Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lovely as a Tree

Just finished making some samples for either a workshop or a stamp a stack - I haven't decided yet :)
My Mother in law wants to hold a workshop in November so I'm working on something to show her -

Here are 4 cards - if she picks this set it will be just 2 cards not 4 - she has to pick the glitter or embossing - Personally I like the glitter better though :)

It's hard to see in the picture - sorry -

The embossing cards - Bravo Burgandy with gold embossing
and Not quit Navy with silver - more traditional colors here :)

The glitter set is Eggplant purple and kiwi Kiss -

Thanks for looking!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday cards Class??

I'm not sure if these are what I'd use for a Birthday card stamp a stack - but I like the colors :) They're plain and simple - so if you're new at stamping - it wouldn't take much to make these :)

Using my new Party Harty set I made a few birthday cards for my mother in law (4 of each design) She is always in need of cards for the ladies in her ward so I thought I'd help her out some :) Hope she likes them :)

Party Harty stamp set
(now on sale this month only!
Click here to order 24/7 )

Whisper White CS
Baja Breeze CS & Ink

Thanks for looking :)

Halloween Party

Saturday we had our Church Halloween party -
The kids had fun - it wasn't as "all out" as it had been in the past with all the games and fun activities - but we had a nice meal - the kids paraded around the room for a costume contest and they had a pumpkin decorating contest (my kids didn't win in either but had fun painting their pumpkins and getting it all ready :)

Samantha was a baby -
Christina was a half Devil and half Angel
Cody was a grim reper
Collin was a dinosaur,
Casey was a dark ghost and
Cameron was a duck :)

Quack Quack - or should I say "peep"

Here is a little milestone we hit last week - Cory FINALLY got to see Cameron's smile over the weekend :) And then all of a sudden he started putting a little laugh in with his smiles :) SO CUTE!
I was finally able to get him to smile long enough to get a picture of it -
This is the end of his smile - but don't worry - you'll be able to see it in person soon enough :) He has been giving me these big heart melting smiles all day today :) Gotta love those big toothless grins :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upsy Daisy set of 4

Ok well I was going to do a set of 4 with a box but I am not in the mood to deal with a box today :)

SO here are the 4 Upsy Daisy cards for this class - all were semi CASED from SCS but changed around a lot of different ways too :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Harvest!

Yesterday was the ward Pumpkin harvesting in our ward's garden -
All the kids - under 18 - got to go out to the garden and pick a pumpkin - then have hot chocoalate - yum - that was fun! We got there about 10 mins early along with a few others. They all started fighting over the biggest pumpkins - funny thing is - Casey and his friend were sitting on their big pumpkins then decided they wanted hot cocoa - so they got off and the girls got on - lol so the boys lost their pumpkins - I told the girls if they couldn't carry it to the car they can't have it - it was funny watching them try to carry them :)
After we got home I set up the pumpkins on the front porch THEN woke up Cameron and rushed everyone out in the cold for a quick picture - The first picture of all 6 kids together! (they didn't all fit in the picture frame so I altered it alittle) BUT It turned out great!

Playing with some Digi pages from Smilebox :)

Upsy Daisy

I've been wanting to make one of these sunset looking cards for a while now -
FINALLY Dawn made a video tutorial on how to use the Brayer -
I copied hers using the Upsy Daisy stamp set -
I was surprised at how easy it actually was!
(watch for more of these when I finally break open my Lovely as a Tree set I just got :)

Sorry the picture sucks - I have to take it with my cell phone :(

Stamp set - upsy daisy
Card Stock -
Chocolate Chip
More Mustard
Whisper White

Inks -
More Mustard
Pumpkin Pie
Bravo Burgandy
Chocolate Chip

Others -
Ventage brads

I have decided to put up an Upsy Daisy Card Class on my Demo's website - if anyone out there is intersted :) You can make this card - and 3 other's that are simular with a card box to put it all in :) Check out my calendar of events for more details -

THanks for looking :)

Halloween Card

I made this halloween card for a swap -
The inside spider is CASED from Dawn's website -
I made the spiders for pixie sticks - which is what I'll be making for Cody's pre-school but my kids ate all the pixie sticks so I had to find something else to do with the spiders until I get some more -

I joined a Halloween swap with the UDI's and decided to use the spiders in there -
They open up and pop up inside :)

Batty for you Stamp set
Whisper White CS
Basic Black CS
Lovely Lilac CS
Basic black Ink

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

He's HERE!!

