Monday, September 28, 2009

Upsy Daisy Scrapbook page

We had a blast last Friday at Debbie's "workshop"

This year for my swaps at Convention This is the card I made - I used the new IN colors - and made 20 of each color. I think they turned out really cute :)

We did the matching scrapbook page and card for the workshop at my mother in law's house last Friday:)

I was trying to think outside of my comfort zone with my scrapbook pages. My mother in law wanted to hold a scrapbook "workshop". She isn't into the "kid" stuff that I normally do - so I was looking for some ideas and found a few of the extra cards I made for convention. and converted it into a scrapbook page :) I have lots of certainly celery and so saffron paper - so that's why I chose these colors for the 12x12 scrapbook

We had a lot of fun! We had all the kids with us - which made it al ittle more challanging for us - so they didn't get to make the matching cards - but they had a great time with the scrapbook page - We're hoping to get together a little more often for play nights (without the kids though :)

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrapbook pages

Here is the new scrapbook page for next week Enrichment mini class .
I am excited about this one because it is made all with punches! I love Punch art!

Look at those Mushrooms! They're made with the circle punches -
The grass is made with the boarder punch - Love this look!
And the flowers - I used the 5 petal punch for the leaves and the scallop punch for the daisy's - I love the demention on the flowers because the petals really pop up to make it look like a real flower :)

The centipede is just little circle punches -
The only thing NOT a punch is the butterfly - that was left over from my velum butterflies from my convention card swaps using the Big SHot machine - I really need more velum - those things are GEORGOUS! I love how they add so much more elegance to the project :)

Anyways - this page really fits in with my kids - living out here we have a LOT of bugs - and my kids really love it too - If we have a jar left out on the counter - or dishwasher - my 5 year old takes it every time and just has to catch something in it :)
We had a swarm of prey mantisis out here this year - I can't even count how many they've caught. A couple of weeks go - my husband came in the house after church and had one on his back - just hangin' out with him. Last week we had one sitting on my vacuum cleaner - just waiting for someone to help him find his way out of the house - They're so cute actually - we kept putting them in my veggie garden - this year has been pretty good becasue there aren't any big spiders in my garden anymore! I can actually stick my hand through the tomato gate and get what I want without weaving in and out of the webs :)

We were hanging out sometime in July when one of the kids out here spotted a centiped in the street! This was a pretty BIG centiped! My neighbor put it in a bug catcher with a few leaves and put it up in her garage - a few weeks later we had a butterfly!!!! The kids were SO excited! We didn't see it come out of the cucoon - but it was pretty cool to watch :)

Anyways - so needless to say it's been a great year for my kids with these new found friends - we have jars still hanging around with some not so fortunate rolly pollies and crickets and grasshoppers -

SO this page is going to fit in really good with our scrapbook pages for this summer - I may need to make a couple more like it to go with all the pictures of bugs we took this year :)

Thanks for looking!!