Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Goodies

Made these little halloween goodie bags for my little borther and sister on Saturday -
I decided to make them for my kids and neices -

Here's what the outside of the bag looks like

It's just a black party bag I got last week and a peice of halloween paper with some ribbon - I cuttlebug - embossed the bag for more details but you can't see it on the bag -

Inside the bag - I altered a notebook from the dollar store - and made a little match book notebook as well -
In my kid's I wont have the candy corn guy since we just made those at Rober'ts Make it/take it's last weekend - but I got some little zip lock bags that I'll fill with some little ccandies maybe a sucker or something and make a little sucker topper/baggie topper on top of those - or something simular

OK COllin is screaming at me again so I gotta go upload this for Misti :) HUGS! This is Wednesday's project!

I'll upload pictures from the Scarecrow Fest - Witches at Gardener Village and pictures from SU! STAMP CAMP!!!!!!!

COming up later tonight or tomorrow :)

Thanks for looking!

Halloween Bags

Just got back from MIL's house - we had fun -
She and Marla and I saw these cute bags at the WItches thing at Gardener Village last week and though "We can make those!" So we did!
What do you think?

This one is for the girls - with the boa around it -both are reversable - with purple and black - the WORSE shiny material you can buy but they turned out pretty cute - the purple has glitter in the material :)

Here's the black side/inside - this is Cody's

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ladies' Night Out

The LSBS Robert's Craft has a great Ladie's night out every Conference weekend - Oct - and April -
I took my 2 girls and we had a blast with the make it/take it's they had going on -
They had a big sale with the cuttlebug stuff - well I use all my cuttlebug folders with my sizzix machine but had a blast learning more about the JR cuttle bug offered for kids! My daughter wanted one SO BAD! Maybe for Christmas :) THeir folders just aren't cheap enough though :) BUT here are a few things we made :)

This is a little 3X3 card - really cute :) Remindied me of my son Casey - so I cut out and extra one for him :)

NEXT - This one was just made of foam peices that come in a little kit - peel the backs off to stick everything together - My daughter's loved them :)

These are cute little party/goodie bags - I bought some in black along with 2 12X12 peices of paper to make a few of these for halloween gifts :) SHould be fun :)

We were MORE then ready to go home after these first 3 - but ran into ONE - TWO more on our way out -
Those crowds were HORRIBLE!
THis was just a little bookmark - cut from foam with the cuttlebug circles -
$15.99 for 4 circles! HA HA HA! I'll use my circut if I want to make this cute little snowman again :)

AND LAST - We made these cute little magnets to go on the fridge - I have to find out what kind of glue we used on these because WOW! They dried quickly and very strongly! BUT they're cute! I love the stones - I think they're the type you put in the fish tank :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Early October

I don't really do a lot of decorating for halloween but JoAnns was having a good sale a few weeks ago on their Fall 12X12 packets - I also got the matching stickers so FINALLY I took the day off of everything else and made a couple things - I already gave a few things away to my kids and a couple of their friends - and got a couple ready for mailing out to Kadie :) Shhhhh :) Don't look Kadie :)

So here they are -

First is a fall card I made - I used the rock and roll technique on the gentle falling stamp in the middle (pumpkin orange and ruby red around the edges) turned out pretty cute :)
Then I used the Happy Fall Ya'll stamp set that Sheri wants - I didn't use the scarecrow but I have some cute ideas to use him with - but I told her next time I see her I'll bring them with me so I better get started :) Not sure when the next family thing is going to be :)
SOOO that's pretty much it - for this card -

NEXT I went to the dollar store this morning after my eye appt - and got some mini comp books in a packet of 4 for $1 - cool :)
So here are 2 that I made and gave away :)

NEXT.... Christina's friend wanted one - but I only got 8 comp books and I'm planning on giving them to a few selected people already - BUT I felt bad because she really wanted one - so I made these cute little matchbook note books - one for Payton and one for Lilly -

AND that's it for today - I have 3 more comp books to decorate - and I'd like to make a few more matchbooks too - didn't think they'd turn out as cute or be that easy to make :)
I also got some halloween penciles from the dollar store that went with the paper - turned out to be a cute gift for a few people :) Too bad they don't know who's getting what :)

Will be back with more tomorrow :)

P.S. Casey went to school yesterday - fell asleep during math - he SAID because it was too easy ha ha but he made it through the day -
Samantha went to school today after twisting her arm - she didn't call to come home so I think she's getting better -