Thursday, November 15, 2007

Digi Pages

OK SO I'm not really a full blooded stamper - I don't have time to pull out my stuff and sit down and try to make pages out of pictuers I take (I suck at taking pictures too) SO I found the easiset way for me ... da da da daaaaaa - DIGI SCRAPBOOKING!!!! I LOVE IT!
I've downloaded a LOT of freebies and even though I still can't find my digi camera I still have my cell phone :) SOOO Here's my latest :)

OK for my first digi scrapbook page and introduction picture :)
It's the only recent picture I have of myself with my kids -
It also has my sister in law and her daughter - She's the one with the dark hair and her little girl is in the middle with the brown coat - The rest are mine :) Then me on the end with my 9 month old baby - 40 lbs lighter then last year :)

We took this picture like 6 different times - my older kids were making rude noises trying to get everyone to laugh - it worked but the younger kids kept looking back there :)
The lay out is simple but it took forever for me to make :)
The stuff is from Raspberry ROad - I'm not sure how to give "proper" credit - so if it's wrong - please let me know

This next picture was taken this morning :)

Collin WANTS to crawl, he's ready, he's old enough, and he's able, but still hasn't mastered it yet. We're working on it :)
He really loves his cars too :)

Cory surprised me with a new area rug last night! I love it! the colors are perfect and it's So Soft! so this is him testing it out :) Now I REALLY Can't wait to get my house painted :) It will really stand out (Crossing fingers for spring :)

I used .....ALL ME template (because I have no orginality of my own :)
I used Rasbperry Roads - Tatum Days paper and elements : )

SO there you have it my first digi scrapbook pages (made from kits - not a pre-made page :) I have a few of those I've used but this makes it more fun - challanging :)
Can't wait to see what cute things my kids do tomorrow while we're at Grandma's house :)

Thanks for Looking!

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