Friday, December 14, 2007

Meeting Santa

We went to the Christmas party in my mom's neighborhood last night - there was a really SMALL amount of people that showed up - concidering she lives in the largest neighborhood out here :)

BUT it was fun! The Christmas party by my house was during the weekend when we were all sick so we missed it :( My kids weren't happy but they were really excited last night to see Santa :)

When Santa first walked in Christina was holding Collin and he started SCREAMING!
But once Casey took him (I couldn't get into the crowd) he calmed down :whew :)

They started off with a little kid who got to wear a funny santa hat - kept moving around :) Then they brought up 2 younger kids and gave them a flashing nose and antlers and we all sung Rouldoph -
Then he brought up 4 kids - Cody and Casey and 2 others - Santa took off his sleigh bells and the kids held onto them shaking them as loudly as they could singing Jingle bells - Cody all of a sudden got really shy but he loved the bells :)

Then he started seeing the little kids to sit on Santa's Lap - he told the big kids to wait because he had a Big surprise for them - My kids scooted back nicely to let all the younger kids have a turn
Cody's turn, he turned Shy again - didn't want to look at anyone - didn't want to say anything - Then santa gave him a candycane - he got a big smile and looked up at Santa and said "Thank you" :)

Christina went up and just jumped on his lap - she's not afraid of anything :) We brought Collin over with Chrsitina so he wouldn't be scared :) He wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't cry :) Whew :) He loved the candycane though - just started chomping down on it the second Santa handed it to him :)

They had a blast :) After all the little kids had a turn, Santa started on the big kids - first he called up Samantha - but then told her to go sit back down - She was going to be last :) So he called Casey up - he jumped up and they acted like they had been buddies for years! Just chatting away laughing and pal-ing around :) It was cute to watch :)
A few other big kids went up then it was Samantha's turn - for her "BIG Surprise" She got about 8 candy canes :) And then some :) So it was fun!
Then they did a group shot of all the kids - then a little shot of just my kids -
Oh here :)

Since it usually takes about a half hour for all my kids to get their coats on (Yes we all had our coats this time :) We were the last to leave - Santa had an extra flashing nose and antlers in his bag and gave them to Casey and Samantha - Called Samantha his little Comit :)
Christina is feeling a little jealous though - but hopefully that'll pass soon :)

THEN we went home - feeling festive we drove around the golfcourse houses looking at the lights on the way home - ha ha I got lost and couldn't find my way OUT of the golf course! I was tempted to get on the green and just head for the main road but ended up turning around and going back the way we came :) it was DARK!

BUT it was fun! we had a blast - When we got home the kids were SO Excited to show dad everything :)
Hurried and had some soup and went to bed :)

Tonight .... they're going to meet another Santa's helper at their OTHER Grandma's Christmas party :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post it's holder - Teachers Christmas gifts

I've never made these Post it's holders before but they looked so cute so I wanted to give it a try :)

they had Post it's on their "wish list"

Made this for Casey's and Christina's teachers (favorite color is Purple)
I need some matching ribbon for the binder clip it looks a little plain but you get the idea :)

And this one for Samanthas MALE"Teacher his favorite color is Orange

Fun huh! I have never made these before and I can't believe they're SO EASY! So I had fun making them :) The kids LOVE how they turned out and can't WAIT to give them to their teachers - OH and I added 2 extra post it's stacks with a little cigar band and put it on the back for the teachers - I'll get a little mini gift bag for them to put it in later this week :)

BUT now I don't have to worry about Teachers at the last min again this year :) Last year I was up til like 3 am the day before school was out for winter break! YIKES! I'll never do that again!

I copied the one I got in Deb's Hostess/thank you swap :) Not sure who made it - I didn't see a recipe card for it - but I LOVE IT! and plan on making more for Christmas gifts :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Ok corny title :)

Hubby gave me his battery to his phone so I was able to take some pictures of the kids sledding in the back yard - yeah!!!!

