I had an open house at Riverton Library and met 2 new people - They are inersted in a Kid's Klub - I am holding another Open house at Brigham Creek Library on April 1st - so hopefully I can find more then 2 kids and start the Kid's Klub :)

I have pictures of my table but I can't get them off my camera - I'll have Cory upload them tonight for me :)

Here is something I made - Marla asked for Birth Announcments for her baby - since Im too cheap for a real gift :) I decided to make those -

Here's what they look like :)

I have a few other projects that I'm working on that I"ll snap pictures of -

I'm also working on some projects or Saratoga Splash that is coming out this June - I am in the mist of TRYING to get a booth (If they ever call/email me back!) soo hopefully that'll work out -

I"ve made a couple of post it's magnet holders with pens -
I made some cute Card Candy that I CASED with punched out baby boy and baby girl things - And I got a coupl boxes of bubbles (12 for $1) at the dollar store that wrapped designer paper around and will sell for a quarter each :) Hey I've spent a quarter for worse out of gum ball machines because my kids begged :)

I have pictures - but again I need t get themoff the digi camera first -

OH anothr thing - I joined Heather's (Stamp with Heather) punch art class and have been making some cute little punch art guys :) I love it! It's so fun!! (that's why I'm making the card candy/punch arts :)

What else... we sold the last 2 female puppies - so we're only down to Mack - our keeper of the litter - then Mattie - the 8 month terror! She's probably about the age of a 3 year old - and wow! I really can't keep up with her anymore - she drives me insane! BUT that's another story :)

WELL The snow is still falling and the kiddies are getting restless - so I'm off -

I PROMISE I'll try harder to keep up to date on things on here from now on :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

waterfall scrapbook

<~~ Front Cover - 6x6 <~ inside front cover and first page see the little pink tab uner the first page - That's where you pull to get the flip/waterfall /pages to turn <~ 2nd page - pull tab some more - <~ 3rd page - keep pulling <~ 4th page - almost done - <~last page and you get a hidden page for the final photo :)

“Waterfall Scrapbook ” Class
Tuesday, April 14th –7:00 to 9:00 pm
Come and learn this great new idea for making and showing off your pictures!
Pull on the tab and watch your pages flip to the next page The class fee of $20 includes all the supplies you need to make this adorable 6x6 waterfall scrapbook with a few accessories to decorate your pages however you want!
Early Bird Special – sign up by April 10th and take this class for only $15! ( no other purchase required)
Sign up with a friend for only $10 more (must pay and sign up by the sign up date) Registration and Payment Deadline: April 10th

All classes and camps must be paid for at registration time. No refunds after materials have been purchased - usually one week before class time.
Class supplies needed and other information will be given at registration or closer to the class date.
Classes may be cancelled if fewer than 8 people have registered by the deadline date. All classes and events are held in West Jordan unless otherwise noted.
*Dates are subject to change.
I except cash, check or credit card (pay pal)
“Come discover the talent within!”

Thanks for looking :)
email me if you're interested :)

Mine is finished - yout's wont be in order to keep the cost down :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Dogs - Digi style

Ok went over to smiles.com and got some help with these digi scrapbook pages

Cory and Samantha went to their first dog show of the yer - it's samantha's first time showing - Mattie is only 6 months so they don't really have a lot of solid rules but it's good practice for both Samantha and Mattie -

The show starts today - but it starts at 1:00 and my other kids are in school - so we weont be driving down for it today - but we'll go first thing in the morning with them tomorrow - I'm SO excited :0

Here are the pages of the dogs :)

Now I'm off to work on door prizes :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newest member of our family

I'd like to introduce our newest member of our family -

SBR's Big Mac -
Cory was really iffy about selling him - we got a couple really good offers on him too - but it just wasn't enough to sell him-
I am falling in love with him now - he is so calm and sweet - Just like Bully :)
Sure he gets his puppy sprurts just like Bully does too - but all and all he's really a calm and sweet little guy - my little big macky is going to be happy here :)

Circle Scissor Plus

Look what I made!
Ok CASED – Someone in a group sent this link


to a blog with the cute samples using the circle cutter - and I really had to make one – ok I made 6 of the ladybugs for my kids Valentines boxes for Friday
But WOW!! Way Easy!!!

I had my daughter model it so you can see how big it is – The center circle is 6” and the petels are 4 inches

Thanks for looking

*Ü* Jen *Ü*

Scrapbook pages

While my computer wasn't working I was able to play a little :)
Why didn't anyone tell mr making scrapbook pages was fun???
Now I just need to get some pictures printed up :)

I made 2 girly pages and 2 boyish pages using the sweet always paper
They are 8x11 pages that fit in my binder :) I know what pictures I'll be using

Next I made a couple more boyish pages using the love you much set - And then 2 girly pages using the same set:)