Sunday, November 25, 2007

For Debbie

My Mother in law wanted me to make her a couple cards to go with her adorable towls she embrodered for her family gifts - She surprised us and made us one with matchting apons - I LOVE IT! I'm going to wear it for Christmas :)

Anyways - the towels and aprons say "Christmas Kisses" on it with snowflakes - it's red with white writing (pictures later I"m too tired tonight :)

SO Here is what the card I made looks like -
Snowflake spots - embossed used a heart brad in the middle - the card is 3x3

Today - Sunday is her birthday - I asked all my sister-in-laws to email me pictures of their kids so I could make her a little tin with pictures for her purse -
She came with me to Stamp Camp awhile ago and ran into an old friend from her old neighborhood - she couldn't believer "Little Cory" had a wife and kids! (I had Samantha and Collin with me) BUT good to grandma didn't have a single picture of her other grandkids - SO I had been working on this for about a month now - She loved it!

Will upload pitures of the tin tomorow - again tired :) Sorry

The first page has a picture of her and says "Top 12 reasons why I love being Grandma " then it has all the pictures inside of the accordian fold which looks like the others from before with my step mom's accordian book - just more pictures added on this one

So that was fun! Used Dashing paper - she loves green :) I made a little bag to go in it

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