Here's a layout I made using the pictures :)

Christmas Cards

Ok We cheated this year :)
My Mother in law was watching Good THings Utah about 2 weeks ago and they ran a special - 75 card kit for $16 - she went online and got 5 kits (one for each of us )

We got the kits the day before Thanksgiving - whoo hoo!!!

SO we were PLANNING on going over last week to work on them but with my kids getting sick - never happened - SO I got my kit and WHOA! These things are AWESOME!
I was so excited! It took me like 2 hours to get 6 each of 3 different cards done - then yesterday another hour and I finished them - well ok I didn't finish them there are still 4 more cards that are photo holders - but I need to get a photo for those first :)

SO here's the cards - I'm STILL going to be making a SU! Photo card for like my mom and dad and in laws - but for the friends and distant family - here they are :)

I have to take pictures of the rest - Cory charged his phone in his car and switched batteries with my phone! WHOO HOO!

Sick Kids mean more Crafts!

Collin has been sick since Wednesday night - still sick actually and it's SUNDAY!!
We took him to the dr's he has a sinus infection and a ear infection - so much drainage down to his stomach - he can't keep anything down :( SOOOO got him on some meds to help - he's bearly 10 months old - he needs all the help he can get :(

Friday Chrsitina had it - then Friday night Cody had it - ugh! Saturday we woke up to a nice blanket of snow and volia! Everyone's better??? HA HA - no but they got to play - I don't have a camera :( SO didn't get any pictures but they had fun -

Guess the fresh air was good for them because last night they were all feeling so much better - happy and no fever - I think CHrsitina and Cody are just about over their sinus infections - whoo hoo!!

I thought Collin was better - but he had a rough night last night - So back to throwing up a little today :( Poor kid - he BETTER be bettter by tomorrow! I NEED to get out of the house! BUT I will stay home with him if I have to - poor little guy

BUT because everyone's been so sick - I've had some play time during NAP TIME!!!

Ok I joined a "Stocking Stuffer swap" from Paper Crafts - here's what I made - just a couple mini frames from the dollar store - came with 6 in a pack :) SO good deal

The swap is due on Friday so hopefully I can get them mailed off on Monday -
I'll upload Kadie's Christmas swaps next week after she gets them :) DOn't want to ruin the surprise :)

OH I didn't upload the picture tin for my Mother in law!
Here it is -

First picture is wrapped up :) I used a little white lunch sack and just covered it :) I think Kadie gave me the idea sometime ago :)

Next is the Hobby Lobby gift card tin that I decorated to match (her favorite color is green :)

And open it up and meet all the people :)

She loved it! * WHEW *

THanks for looking :0

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Freebie

It snowed all day here - my digi camera is still missing my kids broke the charger to my phone so I couldn't even take a single picture of them playing in the snow today :( SO SAD!

I'm bored tonight waiting for hubby to get home and the kids wont stop fighting so I'm ignoring them all :)

Here is a Christmas Freebie I made - nothing big - just playing :)

Click "HERE" to download the PNG format of this Quick Page :)

Edited to add another freebie that matches :)

Click HERE to download the png format of the matching page

Thanks for looking :)
Happy Holidays :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Freebie

Ok I'm REALLY bored :)
Just wanted to say thanks for the comments from the people at Blush and Dusty's about m first page - gave me a few helpful hints - so hopefully this one is better -
I saved it as a PNG - AND knocked out the insides of the frames for you to put your picture in easier :)
Hope you like it :)

Download the PNG file HERE :)

Lay out by Templates~N~More! -and of course CREDDIES :) Because I LOVE Creddy :)

Winter Freebie

I'm tired of being sick!
Here's a freebie - my first ever :) So I hope I do this right -
If not sorry -
It's not the greatest - my computer is REALLY SLOW right now -
When I get a few things cleared off it should run faster and I'll be able to do more without being fusterated :)

Download here for png format-

I wont ever charge for anything I upload for you to use :) So bookmark this page and come back often :)

