Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a Birthday Party!

Christina had a birthday party!
She's now 6 years old -
FOr her party she wanted everyone to come dressed up as a princess - well of COURSE! What 6 year old wouldn't want to dress up in a princss gown!
She had to wear her halloween costume ! BUT she was loving it :)
She invited her 2 best friends - which are moving in a couple weeks :(
SO I made them a little something to remember this special day by

Her birthday party was Wednesday from 4-6:00 - then my inlaws wanted to come over to celebrate from 6:30 - 8:30 - so it was a long day :) BUT we had a lot of fun! And she had a GREAT Time :)

Of course I had to make a digi page for the scrapbook - not sure when I"m going to print these up and put them in a book but I will :)
The lay out is a sketch challange from sketches by Tamera :)

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blushbutter said...

I love these pages Jen, your blog is wonderful. I wish I had of had a princess party like theat when I was little!! Beautiful idea to make these wonderful dreamy magical pages!