Friday, November 14, 2008

For Sale

I'm working on some things for sale -
Right now I"ve put a few different Christmas cards that I'm willing to make for a small fee - I'm probably not charging enough - but I just want to see if it will work - Right now I have 10 cards AND matching envelopes for $15 plus shipping - need more cards - it's only $10 for each additional set after that -
These cards are well embelished and the envelopes are stamped with the same stamp set that I use on the cards - or a really nice sentament that goes with it -

The pictures on my FOR SALE page are really not the greatest - the cards do look a LOT better In real life - the colors are more bold and you can't see the embossing or the glitter in the photo very well - For that I"m sorry but I DO garentee that each card I make is done with the most care to make sure each card is to the best of my ability -

I am working on setting up a pay pal account - I will take Cash, Check, Money order or credit card - and will set up pay pal as soon as I get that done too -

Click HERE to visit my new Card store -

Oh an watch for updates - after this weekend I should have a few little "Neighbor Gifts" for sale too :) Just add a few little peices of candy and voila! Each "gift" will come with a matching gift tag too!

THanks for looking - and please email me if you have ANY questions or comments -

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