Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank yous :)

I made 25 of these little 3x3 note cards with a little Jr Mint inside for my open house-
I'll have it displayed in a little basket next to a sign up sheet for my monthly email newsletter - they can have one IF they sign in :)

I also just made a sign up sheet for my new monthly class - starting August 13th - I'll be holding a class at my house every 2nd wednesday of the month -
My first class is going to be the Emergency Birthday card class - make 12 birthday cards for $15 - $20 if you sign up after August 7th - SOO hopefully that'll help :)

Wish me luck on these classes - only enough spots for 8 people :) Maybe I'll get more people to sign up and I can hold 2 classes a month!! Wouldn't THAT be cool!

Thanks for looking!

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Kadie Labadie said...

REALLY COOL little cards Jen. Sounds like you are rockin-and-rollin with your workshops. Good Luck - and hope you have more people then you know what to do with. (Wouldn't that be NICE)