Thursday, January 17, 2008



Ok now that we got all the pictures caught up - here's what I've been working on -

First swap is from my Let's Swap Yahoo group - Kadie, Chris and Carol and I are good friends who swap a lot together :)
The swap was for a valentine's gift - not a big gift, just a little gum holder or candy holder - this is what I made

I used my cuzzle to cut out the purse - then I used my "tucan of friendship" stamp set (retired SU!) and stamped the "A treat for someone sweet" on the inside of the purse - THEN I wrapped it up in the 3 x 3 card to mail off :)

I showed it to Marla and she loves it! Since it's so easy to make we're going to get together and make a few of the kids in her daughter's Pre-school cloass and my Christina's Kindergarden class :)

Valentien's day KIT swap -
From paper craft magizine's board -
This card/kit had to have a card - book mark and a baggie topper included in it -

In the picture you can see the "roses" Samantha made for me using kabobo sticks and paper rolled up :) She spent a whole afternoon making all 10 of these :) They're prefect for Valentine's day :)

Here's a close up of the cards and stuff - I used SU! Simply Said stamp set for all of these - OH and I covered Jr mint for the candy in the baggie :)

OK NEXT Swap - I did was for a Valentine's day Pocket Card that I am hosting on Paper Craft Swaps board - It's full sorry :) BUT this is the card I made (going to take a picture - sorry:) -and she's back :)
Here we go now -

Get it = a POCKET CARD?!??! HA HA ok - sorry lame - I used the pocket from Pocket Fun (retired SU) the punched out some hearts -
Then if you can't see it - here is the stick of gum that is IN the pocket :) CUTE HUH :) well ok - not BAD at least :)

NEXT SWAP (yes there is more )
Is from Paper Craft Swaps - it's for the NEW 2008 catalog :) Well my order isn't here yet so here's what I came up with for what I have that's NOT reitred :)
CASED from page 122 in the new catalog with a few differences (colors and all taht fun stuff :)

WELL That's rude - it wont send from my phone for some reason - I'll upload it again for next post SORRY!!!

AND FINALLY - ONE MORE SWAP - It's a BUG CARD swap from Paper Craft :)

I used my retired SU Cute as a bug stamp for this one - CASED it from Splitcoast but it's a LITTLE different :)

I liked the pink and purple - but thought it might be too girlish - the swap is for boy/girl - so I made it again using the red and blue :)

OK NOW Stay tuned because I just bearly signed up for a large paper clip swap and a jumbo binder clip swap at splitcoasts :) SO I'll be working on those for a couple days :)

Motorcross Freestyle!

Here we go again :)

OK - The first weekend after New Years Cory got tickets for the WHOLE Family to go to the motorcross at the - old Delta Center (can't remember the new name :)

It was a BLAST! WE hadn't been since Casey was like 3 years old - back when Mad Mike Jones was all anyone ever talked about in our family :) Casey was HUGE Fan!
Casey THOUGHT he remembered what it was like - but when we got there - he was SO EXCITED! They ALL Were!

They changed MFX a LOT in the past few years - my first reaction was.... where's the dirt?? Strange question?? I don't know but it seemed like the most of it was for the advertizments on the ramps - and there were only 2 ramps!!!!! Then there was only like 8 guys jumping - they put on a good show though - Even COllin loved it!
He was on my lap clapping and yelling - he thought it was a bit loud though and kept covering his ears but didn't cry at all the whole night - even when he was getting tired - he still didn't fuss :)

The kids each wanted to bring some of their Christmas money - so Casey, Christina and Cody each bought themselves a flag - Samantha didn't want to spend $5 on a flag - so she put her money away forsomething else :)

Well that's about all I can say for this - here are a couple pictures then next post will be of my most recent swaps that I"m doing :)


Happy new Years! Samantha's birthday!

Samantha was born on New Years day - we went to the hospital trying for New Years Even (Tax reasons ) but that didn't work - she wasn't THE New Years baby - but 6:30 am was enough for me :)

We brought in the New Year with a Wii - a-thon - Cory played for most of the night - then the kids took turns playing - First Collin fell asleep about 10ish - then Cody passed out closely after - then Cory fell asleep - Christina fell asleep on the couch about 10:30ish - then Cory fell asleep next to Cody - Next Casey went over to cuddle up with dad and here's Samantha dancing away on the Dance Revolution til midnight - I woke up Cory about 5 mins before - then we let Samantha run outside to throw some poppers - The other kids stayed asleep :) BUT it was fun -

For Samantha's birthday - I took her to build a bear - she LOVED it!
Of all the cute little animals for her to pick out - she picked out the scroungiest looking puppy - but the one that needed the most love :)

We got her a little princess bed - and a shirt and colar and of course a little baby puppy to play with - because it was her birthday they made a special announcment at the checkout - she loved it :)
Then we went to Taco Bell after for a quicky lunch before picking up the other kids and heading to the dollar Tree to pick up some baby items for her new little princess :)

Grandma Lilly came over and brought her a cool CD player with a big Tin full of Gospal Music - which she LOVES!

THEN Grandma and Grandpa Stewart came over and So did Justin and Nic & Erin - Marla was coming home from Wyoming so she didn't make it but she left a gift with Justin to bring - she got some cool "little pets" - She got the whole vet play-house thingie with about 24 little pets to play with :)She LOVED IT!

AND that's about it for this post :)
Stay tuned for after lunch - we went to the MOTORCROSS FREESYLE GAMES!

It's Christmas time!

Ok so it's a little late but I"m trying to update thing thing before I get too far behind :)

Christmas was awesome! Loved visiting with the family and all that food :) So much fo weight watchers - I totally gained so much over the holidays!

BUT i'm back trying to work it off - but I still can't get the eating part down - see Collin is finished nursing so I lost 10 points! HELP!!!!!

Ok back to Christmas- here are some Christmas pictures of Christmas morning at our house-

Then - Grandma Lilly's house

And Chrsitmas at Grandma & Grandpa Stewarts's house

I have to find a way to get my pictures off my old camera for picture at Grandpa Earnshaw's house but I'm working on it :)

I hope everyone had a MERRY Chrsitmas!