Friday, December 14, 2007

Meeting Santa

We went to the Christmas party in my mom's neighborhood last night - there was a really SMALL amount of people that showed up - concidering she lives in the largest neighborhood out here :)

BUT it was fun! The Christmas party by my house was during the weekend when we were all sick so we missed it :( My kids weren't happy but they were really excited last night to see Santa :)

When Santa first walked in Christina was holding Collin and he started SCREAMING!
But once Casey took him (I couldn't get into the crowd) he calmed down :whew :)

They started off with a little kid who got to wear a funny santa hat - kept moving around :) Then they brought up 2 younger kids and gave them a flashing nose and antlers and we all sung Rouldoph -
Then he brought up 4 kids - Cody and Casey and 2 others - Santa took off his sleigh bells and the kids held onto them shaking them as loudly as they could singing Jingle bells - Cody all of a sudden got really shy but he loved the bells :)

Then he started seeing the little kids to sit on Santa's Lap - he told the big kids to wait because he had a Big surprise for them - My kids scooted back nicely to let all the younger kids have a turn
Cody's turn, he turned Shy again - didn't want to look at anyone - didn't want to say anything - Then santa gave him a candycane - he got a big smile and looked up at Santa and said "Thank you" :)

Christina went up and just jumped on his lap - she's not afraid of anything :) We brought Collin over with Chrsitina so he wouldn't be scared :) He wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't cry :) Whew :) He loved the candycane though - just started chomping down on it the second Santa handed it to him :)

They had a blast :) After all the little kids had a turn, Santa started on the big kids - first he called up Samantha - but then told her to go sit back down - She was going to be last :) So he called Casey up - he jumped up and they acted like they had been buddies for years! Just chatting away laughing and pal-ing around :) It was cute to watch :)
A few other big kids went up then it was Samantha's turn - for her "BIG Surprise" She got about 8 candy canes :) And then some :) So it was fun!
Then they did a group shot of all the kids - then a little shot of just my kids -
Oh here :)

Since it usually takes about a half hour for all my kids to get their coats on (Yes we all had our coats this time :) We were the last to leave - Santa had an extra flashing nose and antlers in his bag and gave them to Casey and Samantha - Called Samantha his little Comit :)
Christina is feeling a little jealous though - but hopefully that'll pass soon :)

THEN we went home - feeling festive we drove around the golfcourse houses looking at the lights on the way home - ha ha I got lost and couldn't find my way OUT of the golf course! I was tempted to get on the green and just head for the main road but ended up turning around and going back the way we came :) it was DARK!

BUT it was fun! we had a blast - When we got home the kids were SO Excited to show dad everything :)
Hurried and had some soup and went to bed :)

Tonight .... they're going to meet another Santa's helper at their OTHER Grandma's Christmas party :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post it's holder - Teachers Christmas gifts

I've never made these Post it's holders before but they looked so cute so I wanted to give it a try :)

they had Post it's on their "wish list"

Made this for Casey's and Christina's teachers (favorite color is Purple)
I need some matching ribbon for the binder clip it looks a little plain but you get the idea :)

And this one for Samanthas MALE"Teacher his favorite color is Orange

Fun huh! I have never made these before and I can't believe they're SO EASY! So I had fun making them :) The kids LOVE how they turned out and can't WAIT to give them to their teachers - OH and I added 2 extra post it's stacks with a little cigar band and put it on the back for the teachers - I'll get a little mini gift bag for them to put it in later this week :)

BUT now I don't have to worry about Teachers at the last min again this year :) Last year I was up til like 3 am the day before school was out for winter break! YIKES! I'll never do that again!

I copied the one I got in Deb's Hostess/thank you swap :) Not sure who made it - I didn't see a recipe card for it - but I LOVE IT! and plan on making more for Christmas gifts :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Ok corny title :)

Hubby gave me his battery to his phone so I was able to take some pictures of the kids sledding in the back yard - yeah!!!!

Here's a layout I made using the pictures :)

Christmas Cards

Ok We cheated this year :)
My Mother in law was watching Good THings Utah about 2 weeks ago and they ran a special - 75 card kit for $16 - she went online and got 5 kits (one for each of us )

We got the kits the day before Thanksgiving - whoo hoo!!!

SO we were PLANNING on going over last week to work on them but with my kids getting sick - never happened - SO I got my kit and WHOA! These things are AWESOME!
I was so excited! It took me like 2 hours to get 6 each of 3 different cards done - then yesterday another hour and I finished them - well ok I didn't finish them there are still 4 more cards that are photo holders - but I need to get a photo for those first :)

SO here's the cards - I'm STILL going to be making a SU! Photo card for like my mom and dad and in laws - but for the friends and distant family - here they are :)

I have to take pictures of the rest - Cory charged his phone in his car and switched batteries with my phone! WHOO HOO!

Sick Kids mean more Crafts!

Collin has been sick since Wednesday night - still sick actually and it's SUNDAY!!
We took him to the dr's he has a sinus infection and a ear infection - so much drainage down to his stomach - he can't keep anything down :( SOOOO got him on some meds to help - he's bearly 10 months old - he needs all the help he can get :(

Friday Chrsitina had it - then Friday night Cody had it - ugh! Saturday we woke up to a nice blanket of snow and volia! Everyone's better??? HA HA - no but they got to play - I don't have a camera :( SO didn't get any pictures but they had fun -

Guess the fresh air was good for them because last night they were all feeling so much better - happy and no fever - I think CHrsitina and Cody are just about over their sinus infections - whoo hoo!!

I thought Collin was better - but he had a rough night last night - So back to throwing up a little today :( Poor kid - he BETTER be bettter by tomorrow! I NEED to get out of the house! BUT I will stay home with him if I have to - poor little guy

BUT because everyone's been so sick - I've had some play time during NAP TIME!!!

Ok I joined a "Stocking Stuffer swap" from Paper Crafts - here's what I made - just a couple mini frames from the dollar store - came with 6 in a pack :) SO good deal

The swap is due on Friday so hopefully I can get them mailed off on Monday -
I'll upload Kadie's Christmas swaps next week after she gets them :) DOn't want to ruin the surprise :)

OH I didn't upload the picture tin for my Mother in law!
Here it is -

First picture is wrapped up :) I used a little white lunch sack and just covered it :) I think Kadie gave me the idea sometime ago :)

Next is the Hobby Lobby gift card tin that I decorated to match (her favorite color is green :)

And open it up and meet all the people :)

She loved it! * WHEW *

THanks for looking :0

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Freebie

It snowed all day here - my digi camera is still missing my kids broke the charger to my phone so I couldn't even take a single picture of them playing in the snow today :( SO SAD!

I'm bored tonight waiting for hubby to get home and the kids wont stop fighting so I'm ignoring them all :)

Here is a Christmas Freebie I made - nothing big - just playing :)

Click "HERE" to download the PNG format of this Quick Page :)

Edited to add another freebie that matches :)

Click HERE to download the png format of the matching page

Thanks for looking :)
Happy Holidays :)