Lay out by Templates~N~More! -and of course CREDDIES :) Because I LOVE Creddy :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here's a layout I did for my kid's -
Last week we went with my mother in law to look for pine cones at the golf course -
She has some wreaths she plans on painting and we're going to glue the pinecones on the wreaths - and then??? Not sure - but we always have fun doing crafty things and they usually turn out cute so I'm sure they will :)

Going over next Thursday to work on CHristmas cards - we ordered them from Good Morning UTAH - BIG Kits for $16 makes 75 cards! I'm SO EXCITED! BUT bring your own sewing machine - ugh! Need to work on those secret Christmast gifts (Can't say in case Cassandra or Candace read this :)

THanks for looking :)

For Debbie

My Mother in law wanted me to make her a couple cards to go with her adorable towls she embrodered for her family gifts - She surprised us and made us one with matchting apons - I LOVE IT! I'm going to wear it for Christmas :)

Anyways - the towels and aprons say "Christmas Kisses" on it with snowflakes - it's red with white writing (pictures later I"m too tired tonight :)

SO Here is what the card I made looks like -
Snowflake spots - embossed used a heart brad in the middle - the card is 3x3

Today - Sunday is her birthday - I asked all my sister-in-laws to email me pictures of their kids so I could make her a little tin with pictures for her purse -
She came with me to Stamp Camp awhile ago and ran into an old friend from her old neighborhood - she couldn't believer "Little Cory" had a wife and kids! (I had Samantha and Collin with me) BUT good to grandma didn't have a single picture of her other grandkids - SO I had been working on this for about a month now - She loved it!

Will upload pitures of the tin tomorow - again tired :) Sorry

The first page has a picture of her and says "Top 12 reasons why I love being Grandma " then it has all the pictures inside of the accordian fold which looks like the others from before with my step mom's accordian book - just more pictures added on this one

So that was fun! Used Dashing paper - she loves green :) I made a little bag to go in it

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a Birthday Party!

Christina had a birthday party!
She's now 6 years old -
FOr her party she wanted everyone to come dressed up as a princess - well of COURSE! What 6 year old wouldn't want to dress up in a princss gown!
She had to wear her halloween costume ! BUT she was loving it :)
She invited her 2 best friends - which are moving in a couple weeks :(
SO I made them a little something to remember this special day by

Her birthday party was Wednesday from 4-6:00 - then my inlaws wanted to come over to celebrate from 6:30 - 8:30 - so it was a long day :) BUT we had a lot of fun! And she had a GREAT Time :)

Of course I had to make a digi page for the scrapbook - not sure when I"m going to print these up and put them in a book but I will :)
The lay out is a sketch challange from sketches by Tamera :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday Drive

Sunday was a little hard - COry and Collin were sick with bad colds , so we decied to skip church so we don't get anyone else sick. We decided to take a family drive - I love driving through the canyons and enjoying the day with the family -
THIS TIME I chose a different direction - we drove WEST off of Redwood Road instead of towards the Freeway to the canyons -

Cory (my hubby) is a big time OFF ROAD guy - jeepin' dirt bike ' 4 wheeler - snow mobile - you name it

WELL HE KNEW what was WEST - a big playground for off-roading We drove for probably 20 mins, then He took us on this "road" trail - leading to more trails and more trails - We have 5 kids in the car - and Excrusion for that - I have a screw driven in one of my tires already and he just fixed the muffler from LAST time we went off road and he hit a rock - I like my car quiet!

LUCKLY my car made it ok without any more then just really dusty - I personally don't like off-roading - he takes my older kids to Moab all the time and I stay home to shop and play :) SO I was freaking out most of the drive. I don't like the "cliffs" on my side of the car :) My kids always laugh at me when I freak out -
SO those are the memories :)
BUT Mostly when we reach or destination and get out to hike and walk around - yes more hills more rocks more freaking out :) BUT I always get some good family pictures :)

I am loving this Digi scrapbooking - it's SO EASY!
I have a TON of "challange" Sketches that I've found online - all I do is take the challange and "draw" the frames and lay out how they have it and add my pictures and patterns/colors - I LOVE IT! It took me maybe 15 mins to make this one - I played around a lot with the background and stars started ticking me off after awhile too :)

I've gotten a LOT of compliments on the title *Blush* it was really easy to make too!

