Friday, December 14, 2007

Meeting Santa

We went to the Christmas party in my mom's neighborhood last night - there was a really SMALL amount of people that showed up - concidering she lives in the largest neighborhood out here :)

BUT it was fun! The Christmas party by my house was during the weekend when we were all sick so we missed it :( My kids weren't happy but they were really excited last night to see Santa :)

When Santa first walked in Christina was holding Collin and he started SCREAMING!
But once Casey took him (I couldn't get into the crowd) he calmed down :whew :)

They started off with a little kid who got to wear a funny santa hat - kept moving around :) Then they brought up 2 younger kids and gave them a flashing nose and antlers and we all sung Rouldoph -
Then he brought up 4 kids - Cody and Casey and 2 others - Santa took off his sleigh bells and the kids held onto them shaking them as loudly as they could singing Jingle bells - Cody all of a sudden got really shy but he loved the bells :)

Then he started seeing the little kids to sit on Santa's Lap - he told the big kids to wait because he had a Big surprise for them - My kids scooted back nicely to let all the younger kids have a turn
Cody's turn, he turned Shy again - didn't want to look at anyone - didn't want to say anything - Then santa gave him a candycane - he got a big smile and looked up at Santa and said "Thank you" :)

Christina went up and just jumped on his lap - she's not afraid of anything :) We brought Collin over with Chrsitina so he wouldn't be scared :) He wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't cry :) Whew :) He loved the candycane though - just started chomping down on it the second Santa handed it to him :)

They had a blast :) After all the little kids had a turn, Santa started on the big kids - first he called up Samantha - but then told her to go sit back down - She was going to be last :) So he called Casey up - he jumped up and they acted like they had been buddies for years! Just chatting away laughing and pal-ing around :) It was cute to watch :)
A few other big kids went up then it was Samantha's turn - for her "BIG Surprise" She got about 8 candy canes :) And then some :) So it was fun!
Then they did a group shot of all the kids - then a little shot of just my kids -
Oh here :)

Since it usually takes about a half hour for all my kids to get their coats on (Yes we all had our coats this time :) We were the last to leave - Santa had an extra flashing nose and antlers in his bag and gave them to Casey and Samantha - Called Samantha his little Comit :)
Christina is feeling a little jealous though - but hopefully that'll pass soon :)

THEN we went home - feeling festive we drove around the golfcourse houses looking at the lights on the way home - ha ha I got lost and couldn't find my way OUT of the golf course! I was tempted to get on the green and just head for the main road but ended up turning around and going back the way we came :) it was DARK!

BUT it was fun! we had a blast - When we got home the kids were SO Excited to show dad everything :)
Hurried and had some soup and went to bed :)

Tonight .... they're going to meet another Santa's helper at their OTHER Grandma's Christmas party :)

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