Friday, December 19, 2008

Puppy Pictures!

Sorry I didn't realize people were still reading my blog :) HA Thanks so much for the comments about the puppy pictures - I'm sorry I haven't posted them before now -
It's been crazy trying to get into schedual with puppies , kids, dogs, not to mention we all had the flu this week - so glad that's over with -

OK on to pictures - I'll try to keep updated pictures but it's harder for me since I can't upload the pictures to my computer from the camera - I stole these pictures off my husband's KSL classifies ad for the puppies - yes they're for sale now :) WHOO HOO!

BUT he does have a website where he uploads new pictures every week -

I can't remember what I put in the first blog about the puppies - I think I just said he just left to get the puppy formula - well good news - after only 4 days of feeding the little guy (Tiny) a couple of times a day with the puppy formula - he is now growing big and strong - he's still a LOT smaller then the others - but when he's hungry he usually digs his way UNDER all the puppies to get a spot - I have them on a semi eating schedual (lots of work with these guys) I have to go down there every couple of hours to make sure they're all full bellies and happy - Rosie isn't too happy about the welping box - it's just a wood box with a couple blankets - not comfortable at all - we do have her favorite dog pillow down there which is where she sleeps most of the time - so that's why I have to go down to make sure she gets OFF the comfortable pillow and feeds the puppies all the time ;) She's doing good though -

Most of the pupies are starting to open their eyes now - Tiny has his all the way opened but it will be another week or so before he can actually see out of them - right now everything is big blur - but my kids are excited -they can go down pet the puppies when I'm down there - the older 2 can hold the puppies under extreme supervision :) But they're doing great- Samantha named her favorite "goofy" because he likes to eat upside down and sleep on his back -he wiggles around too - but he is probably the biggest male we have and to me he still looks like a little cow with these spots -

OK sorry here are the pictures -sorry they're not that great but it's all I have for right now on my computer I'll up date it next Monday when they're 2 weeks old :)

By the way these guys have more then doubled their size since they were born -

First picture is Rosie and Champion Desiel - he is an Champion showing and has started weight pulling classes - his parents ARE Grand Champions in weight pulling - you should see some of the pictures my husband got from the owner - these dog pulls - I think he said 1000 lbs - We have apicture of one of his dogs pulling weights on a trolly with the whole family sitting on it - WOW!

Samantha calls him Goofy :)

Here's a picture of all 11 puppies :) All growing big and strong :)

Thanks for looking!

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Jill St. Angelo said...

OMG! They are SO CUTE!!!!!! Sweet puppy breath! Thank you for sharing pictures of all the babies. Hugs