Christina had her THanksgiving program yesterday (Monday) I"ll see if I can upload the pictures for that and work on a little something later today - Today is my LAST shopping day without kids - NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK!
SOOO LOTS to do today :)

Have a GREAT DAY! And THanks for lookin!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Digi Pages

OK SO I'm not really a full blooded stamper - I don't have time to pull out my stuff and sit down and try to make pages out of pictuers I take (I suck at taking pictures too) SO I found the easiset way for me ... da da da daaaaaa - DIGI SCRAPBOOKING!!!! I LOVE IT!
I've downloaded a LOT of freebies and even though I still can't find my digi camera I still have my cell phone :) SOOO Here's my latest :)

OK for my first digi scrapbook page and introduction picture :)
It's the only recent picture I have of myself with my kids -
It also has my sister in law and her daughter - She's the one with the dark hair and her little girl is in the middle with the brown coat - The rest are mine :) Then me on the end with my 9 month old baby - 40 lbs lighter then last year :)

We took this picture like 6 different times - my older kids were making rude noises trying to get everyone to laugh - it worked but the younger kids kept looking back there :)
The lay out is simple but it took forever for me to make :)
The stuff is from Raspberry ROad - I'm not sure how to give "proper" credit - so if it's wrong - please let me know

This next picture was taken this morning :)

Collin WANTS to crawl, he's ready, he's old enough, and he's able, but still hasn't mastered it yet. We're working on it :)
He really loves his cars too :)

Cory surprised me with a new area rug last night! I love it! the colors are perfect and it's So Soft! so this is him testing it out :) Now I REALLY Can't wait to get my house painted :) It will really stand out (Crossing fingers for spring :)

I used .....ALL ME template (because I have no orginality of my own :)
I used Rasbperry Roads - Tatum Days paper and elements : )

SO there you have it my first digi scrapbook pages (made from kits - not a pre-made page :) I have a few of those I've used but this makes it more fun - challanging :)
Can't wait to see what cute things my kids do tomorrow while we're at Grandma's house :)

Thanks for Looking!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Goodies

Made these little halloween goodie bags for my little borther and sister on Saturday -
I decided to make them for my kids and neices -

Here's what the outside of the bag looks like

It's just a black party bag I got last week and a peice of halloween paper with some ribbon - I cuttlebug - embossed the bag for more details but you can't see it on the bag -

Inside the bag - I altered a notebook from the dollar store - and made a little match book notebook as well -
In my kid's I wont have the candy corn guy since we just made those at Rober'ts Make it/take it's last weekend - but I got some little zip lock bags that I'll fill with some little ccandies maybe a sucker or something and make a little sucker topper/baggie topper on top of those - or something simular

OK COllin is screaming at me again so I gotta go upload this for Misti :) HUGS! This is Wednesday's project!

I'll upload pictures from the Scarecrow Fest - Witches at Gardener Village and pictures from SU! STAMP CAMP!!!!!!!

COming up later tonight or tomorrow :)

Thanks for looking!

Halloween Bags

Just got back from MIL's house - we had fun -
She and Marla and I saw these cute bags at the WItches thing at Gardener Village last week and though "We can make those!" So we did!
What do you think?

