Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Party

Saturday we had our Church Halloween party -
The kids had fun - it wasn't as "all out" as it had been in the past with all the games and fun activities - but we had a nice meal - the kids paraded around the room for a costume contest and they had a pumpkin decorating contest (my kids didn't win in either but had fun painting their pumpkins and getting it all ready :)

Samantha was a baby -
Christina was a half Devil and half Angel
Cody was a grim reper
Collin was a dinosaur,
Casey was a dark ghost and
Cameron was a duck :)

Quack Quack - or should I say "peep"

Here is a little milestone we hit last week - Cory FINALLY got to see Cameron's smile over the weekend :) And then all of a sudden he started putting a little laugh in with his smiles :) SO CUTE!
I was finally able to get him to smile long enough to get a picture of it -
This is the end of his smile - but don't worry - you'll be able to see it in person soon enough :) He has been giving me these big heart melting smiles all day today :) Gotta love those big toothless grins :)

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Anonymous said...

what an adorable smile.. He sure is a cutie..All the kids look like they are ready for Trick O Treating. We hope to see you all soon.~Sheri