Ok well he's been here for almost 3 weeks but I'm finally up to sitting at the computer long enough to tell you about it :)

Cameron Krawler Was born September 17th at 1:51 pm -
had my dr appt on Tuesday -

I was still not dilating -
Because of my past pregnancies/births my dr was afraid to let me go over my due date (Thursday) I was measuring at 43 weeks and feeling really crummy - I was having major back pains - I could barely make it through the day with my other kids -

SO my dr decided to go ahead and schedule down for me to go in Tuesday night -

SO Cory and I got to the hospital - weird enough - there was another Jen Stewart checked in already to be induced - with her 5th baby and she was having a boy too! We KNOW we're going to get HER bill in the mail!

SOOO ok we get in there and get all checked in - and take my first pill - The contractions were coming on strong - but not too bad -

I got a little sleep but it wasn't easy -

Cameron was born at 1:51 pm - about 2 1/2 hours after my water was broke - and it was a fairly easy delivery! So all went well -

NOW comes the hard part -

Collin, my 19 month old was very mad at me while he visited in the hospital - I was so looking forward to having him sit on my lap and hold the baby like all my other kids did for the first time when they were younger - but he didn't even want to sit on the bed with me - Every time we tried to get him to see the baby he ran to Cory and wouldn't look - it was so sad!

BUT now that we're home - Collin wont stay out of the bassinett! He has to sit with me when I'm holding Cameron and he loves me again :) Whew :)

Canerib is doing great - I had to take him into the pediatrician Friday morning -and he lost about 8 oz :( he was sleeping so much it was hard waking him up to feed him :(

BUT slowly he started waking up more and more and Eating a lot more - We had our 2 week check up last Wednesday and he is up to 8 lbs 15 oz (over a lb from his birth weight) and grew a full inch - he head is a little smaller then average but being Cory's little boy - his soon to be big ego will fatten up his head in no time :)

The day after his 2 week appt I went on baby fit to ask about my I'm hurting so bad when I BF him - I was told to check in his mouth and diaper area for a rash/spots - well sure nuff - Cameron has Thrush! and he passed it on to me -
SO I called the Ped office and they called in a prescription for him and me - and now about 4 days later - we're still pretty sore - but they said that it will take probably the full 10-14 days to feel better - HELP!!!!

SO I'm still BFing for as long as I can - and then giving him a bottle when he's still hungry - we've cut down to 3 bottles a day today so hopefully we'll be feeling better soon and only have the bottle ONCE a night instead of most of the day :)

What else..... He now has some strange eye goobers coming out of his right eye - I'm praying it's not pink eye - Collin had pink eye for 2 days after Cameron was home - Cory doesn't think it's pink eye because it's not swollen or pink - so I guess maybe his tear ducts are now coming in and maybe he has a little cold?

That's about it!
I've made a few little crafty thingies for halloween I"ll post in another post -
Sorry this is so long :)

I'm just excited my little guy is here - Sure he doesn't sleep at night - and having him AND Collin in my bedroom - wakes them both up at the same time so I'm not getting any sleep - BUT we're all doing good - I feel SO MUCH BETTER then I did when I was pregnant - I can WALK again!!!!

OH and Cory got WII Fit :) I told him I wanted it after the baby is born - he got it :) I'm feeling up to starting it this week - jsut hoping for a good nights sleep - or at least an hour nap during the day so I have the energy to play :) My kids LOVE it - the games are a lot of fun and it's REALLY challanging too :) No they don't need to lose weight but they are getting toned pretty good :)