This one is for the girls - with the boa around it -both are reversable - with purple and black - the WORSE shiny material you can buy but they turned out pretty cute - the purple has glitter in the material :)

Here's the black side/inside - this is Cody's

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ladies' Night Out

The LSBS Robert's Craft has a great Ladie's night out every Conference weekend - Oct - and April -
I took my 2 girls and we had a blast with the make it/take it's they had going on -
They had a big sale with the cuttlebug stuff - well I use all my cuttlebug folders with my sizzix machine but had a blast learning more about the JR cuttle bug offered for kids! My daughter wanted one SO BAD! Maybe for Christmas :) THeir folders just aren't cheap enough though :) BUT here are a few things we made :)

This is a little 3X3 card - really cute :) Remindied me of my son Casey - so I cut out and extra one for him :)

NEXT - This one was just made of foam peices that come in a little kit - peel the backs off to stick everything together - My daughter's loved them :)

These are cute little party/goodie bags - I bought some in black along with 2 12X12 peices of paper to make a few of these for halloween gifts :) SHould be fun :)

We were MORE then ready to go home after these first 3 - but ran into ONE - TWO more on our way out -
Those crowds were HORRIBLE!
THis was just a little bookmark - cut from foam with the cuttlebug circles -
$15.99 for 4 circles! HA HA HA! I'll use my circut if I want to make this cute little snowman again :)

AND LAST - We made these cute little magnets to go on the fridge - I have to find out what kind of glue we used on these because WOW! They dried quickly and very strongly! BUT they're cute! I love the stones - I think they're the type you put in the fish tank :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Early October

I don't really do a lot of decorating for halloween but JoAnns was having a good sale a few weeks ago on their Fall 12X12 packets - I also got the matching stickers so FINALLY I took the day off of everything else and made a couple things - I already gave a few things away to my kids and a couple of their friends - and got a couple ready for mailing out to Kadie :) Shhhhh :) Don't look Kadie :)

So here they are -

First is a fall card I made - I used the rock and roll technique on the gentle falling stamp in the middle (pumpkin orange and ruby red around the edges) turned out pretty cute :)
Then I used the Happy Fall Ya'll stamp set that Sheri wants - I didn't use the scarecrow but I have some cute ideas to use him with - but I told her next time I see her I'll bring them with me so I better get started :) Not sure when the next family thing is going to be :)
SOOO that's pretty much it - for this card -

NEXT I went to the dollar store this morning after my eye appt - and got some mini comp books in a packet of 4 for $1 - cool :)
So here are 2 that I made and gave away :)

NEXT.... Christina's friend wanted one - but I only got 8 comp books and I'm planning on giving them to a few selected people already - BUT I felt bad because she really wanted one - so I made these cute little matchbook note books - one for Payton and one for Lilly -

AND that's it for today - I have 3 more comp books to decorate - and I'd like to make a few more matchbooks too - didn't think they'd turn out as cute or be that easy to make :)
I also got some halloween penciles from the dollar store that went with the paper - turned out to be a cute gift for a few people :) Too bad they don't know who's getting what :)

Will be back with more tomorrow :)

P.S. Casey went to school yesterday - fell asleep during math - he SAID because it was too easy ha ha but he made it through the day -
Samantha went to school today after twisting her arm - she didn't call to come home so I think she's getting better -

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eye Sugery

The kids (Casey and Samantha) had their eye surgery yesterday - boy am I glad that's over with!

Thursday we went in for a dr's appt and to get their new prescription - found out that the surgery wasn't until 2:45 on Friday - YIKES! BUT we got all the info we needed - they couldn't eat after midnight - clear liquids only bla bla bla -

BUT We survived - we were at the hospital for 6 hours - but everything went pretty fast - they did Samantha for the first half hour - then Casey - then after about a half ho ur after Samantha got out she was waking up - so I stayed the whole time with Collin - whew that was fun :) He was actually pretty good though - in a good mood the most of the time - so that was nice :)

Samantha did really good with her surgery - no bleeding or anything -
Casey had some though - his eyes were irritated from the eye drops the day before so they were twice as irritated after the surgery - I felt so bad for him - waking up in a daze and all he wanted to do was rub his eyes! But we fought him off and he started waking up - they upped his medicine but he ate a ton of ice chips - drank a whole cup of juice and ate about 10 crackers - So he wasn't going to get sick -
Samantha slowly ate her crackers and juice - she wasn't too happy but she was doing ok - she gets really quiet and still when she doesn't feel well and so that's pretty much all she did -

