Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday Drive

Sunday was a little hard - COry and Collin were sick with bad colds , so we decied to skip church so we don't get anyone else sick. We decided to take a family drive - I love driving through the canyons and enjoying the day with the family -
THIS TIME I chose a different direction - we drove WEST off of Redwood Road instead of towards the Freeway to the canyons -

Cory (my hubby) is a big time OFF ROAD guy - jeepin' dirt bike ' 4 wheeler - snow mobile - you name it

WELL HE KNEW what was WEST - a big playground for off-roading We drove for probably 20 mins, then He took us on this "road" trail - leading to more trails and more trails - We have 5 kids in the car - and Excrusion for that - I have a screw driven in one of my tires already and he just fixed the muffler from LAST time we went off road and he hit a rock - I like my car quiet!

LUCKLY my car made it ok without any more then just really dusty - I personally don't like off-roading - he takes my older kids to Moab all the time and I stay home to shop and play :) SO I was freaking out most of the drive. I don't like the "cliffs" on my side of the car :) My kids always laugh at me when I freak out -
SO those are the memories :)
BUT Mostly when we reach or destination and get out to hike and walk around - yes more hills more rocks more freaking out :) BUT I always get some good family pictures :)

I am loving this Digi scrapbooking - it's SO EASY!
I have a TON of "challange" Sketches that I've found online - all I do is take the challange and "draw" the frames and lay out how they have it and add my pictures and patterns/colors - I LOVE IT! It took me maybe 15 mins to make this one - I played around a lot with the background and stars started ticking me off after awhile too :)

I've gotten a LOT of compliments on the title *Blush* it was really easy to make too!

Christina had her THanksgiving program yesterday (Monday) I"ll see if I can upload the pictures for that and work on a little something later today - Today is my LAST shopping day without kids - NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK!
SOOO LOTS to do today :)

Have a GREAT DAY! And THanks for lookin!

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