Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post it's holder - Teachers Christmas gifts

I've never made these Post it's holders before but they looked so cute so I wanted to give it a try :)

they had Post it's on their "wish list"

Made this for Casey's and Christina's teachers (favorite color is Purple)
I need some matching ribbon for the binder clip it looks a little plain but you get the idea :)

And this one for Samanthas MALE"Teacher his favorite color is Orange

Fun huh! I have never made these before and I can't believe they're SO EASY! So I had fun making them :) The kids LOVE how they turned out and can't WAIT to give them to their teachers - OH and I added 2 extra post it's stacks with a little cigar band and put it on the back for the teachers - I'll get a little mini gift bag for them to put it in later this week :)

BUT now I don't have to worry about Teachers at the last min again this year :) Last year I was up til like 3 am the day before school was out for winter break! YIKES! I'll never do that again!

I copied the one I got in Deb's Hostess/thank you swap :) Not sure who made it - I didn't see a recipe card for it - but I LOVE IT! and plan on making more for Christmas gifts :)

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kadie said...

Okay Jen....these are so GOSH DARN CUTE I can't stand it....Totally going to have to CASE these for my gal-pal's at work. Thanks for the Rockin Cool Idea. They turned out so nice and I'm completely in love with the clip idea that you put at the top. You did an incredible job. Thanks for sharing these. Kadie