Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sorry to ignore everyone else - I'm not -
When I got the virus on my computer we had to get it reformated (Thank you again Shane!!!) BUT unfortunatly we didn't save the email address out of my address book -

I thought I emailed you from my gmail site but I the yahoo Email keeps coming back as delivery failed - so Kadie - EMAIL ME!!

Any anyone else that I know - I don't have your email address either :(
So email me :)


P.S. I just uploaded 12 scrapbook pages that I"ve finished - but I have to find the CD of my PaintShopPro program so I can enhance the colors and crop and all that fun stuff -
So keep watching :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

R.I.P Squirt

Yesterday was a sad day here at my house :(
Remember the little runt puppy that wouldn't eat? I was force feeding her almost every day - she would eat some days and not the next, then eat again - well Sunday she ate in the morning, and again in the afternoon but in the evening she wouldn't eat. We brought Rosie upstairs to feed her but she's all dried up. I forced her to eat a syringe full of formula and she cuddled back up with her mom and slept until it was time to go down to bed.

Well Monday morning Samantha went down to get their food treys for me and she found her passed away. I ran down stairs to pick her up and bring her upstairs wrapped in a blanket - luckly there was no school because my girls were devistatied (sp)

Cory took her with him to work. not sure what he did with her but he said he did the proper thing so not to worry about it.
I just kept telling my girls that she went to go live with her new family sooner then the other puppies did (they're going to new homes in about 2 weeks - well a couple of them are anyways) and she is now happy in her new home.

She's not starving anymore - she's happy. cory and I think her digestive system just wasn't strong enough to handle puppy food. We mixed it with puppy formula for 3 weeks - which was probably what was keeping her alive. but the puppy food just wasn't setting well with her. we had a couple of people come over to see her the week before and they couldn't believe she was still alive.
I know that these things happen. we have had a puppy die for no reason in a previous litter too - and from other breeders we have heard it's very common to lose at least one pup out of every litter.we've had 3 litters without any loses so I think we're doing pretty good. these things do happen a lot and sad to say there really isn't much more we could have done.

So with that said - Rest in Peace Dear Squirt (the girls named her because she was so small :)

I would put a copy of the rainbow bridge on here but I"m still without a computer and my husband wont let me google anything :)

HUGS to everyone

Monday, January 19, 2009

computer down

My computer is down, ok it's flat out dead . We're working on getting it fixed but I will be without a computer for about a week - so if you need to get a hold of me, you can email me at - p I will be checking on my husband's laptop if I can pry him away at night after he gets home. I can't remember my password to my other email address - so if you are waiting a reply from me, I'm sorry!

I will update what I've been working on when my computer is back up.
BUT let me tell you this much - no computer, our tv went out and my breaks on my car are gone - so it's been pretty boring around here. I made 13 scrapbook pages on Saturday and Today I made my very first scrapbook in a box! I love it! And I can't believe how easy it was to make!
Tomorrow I'[m working on a scrapbook purse that folds down and I have instructions on how to make a scrapbook wallet for Wednesday or Thursday :) Now I just need to see if I have enough pictures for everything :)

Thanks for stoppin' by :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Buzzin by Money Holder

My UDI fees are due - so of course I can't send cash in the mail :) at least visable cash :) SO I made this cute little money holder - It fits nicely in the small open end envelope from SU - I bought them by accident but I actually like this size :)

Using the new Just Buzzin' By Stamp Set -
YoYo Yellow and Basic Black

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love You Much Bundle SET

Ok I started on Jan 1st making 3 of these little boxes with 3x3 note cards- but since I put everything away I wasn't able to find time to work on them again - Well yesterday I figured out the secret! I took everything out on Saturday night and worked for about 10 mins - left it all out - on Sunday I sat down but didn't get to do anything - but MONDAY - I sat down 7 -8 times and finished all 3 boxes - a cute envelope note card AND made a matching scrapbook page!

SO I'm sorry family of mine but we will no longer be eating at the bottom half of the kitchen table :) as long as I leave my stuff out (under supervision of course - I need to set up a servaliance camera :) I can work on things off and on all day long and maybe JUST MAYBE I can do the scrapbook page once a month goal that I set for myself :) It's the end of January and I have 2 now :) January AND Feb :) WHOO HOO! I DO need to make a 2nd page though for a 2 page lay out - it's not easy fitting 6 kids on one 8x11 page :

ANYWHOO - here's the group picture - then 2 pictures of the box and note cards and scrapbook page - I did CASE the box and cards - but the scrapbook page I copied a lay out from a 6x6 page but added a few more things and changed the colors aroud so they all match :)
Let me know what you think :)

Thanks for looking!

P.S. My box of Brand New Spring/Summer 2009 catalogs are supose to come today :) I'm SO EXCITED! I will be playing with the brand new "Just Buzzin' By" set this week for another set - Youre going to LOVE the new stuff coming out! I've seen some sneek peeks :)

They're Growing!

Here are some recent Puppy Pictures - they're now 5 weeks old -
They're pretty much eating on their own now - but the solid food is rough on their litle tummies so they're not eating all the time -
We're having trouble with the Runt Squirt - she makes me want to cry every time I see her she's just not eating - We have he only still nursing with the mom - which she HATES - but I think it's pretty much the only thing keeping her a live - Poor thing :(

Anyways - we are playing show dog for pictures - so here are a couple : (sorry they look off - Blogger wont save my text where I want them :( )

The First 2 pictures is the Family Favorite (biggest Male) we call him Big Mac Tires :) Cory picked the name

Next 2 pictures are of Sadie - everyone's favorite girl because of her color - she also has the best body structure for showing - So we're told :) she's afraid of NOTHING and attacks EVERYTHING she can get into her mouth!

Then there is Bo Bo - he's the sweetest :) He is very friendly and loves to nibble on earlobes :)

They will be ready to go to new homes in about 3 weeks- they're growing fast and are a lot of fun! We have one going to New York and One going to Minnasota (I think that's where he said) and one staying in Utah - well nothing definate yet but he's been talking to breeders all over the place who are interested in buying from us :) WHOO HOO!

BIG SHOTS - You're going to be mine REAL soon :)

Thanks for Lookin!