Monday, October 6, 2008

He's HERE!!

Ok well he's been here for almost 3 weeks but I'm finally up to sitting at the computer long enough to tell you about it :)

Cameron Krawler Was born September 17th at 1:51 pm -
had my dr appt on Tuesday -

I was still not dilating -
Because of my past pregnancies/births my dr was afraid to let me go over my due date (Thursday) I was measuring at 43 weeks and feeling really crummy - I was having major back pains - I could barely make it through the day with my other kids -

SO my dr decided to go ahead and schedule down for me to go in Tuesday night -

SO Cory and I got to the hospital - weird enough - there was another Jen Stewart checked in already to be induced - with her 5th baby and she was having a boy too! We KNOW we're going to get HER bill in the mail!

SOOO ok we get in there and get all checked in - and take my first pill - The contractions were coming on strong - but not too bad -

I got a little sleep but it wasn't easy -

Cameron was born at 1:51 pm - about 2 1/2 hours after my water was broke - and it was a fairly easy delivery! So all went well -

NOW comes the hard part -

Collin, my 19 month old was very mad at me while he visited in the hospital - I was so looking forward to having him sit on my lap and hold the baby like all my other kids did for the first time when they were younger - but he didn't even want to sit on the bed with me - Every time we tried to get him to see the baby he ran to Cory and wouldn't look - it was so sad!

BUT now that we're home - Collin wont stay out of the bassinett! He has to sit with me when I'm holding Cameron and he loves me again :) Whew :)

Canerib is doing great - I had to take him into the pediatrician Friday morning -and he lost about 8 oz :( he was sleeping so much it was hard waking him up to feed him :(

BUT slowly he started waking up more and more and Eating a lot more - We had our 2 week check up last Wednesday and he is up to 8 lbs 15 oz (over a lb from his birth weight) and grew a full inch - he head is a little smaller then average but being Cory's little boy - his soon to be big ego will fatten up his head in no time :)

The day after his 2 week appt I went on baby fit to ask about my I'm hurting so bad when I BF him - I was told to check in his mouth and diaper area for a rash/spots - well sure nuff - Cameron has Thrush! and he passed it on to me -
SO I called the Ped office and they called in a prescription for him and me - and now about 4 days later - we're still pretty sore - but they said that it will take probably the full 10-14 days to feel better - HELP!!!!

SO I'm still BFing for as long as I can - and then giving him a bottle when he's still hungry - we've cut down to 3 bottles a day today so hopefully we'll be feeling better soon and only have the bottle ONCE a night instead of most of the day :)

What else..... He now has some strange eye goobers coming out of his right eye - I'm praying it's not pink eye - Collin had pink eye for 2 days after Cameron was home - Cory doesn't think it's pink eye because it's not swollen or pink - so I guess maybe his tear ducts are now coming in and maybe he has a little cold?

That's about it!
I've made a few little crafty thingies for halloween I"ll post in another post -
Sorry this is so long :)

I'm just excited my little guy is here - Sure he doesn't sleep at night - and having him AND Collin in my bedroom - wakes them both up at the same time so I'm not getting any sleep - BUT we're all doing good - I feel SO MUCH BETTER then I did when I was pregnant - I can WALK again!!!!

OH and Cory got WII Fit :) I told him I wanted it after the baby is born - he got it :) I'm feeling up to starting it this week - jsut hoping for a good nights sleep - or at least an hour nap during the day so I have the energy to play :) My kids LOVE it - the games are a lot of fun and it's REALLY challanging too :) No they don't need to lose weight but they are getting toned pretty good :)



goooooood girl said...

i like......

kadie labadie said...

Jen: CONGRATS! And THANK YOU for sharing the adorable picture. I was hoping that you would post something or send me an announcement. He is beautiful! I'm also very happy that your little man has opened up to his little brother.....Can't believe he's a big brother now. WOW. Keep us posted on how the thrush is doing (for both of you-OUCH!) and take whatever naps you can grab....sleep is a very good thing for a new mother.

Hugs to your family and will be watching for more pictures. Your Friend - Kadie