Saturday, March 28, 2009

SAB - Mini scrapbook

I mad a little mini scrapbook for Easter - using the SAB paper and punch set - but now I have no way of getting Easter pictures of my kids - SNOW ALL WEEK LONG!!!!

Anyways - but the album looks kind of cute :)
I just took two 7 1/4 x by 5 peices of kraft card stock and scored one of them at - I think it was 1 1/2 - Then I took the clear envelopes from SU and taped them in - and used NON- SU! jumbo eyelets (but they match :))

BUT everything else is SU!
Thanks for looking and as usual - sorry for the bad pictures

First picture is the cover -
Then first page is the same as the last page -

(note to self - take the pages OUT of the clear envelopes before taking pictures - common sense Jen - Geez!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

A few things for the fair

Here are a few things I've made -

This is what I'm working on today -
I found some circle coasters in my closet - not sure where I got them but I wish I had more! I found 6 of them - so I'm making ONE for me and 2 for the fair to sell - not sure on price yet - but so far they're cute -
I'm mad at my CSP right now - it keeps cutting the paper and snagging it so I have to start over - sucks - but hopefully it'll do better - I haven't made the inside yet - but I"ll post those when I get them done -

Next I decorated a few pillow boxes - No I STILL don't have the die cut yet - but a nice friend mailed me a couple for samples - so this is what I did with them - not sure what I'm doing with them - but they look cute :)

I altered 6 mini comp books - I don't have the pens yet - I can't find them :( But I'll either bead them or wrap the matching paper around them - we'll see what I"m in the mood for :)
I also made a couple magnetic post it's holdes that I'll be making pens for too :)

Finally my boy/girl punch art card candy -
I CASED them from Brenda - she made them for the new mom's at UDI - Michelle sent me a way cut package (look back in Oct or November :)

SO thats what I have been working on :)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

He does NOT look like a turtle

PLEASE Leave a comment here and tell Cory (My husband) that my Dear sweet Cameron does NOT resemble this turtle in any way - He has been calling him Turtle and Turtle head all weekend and I'm starting to get peeved about it! My baby is perfect!

Slider Card

I went to Scrapbook Expo last Friday - Cory surprised me by saying he would take Cody and Collin to work with him - I had to take Cameron but he just found ou how much he loves the stroller and he is so happy all the time so he was no trouble - in fact he was a big help at passing the time n lines for all the make/take items :) Everyone was just eating him up! Loved it!

Ok So I made a couple of - ok things - they weren't the best but they were free and something new - so it wasn't too bad - Iwish I had someone to go with me other then Cameron -it's more fun to go with a friend - but hey I got to go so I'm not going to complain :)

OK SO One of the make it/take it's I made was a cute slider card - I don't have the picture of the one that I made - but I did buy the template to make them for myself at home - I am excited -

I sat down to make a couple but everyone and their kids needed me for something - so I didn't get much time to play with anything -

Stephanie from UDI (Hi!!) had a birthday last week - and I made her a card using the slider template - (I hope she got it already :)

HERE is the card I made:) (finally huh :)

When you pull on the "Celebate You" It pulls up the cupcake and brings out the message thing :)

Cute Huh!! I made another one using the Just Buzzin' By Set but I didn't really like how it turned out - I'll keep trying-

I also got another template o make a "ripper" card - not sure how to explain it - but you start off with the front of the card - pull the tab and it kind of .... rips apart to show you a hidden message (inside) really cute - I'll see if I can figure out how to make it and upload some pictures :)

WELL I'm off -

Thanks for looking!

New Facelift

Well I just found a cool website that helped me make my blog look better :) Even if Don't stay on top of my posting :)

Lets' see a lot has happened - I had an open house at Riverton Library and met 2 new people - They are inersted in a Kid's Klub - I am holding another Open house at Brigham Creek Library on April 1st - so hopefully I can find more then 2 kids and start the Kid's Klub :)

I have pictures of my table but I can't get them off my camera - I'll have Cory upload them tonight for me :)

Here is something I made - Marla asked for Birth Announcments for her baby - since Im too cheap for a real gift :) I decided to make those -

Here's what they look like :)

I have a few other projects that I'm working on that I"ll snap pictures of -

I'm also working on some projects or Saratoga Splash that is coming out this June - I am in the mist of TRYING to get a booth (If they ever call/email me back!) soo hopefully that'll work out -

I"ve made a couple of post it's magnet holders with pens -
I made some cute Card Candy that I CASED with punched out baby boy and baby girl things - And I got a coupl boxes of bubbles (12 for $1) at the dollar store that wrapped designer paper around and will sell for a quarter each :) Hey I've spent a quarter for worse out of gum ball machines because my kids begged :)

I have pictures - but again I need t get themoff the digi camera first -

OH anothr thing - I joined Heather's (Stamp with Heather) punch art class and have been making some cute little punch art guys :) I love it! It's so fun!! (that's why I'm making the card candy/punch arts :)

What else... we sold the last 2 female puppies - so we're only down to Mack - our keeper of the litter - then Mattie - the 8 month terror! She's probably about the age of a 3 year old - and wow! I really can't keep up with her anymore - she drives me insane! BUT that's another story :)

WELL The snow is still falling and the kiddies are getting restless - so I'm off -

I PROMISE I'll try harder to keep up to date on things on here from now on :)

Thanks for looking!