Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gifts for Melissa

My mother in law left on Friday to go to Arizona for Melissa's birthday (my sister in law) So I whipped up a few things (ha ha) and brought them over for her to take with her.

THIS was made for her 3 kids on Wednesday -

ok The one with the E and M are for Ethan and Madiline - they're little book buddies made with post it's and a pen and a little bookmark inside - the picture I took of the inside I forgot to save it to my phone - my camera was next door getting charged - sooo sorry I didn't get the open view.
I used my cuttle bug embossing folders for the little frog and buterfly. Then used a few SU stamps (Very Punny frog and a little mini flower - can't remember right now sorry)

THEN for the A - Ashley - she's still a little baby so I picked up a way cute little bunny - you pull it's tail and it viberates/hops :) Cute stuff - I covered a box fromt he dollar store using the crayon kids" flower and used the girls in the 'pocket fun' set -

That's it for that :)

On Thursday morning I made Melissa's card box - She likes green :)

I'm not sure the dementions for this - again I just layed out the cards and scored around it :) BUT I thought it turned out pretty cute.

I made some matching cards to go in it - Then I added a few older birthday cards that I had made for swaps - So she got a full box of birthday cards :)

So that was my fun crafty stuff for last week -
I borrowed a couple of toys from my mother in law on Thursday when I dropped all this stuff off.
Her noteworthy set and punch box and riveting - I also borrowed one of her punchers that she had to make a way cute folder and a mini tag punch that goes inside the folder - way cute. As soon as Cory gets home from his morning running around I plan on going to Robert's for their General Conference sale that they have every 6 months :) Yeah! Not sure if we'll make it to the make it/take it tonight - my kids 5 kids are a lot to handle at these things and they all want to make their own - but it takes too much time and energy for me these days - maybe when the puppies are sold and Collin is older I can get caught up on some sleep and have more energy but tonight.... we'll see - maybe I'll see what Marla's up to tonight :)

Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Card Box

Ok it's my first so I'm really excited to post this :)
I TRIED following the directions from someone's template on SCS but I just can't follow directions without pictures to go with it - ugh! My measurements never work out - and I HATE Scoring paper!

I took a standard sized card and just started scoring around it and kind of made my own little template for the box - I couldn't tell you the measurments if my life depended on it - but it worked out - not too shabby for my first try :)

My mother in law gave me a packet of 12X12 patterend paper for Christmas? Or sometime around there? Maybe it was Thanksgiving? I can't remember - sorry Debbie :) BUT I loved the paper - Oh yeah it was before Christmas because I used some of it to make the Decorated folders for my kid's teachers for Christmas gifts :) SOOO yeah sorry -

Anyways - I LOVED this paper - it has about 4 or 5 different designs that match with probably 5 different colors - it has a matching sheet of alphabet sticers and punch out embelishments -

Well I was looking to make the One Sheet Wonder cards (like 10 different cards using one piece of 12X12 paper) BUT I decided to make a couple of cards using each of the matching papers to go with it.

I left the sentaments blank so whoever I give this to (as a gift) or keep for myself - I may make another one to give away? Depending on my mood :) BUT ok enough babbling - I left the sentament area blank so that when I (Or whoever) needs the card it's available for whatever reason - happy birthday - thank you - thinking of you - happy days - or whatever -

SOOOO now that I confused everyone about how I made it, where I got the paper and ideas from - ha ha here are the pictures :)

The box :)

And 2 more matching cards - I have one more set of matching cards but the picture didn't come out - sorry - will try that one again another time - too lazy :) BUT you get the idea :)

SO what do you think? I'm still new to the crafting stuff - but at least I'm trying new things out :)

Thanks for looking!

Samantha's Name Framed

My daughter Samantha is 8 years old.
We were kind of bored this Saturday afternoon - my baby is sick so he's sleeping SO much :(
This is the first time in a while that Samantha wanted to make something with me - usually she's off playing with her friends - but we had fun.

I found a cute sample from SCS by lynzianne - well kind of. we liked the colors she used :) And because she used the name Brooklyn and Samantha's name was pretty long we tilted the letters like she did - but My daughter Stamped the background and stenciled the letters and played with my glue dots while I put the ribbon around the frame. So I guess no we really didn't case this frame - just took her idea and went our own way with it :)

Ok enough babbling - here's the picture of the frame :)

Cute huh? It's the first time for me making something like this - we just used a dollar store stamp for the flowered background and the ribbon and cardstock was from Roberts craft store - We used prima flowers to match the letters and a little golden heart brad in the center that we also got at the dollar store :)

And that is Samantha's Name Framed :)

My other daughter Christina wants to make one - and my boys Casey and Cody want to make one too - we'll see how the rest of the weekend goes time wise :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

February/March Crafts :)

Well real life has gotten away from me - My new baby Collin (born Feb 1st) has a bit of a cold - he's really onry and needs his mom - I took him to the dr's last week and get this - he's up to 12 lbs 11 oz! OH MY GOSH! He was only 8 lbs 6 oz when he was born! Can't tell me this kid doesn't get enough to eat!

The puppies were born on Feb 14th - all 9 of them! YIKES! They're getting big now -if you stop by my house anytime during the day you'll fall over your feet just trying to get in the back doors. A lot of the neighborhood kids come over after school to play with them - they're really cute and very energetic!
They'll be ready for new homes on Easter weekend - WHOO HOO! We have 3 sold!

Now onto my crafty stuff - I have been working on a few swaps off and on - nothing huge but a little something :)

Worked on a few cards for my Let's Swap Card group -also sent in a few of these for Dawn's Monthly card swap -
I found my old "flowers Filled" stamp set - the first stamp set I got from SU!
Most of these have been cased from SC but changed a little (at least I tried :)

This card was made using flowers filled - just the stem then I used a prima flower and a thank you stamp for a thank you card swap :)

Another Flower's Filled card -

AND the last Flowers filled - used Prima flowers instead of the stamped flowers :) I like this one :) The color of the boots and flowers don't match all that perfect but I think it turned out ok :)

NEXT - Ok On Feb 6th there was a stamp class at Hires - Since Collin was born on Feb 1st I missed the class - but I told Jamie (my SU Consultant) that I wanted the cards in a jar kit anyways -
well a few weeks after I was back on my feet from having Collin I went over to Jamie's house and she gave me the cards in a jar kit - she photo copied each card so I could SEE how they're done instead of me trying to figure it out by reading how it's done :)
SOO here's how it turned out

Here is what some cards look like - all are 3X3 cards with envelopes Each card is different - I made 24 cards - Used the... what's it called again? Celebration sticker/paper packet? Something like that? Sorry I'm too lazy to go in the other room to get my book to look it up :) But I THINK that's what it's called -

Here is the lid/top of the jar -

And here is what the jar filled with the cute little 3X3 cards looks like :)

OK now we're all caught up with what I've made so far - I'm going to get out my new Silly Sea Life and Very Punny stamps this Saturday for my next batch of cards - For April's card swap we're doing Mother's Day/Spring/Flowers - Hum, maybe silly sea life and very punny wont work very well with those themes :( Ok fine then - I'll just mix and match sets and I'll show you what I come up with when I'm finished - hopefully I'll have time to post them before next month! :)

Thanks for reading
and have a GREAT day!