Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day of school!

The Ammunition -

The Plan -

The Target -

GET EM'!!!!!!!!

That was our fun today :) They're still out there playing in the sprinklers - and it's not even 10:30 am!

We worked on their Teacher's gifts all day yesterday - made the same coaster pots as Christina did with her pre-school teacher - I'll be happy to say I'm DONE making those for a while now :) They're not that easy to make!

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre school Teacher - Thanks

Well I got so many ideas for a thank you for my kids' teachers - I'm sure I"ll be using them all :)

I have this weekend/next week to work on my older kids' gifts - but my youngest daughter is graduating today from Pre-school - I'll be back later with more pictures :)

I want to thank Ashley for her idea though - once I read her email I KNEW this was what I wanted to make -

Then I let her decorate the back 3 coasters

I'm not a big fan of these coaster pots (read down to mother's day )
It took some time to make this one but I love it! I showed it to my sister in law and she's telling her sisters about it for their kid's end of the year gift -
luckly they're out of our district - because now my older 2 want to make one for THEIR teachehrs!

I'm still thinking gift certificate for my son's teacher whom I really want to thank in a big way - so maybe I'll put my son's picture in front with the gift card on back of the picture or something? hum - just thinking

Anyways - so that's what I did yesterday -

Working on a birthday gift pack for my step-dad - will post pictures on Saturday after I give it to him :)

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day gifts

Ok here's what I made -
First gift I made for my sister in laws -

I got my coasters awhile ago and I finally had the PERFECT project to make with them - I saw these mini roses at Walmart for $2.98 and thought they'd be perfect in the coaster box for my sister in laws for mother's day!

I saw SO MANY really cute boxes on SCS and thought - "HOW EASY"

HA HA! an hour and 45 mins later - I FINALLY finished ONE!
Only 3 more to go! YIKES!

Next gift is for my mother in law - she and I are planning on starting weight watchers together - just to help shed a few pounds - but it's always more fun to do with a friend -
SOOO for Mother's day I got her a subscription to weight watchers magizine -
I saw a few of those really CUTE bikini cards and had to have my try at it

I'm trying to find a really cute saying to put on the inside without insulting her or being rude - she has a pretty good sence of humor but... you know - it IS mother's day :)

Then I made alittle box to put the magizine in and made the tag with my kid's pictures

For MY mom - it's al ittle harder to shop for her - she has EVERYTHING - but she LOVES yard work/flowers - so I got her a pretty plant for her to plant in her yard - I think she'll really like that - then I also made another tag set with my kid's pictures - so hopefully she'll like that too :)

SO that's all I'm doing for mother's day - I have to make 3 more of the coaster boxes for the mini roses - yikes! I'll finish those tomorrow AFTER my trip to Archivers for the make it take it - hopefully Cory will babysit

MORE babies???

Ok so if you read down in my blog you'll see that I just finished selling 9 puppies over Easter weekend -

Well now it's the cat's turn!

Some history about our cats -
a few years ago we adopted a male wild cat - put a cardboard box on the porch and fed him - that summer we found 4 kittens hiding under our jet ski - yikes! Since they were wild cats, we couldn't catch them to give them away - but we couldn't let them starve! So kept feeding them - slowly they started dissapearing - not sure where they went, but we kept feeding them - last Summer - 2 females got pregnant - HoneyBun - is my daughter's favorite cat - she is the biggest softy - all my kids pick her up and play with her - So we were able to bring her in our garage and she had the kittens in there - Lucky - the all black female was the other one that got pregnant, but she HATES people -
After a while of her being gone - I went down to do a load of laundry and saw movement in the tumble weeds in the window well - YIKES! She had 6 kittens in there!
So we brought the kittens in the garage and left the garage door open and she ran in when she thought no one was looking - HA HA

So when the kittens were old enough - we took them to Smiths with a big KITTEN'S sign and gave them all away!

now we're down to 2 female cats - not sure what happened to the other cats over the winter but we have 2 now - these 2 cats are GREAT at going out into the field and catching mice - so they're staying here for as long as they want to -

We notice Lucky was pregnant - but she still doesn't like people touching her - but she'll tolerate it if she's eating - so my husband snuck up and grabbed her and brought her in the garage - a few days later she had her kittens - that was about April 23rd-ish she had 4 kittens - but since she hates to be around people other then when she's hungry - we gave her her space so she could relax -
honeybun - I wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not - but my husband thought she was going into heat - so we put her in the garage anyways to keep Lucky company - and keep her from getting pregnant - well guess what, she was preganent -
We were giving Lucky her space and not going out there except to give her food and water and change the litter box - a few days ago she had moved the kittens - my husband and I were the only ones who knew where they were - but she moved them - so searching around trying to find them without making her nervous - I finally saw them in a box/bin - But didn't even tell my husband where they were in hopes that she'll keep them there.
Well today I was running late and asked my little girl (age 5) to go make sure the cats had water out in the garage - a few mins passed by and she didn't come back in the house - I'm like GREAT she found the kittens she'll be moving them for sure !

So I went out into the garage and the OTHER female cat (honeybun) was inside the box hoovering over the kittens while my daughter was trying to look - I called her back in and walked out to see why she was hoovering over the box - the kittens were older so they shouldn't be so protective of them, Well it looks like the other female WAS pregnant - she had 4 kittens - I'd say about 3 or 4 days ago! THAT'S why Lucky had moved the kittens -
So now instead of 4 kittens to give away, we'll have 8 - plus my neighbor's so far 6 kittens and she still has a pregnant cat who's just about ready to pop -

Here is a picture of the kittens - you can see the older one and the smaller one - the mom is not in the picture - those are all kittens - 2 weeks and 3 days old :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mother's day TAGS?

OK I'm not sure I love this or not - It took forever to make so I'm not sure if I'll be making one for my mom, mother in law, and step mom, but I might :)

Let me know what you think -

Kadie's CARDS

Ok you saw all the cards I made for Kadie - now let's check out HER cards :)
She put mine to shame! I LOVE her style of cards! She is SO Awesome! I always get a lot of great ideas from her cards - and she uses mainly SU! stamps :)

Ok First few cards she made

I know I'm saving up to become a Demo out here - but I couldn't resist -I contacted my demo yesterday and ordered the slit punch so I could make a card like this - I LOVE IT! When you open it up it says Thank you :)

More cards she made - I think I jipped her a wedding/anniversary card - SORRY Kadie

And more and more and MORE Cards from Kadie :)

Didn't I tell you she does AWESOME Cards??
Now ok look at this card here I NEED to know HOW she did this one
Here is 2 pictures of the card - closed and opened inside -

Isn't that COOL! I HAVE to get her secret on that one I love the look! And I know a few people who would LOVE to recive cards like that :)

Ok and a few more cards she made :)

And a few more cards :) I did a mother's day gift swap with a few people from my Let's Swap group - and Kadie had me - she sent me a cute little package with 4 really cute cards - they look a lot like these ones - but different papers :)

THIS Card is cool! It took me a few mins of looking it over to figure out HOW to open it! The TAG closes the card shut! You have to untie the ribbon to get the card to open - REALLY Cute and Im definatly going to be CASING this one :0 Oh i also bought the TAG punch from SU! yesterday too :)

AND That's about it for her cards - Didn't I tell you she does great work!
I wish she had a blog or something so you could see more of her work - I've known her for a long time now and just can't get enough of her :) She's a great/talented friend :)

Thanks for looking :)