Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Harvest!

Yesterday was the ward Pumpkin harvesting in our ward's garden -
All the kids - under 18 - got to go out to the garden and pick a pumpkin - then have hot chocoalate - yum - that was fun! We got there about 10 mins early along with a few others. They all started fighting over the biggest pumpkins - funny thing is - Casey and his friend were sitting on their big pumpkins then decided they wanted hot cocoa - so they got off and the girls got on - lol so the boys lost their pumpkins - I told the girls if they couldn't carry it to the car they can't have it - it was funny watching them try to carry them :)
After we got home I set up the pumpkins on the front porch THEN woke up Cameron and rushed everyone out in the cold for a quick picture - The first picture of all 6 kids together! (they didn't all fit in the picture frame so I altered it alittle) BUT It turned out great!

Playing with some Digi pages from Smilebox :)

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