Monday, October 8, 2007

Ladies' Night Out

The LSBS Robert's Craft has a great Ladie's night out every Conference weekend - Oct - and April -
I took my 2 girls and we had a blast with the make it/take it's they had going on -
They had a big sale with the cuttlebug stuff - well I use all my cuttlebug folders with my sizzix machine but had a blast learning more about the JR cuttle bug offered for kids! My daughter wanted one SO BAD! Maybe for Christmas :) THeir folders just aren't cheap enough though :) BUT here are a few things we made :)

This is a little 3X3 card - really cute :) Remindied me of my son Casey - so I cut out and extra one for him :)

NEXT - This one was just made of foam peices that come in a little kit - peel the backs off to stick everything together - My daughter's loved them :)

These are cute little party/goodie bags - I bought some in black along with 2 12X12 peices of paper to make a few of these for halloween gifts :) SHould be fun :)

We were MORE then ready to go home after these first 3 - but ran into ONE - TWO more on our way out -
Those crowds were HORRIBLE!
THis was just a little bookmark - cut from foam with the cuttlebug circles -
$15.99 for 4 circles! HA HA HA! I'll use my circut if I want to make this cute little snowman again :)

AND LAST - We made these cute little magnets to go on the fridge - I have to find out what kind of glue we used on these because WOW! They dried quickly and very strongly! BUT they're cute! I love the stones - I think they're the type you put in the fish tank :)

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