Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Freebie

Ok I'm REALLY bored :)
Just wanted to say thanks for the comments from the people at Blush and Dusty's about m first page - gave me a few helpful hints - so hopefully this one is better -
I saved it as a PNG - AND knocked out the insides of the frames for you to put your picture in easier :)
Hope you like it :)

Download the PNG file HERE :)

Lay out by Templates~N~More! -and of course CREDDIES :) Because I LOVE Creddy :)

Winter Freebie

I'm tired of being sick!
Here's a freebie - my first ever :) So I hope I do this right -
If not sorry -
It's not the greatest - my computer is REALLY SLOW right now -
When I get a few things cleared off it should run faster and I'll be able to do more without being fusterated :)

Download here for png format-

I wont ever charge for anything I upload for you to use :) So bookmark this page and come back often :)

Lay out by Templates~N~More! -and of course CREDDIES :) Because I LOVE Creddy :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here's a layout I did for my kid's -
Last week we went with my mother in law to look for pine cones at the golf course -
She has some wreaths she plans on painting and we're going to glue the pinecones on the wreaths - and then??? Not sure - but we always have fun doing crafty things and they usually turn out cute so I'm sure they will :)

Going over next Thursday to work on CHristmas cards - we ordered them from Good Morning UTAH - BIG Kits for $16 makes 75 cards! I'm SO EXCITED! BUT bring your own sewing machine - ugh! Need to work on those secret Christmast gifts (Can't say in case Cassandra or Candace read this :)

THanks for looking :)

For Debbie

My Mother in law wanted me to make her a couple cards to go with her adorable towls she embrodered for her family gifts - She surprised us and made us one with matchting apons - I LOVE IT! I'm going to wear it for Christmas :)

Anyways - the towels and aprons say "Christmas Kisses" on it with snowflakes - it's red with white writing (pictures later I"m too tired tonight :)

SO Here is what the card I made looks like -
Snowflake spots - embossed used a heart brad in the middle - the card is 3x3

Today - Sunday is her birthday - I asked all my sister-in-laws to email me pictures of their kids so I could make her a little tin with pictures for her purse -
She came with me to Stamp Camp awhile ago and ran into an old friend from her old neighborhood - she couldn't believer "Little Cory" had a wife and kids! (I had Samantha and Collin with me) BUT good to grandma didn't have a single picture of her other grandkids - SO I had been working on this for about a month now - She loved it!

Will upload pitures of the tin tomorow - again tired :) Sorry

The first page has a picture of her and says "Top 12 reasons why I love being Grandma " then it has all the pictures inside of the accordian fold which looks like the others from before with my step mom's accordian book - just more pictures added on this one

So that was fun! Used Dashing paper - she loves green :) I made a little bag to go in it

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a Birthday Party!

Christina had a birthday party!
She's now 6 years old -
FOr her party she wanted everyone to come dressed up as a princess - well of COURSE! What 6 year old wouldn't want to dress up in a princss gown!
She had to wear her halloween costume ! BUT she was loving it :)
She invited her 2 best friends - which are moving in a couple weeks :(
SO I made them a little something to remember this special day by

Her birthday party was Wednesday from 4-6:00 - then my inlaws wanted to come over to celebrate from 6:30 - 8:30 - so it was a long day :) BUT we had a lot of fun! And she had a GREAT Time :)

Of course I had to make a digi page for the scrapbook - not sure when I"m going to print these up and put them in a book but I will :)
The lay out is a sketch challange from sketches by Tamera :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday Drive

Sunday was a little hard - COry and Collin were sick with bad colds , so we decied to skip church so we don't get anyone else sick. We decided to take a family drive - I love driving through the canyons and enjoying the day with the family -
THIS TIME I chose a different direction - we drove WEST off of Redwood Road instead of towards the Freeway to the canyons -

Cory (my hubby) is a big time OFF ROAD guy - jeepin' dirt bike ' 4 wheeler - snow mobile - you name it

WELL HE KNEW what was WEST - a big playground for off-roading We drove for probably 20 mins, then He took us on this "road" trail - leading to more trails and more trails - We have 5 kids in the car - and Excrusion for that - I have a screw driven in one of my tires already and he just fixed the muffler from LAST time we went off road and he hit a rock - I like my car quiet!

LUCKLY my car made it ok without any more then just really dusty - I personally don't like off-roading - he takes my older kids to Moab all the time and I stay home to shop and play :) SO I was freaking out most of the drive. I don't like the "cliffs" on my side of the car :) My kids always laugh at me when I freak out -
SO those are the memories :)
BUT Mostly when we reach or destination and get out to hike and walk around - yes more hills more rocks more freaking out :) BUT I always get some good family pictures :)

I am loving this Digi scrapbooking - it's SO EASY!
I have a TON of "challange" Sketches that I've found online - all I do is take the challange and "draw" the frames and lay out how they have it and add my pictures and patterns/colors - I LOVE IT! It took me maybe 15 mins to make this one - I played around a lot with the background and stars started ticking me off after awhile too :)

I've gotten a LOT of compliments on the title *Blush* it was really easy to make too!

Christina had her THanksgiving program yesterday (Monday) I"ll see if I can upload the pictures for that and work on a little something later today - Today is my LAST shopping day without kids - NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK!
SOOO LOTS to do today :)

Have a GREAT DAY! And THanks for lookin!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Digi Pages

OK SO I'm not really a full blooded stamper - I don't have time to pull out my stuff and sit down and try to make pages out of pictuers I take (I suck at taking pictures too) SO I found the easiset way for me ... da da da daaaaaa - DIGI SCRAPBOOKING!!!! I LOVE IT!
I've downloaded a LOT of freebies and even though I still can't find my digi camera I still have my cell phone :) SOOO Here's my latest :)

OK for my first digi scrapbook page and introduction picture :)
It's the only recent picture I have of myself with my kids -
It also has my sister in law and her daughter - She's the one with the dark hair and her little girl is in the middle with the brown coat - The rest are mine :) Then me on the end with my 9 month old baby - 40 lbs lighter then last year :)

We took this picture like 6 different times - my older kids were making rude noises trying to get everyone to laugh - it worked but the younger kids kept looking back there :)
The lay out is simple but it took forever for me to make :)
The stuff is from Raspberry ROad - I'm not sure how to give "proper" credit - so if it's wrong - please let me know

This next picture was taken this morning :)

Collin WANTS to crawl, he's ready, he's old enough, and he's able, but still hasn't mastered it yet. We're working on it :)
He really loves his cars too :)

Cory surprised me with a new area rug last night! I love it! the colors are perfect and it's So Soft! so this is him testing it out :) Now I REALLY Can't wait to get my house painted :) It will really stand out (Crossing fingers for spring :)

I used .....ALL ME template (because I have no orginality of my own :)
I used Rasbperry Roads - Tatum Days paper and elements : )

SO there you have it my first digi scrapbook pages (made from kits - not a pre-made page :) I have a few of those I've used but this makes it more fun - challanging :)
Can't wait to see what cute things my kids do tomorrow while we're at Grandma's house :)

Thanks for Looking!