Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Gifts!!!

WOW! I got home today from Walmart - and on my doorstep was a big package - I thought it was going to be my Christmas gift (Much Love Bundle - Can't talk about it til Dec 23rd - but it's going to be a GREAT Gift :)

BUT it wasn't my Christmas gift - instead it was a WAY CUTE Baby Box!
Michelle from UDI made some really cute things! I got a couple adorable baby bibs - and a really nice picture frame - There was a cute thing of body gel that she decorated too :)

Digging in deeper I noticed a little thing "For Dad" he LOVES Chocolate :) So it was perfect for him :)
Then she made 5 "Big Brother" "Big Sister" goodie bags for each of my other kids - they really enjoyed the craftmanship and details she made on the oh so cute bag topper - OK OK OK - if you know my kids - they really enjoyed the candy :) I really love the toppers - so I carefully opened them up for each kid and I'm saving these things :) SO CUTE!

Here is a picture of the "Big Brother" one - My model for today is Cody - he's showing off his stitches he got last Saturday - which I don't think he really needs anymore- but wont get them out til Monday -

Then there was a really cute bagger of "Baby BOY" Card Candy - they look like they're made out of SU! Punches - if they're not - I'm going to make some that are :) WAY Cute ideas!

Thanks so much Michelle! This is even cuter then I had thought it would be :)

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