Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Cards

Ok We cheated this year :)
My Mother in law was watching Good THings Utah about 2 weeks ago and they ran a special - 75 card kit for $16 - she went online and got 5 kits (one for each of us )

We got the kits the day before Thanksgiving - whoo hoo!!!

SO we were PLANNING on going over last week to work on them but with my kids getting sick - never happened - SO I got my kit and WHOA! These things are AWESOME!
I was so excited! It took me like 2 hours to get 6 each of 3 different cards done - then yesterday another hour and I finished them - well ok I didn't finish them there are still 4 more cards that are photo holders - but I need to get a photo for those first :)

SO here's the cards - I'm STILL going to be making a SU! Photo card for like my mom and dad and in laws - but for the friends and distant family - here they are :)

I have to take pictures of the rest - Cory charged his phone in his car and switched batteries with my phone! WHOO HOO!

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