This morning is going better - I set my alarm on my phone to wake me up every 4 hours last night so we were right on top of the medicine so they didn't wake up in agony - whew :) They'll appreaciate that later in life :) but today I already got yelled at by both of them for waking them up 3 times while they were trying to sleep :)
This morning they're doing better - they woke up early and are watching the Hanna Montanna marathon - OH BOY!! We've only seen every show 10 times!
BUT They're hanging in there - trying to get them to start eating today and back to normal - hopefully by tonight/tomorrow they'll be up and around a little more then back to school on Monday - they said they SHOULD be able to go to school but they are the only ones who can tell you if they're up to it or not - sooo we'll just have to wait and see :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Halloween stuff

Made a alittle halloween thing

It's a chipboard with a little clip - used last years Halloween picture when we went to see the "witches" at the Village Gardens - planning a trip out there again this year my kids LOVED those witches :)

Then went to my MIL to sew some Pillows and stuff for Christmas -
It says "Stewart's a journey to forever"
LOVE these :)

THEN went to the LSBS and got the supplies to make my halloween mummy board this was fun - we made it at Enrichment - I'm going back next week to get a few more chalk boards and stuff to make as gifts for halloween :)
The tag says "TOMB many days to count" I don't usually decorate for halloween but these were cute so I had to make one :)

This was taken at Roberts' craft store - yes I took their picture in the store display window! But I used my phone so it was fast and no one saw us (HA HA)

Made this for my inlaws anniversary - just a little match book tied to a candle :) Got the idea out of the PC magizine April 2007 issue :)

Been trying to work on some cards and stamping stuff but I can't get my supplies out - I just don't have the time anymore :(

OH well - soon!

Thanks for looking

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August Cards

Here are a couple cards I made -

This first one was for Courtney's (neice's) 2nd birthday -
I got her a "Love Bug" book with a "Love Bug" doll and made her a "Love Bug" card using my new "Garden Whimsy" set and the "Birthday Hugs and Wishes" set Samantha won as a door prize :)

This next card we made at my workshop that I hosted last Friday -
I don't have this set - but It's on my list :)

Now I DO have this "Pick a Petal" set that I really wanted - But after I got it - I had the WORSE time getting it to work for me!
So I had Jamie (My SU Demo) show us how to use this set - I like it a lot better now and I will probably use it :)

We made 2 with this set - We also had ribbon on these last 2 cards - but she thought one roll would be enough - I had 7 people show up - I also had my 6 month old baby with me and it was close to bedtime so I was the last to make my cards - but I think they look nice without the black and white plaid ribbon as well :)

This was a Hostess Gift that Jamie made for me - it includes some coupons for free paper when I roder 4 get one free - Free background stamp when spending $100 or more - 20% off my entire purchace during my birthday month ... etc - cute little things like that :) I really like this - and will definatly use them all :)

Ok I have more cards -

This first one was CASED by - shestampingmama
Made with "Just because" I don't know how she stamped the butterfly so perfectly onto her card - but mine was a mess - I ended up taking another stamped butterfly and cutting it out and masking it on top - so it looks like it's flying :)

This next one was cased from - Crud I can't find it..... Tracy Stamper I believe - but I'm not 100% sure - I'm so sorry!!!!!!!

After I made this one like hers - my husband said he really liked it - so I decided to change the stamps around and the colors around and make it a little different -

SO there you have it - My cards from August :)

I should be getting my NEW stamps from my workshop the end of this week - I got some good ones :) Loads of Love and accessories (FINALLY) - I got the PUNCH BOX with the blank cards :) Simply Said (FINALLY) - Then 2 packets of fun paper to play with :) I'm excited to play with those!

I'm also working on a little ..... chipboard type booklet - I've stamped all the stamps I own (SU!) onto 4X4 peices of paper and making a little book so I can bring it with me to show everyone what stamps/inks I have :) It's still in the works - so next time I'm uploading something I'll be sure to add that :)

Well we're off to finish school shopping today!
Have a Great day!
Thanks for looking!!!