Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sick Kids mean more Crafts!

Collin has been sick since Wednesday night - still sick actually and it's SUNDAY!!
We took him to the dr's he has a sinus infection and a ear infection - so much drainage down to his stomach - he can't keep anything down :( SOOOO got him on some meds to help - he's bearly 10 months old - he needs all the help he can get :(

Friday Chrsitina had it - then Friday night Cody had it - ugh! Saturday we woke up to a nice blanket of snow and volia! Everyone's better??? HA HA - no but they got to play - I don't have a camera :( SO didn't get any pictures but they had fun -

Guess the fresh air was good for them because last night they were all feeling so much better - happy and no fever - I think CHrsitina and Cody are just about over their sinus infections - whoo hoo!!

I thought Collin was better - but he had a rough night last night - So back to throwing up a little today :( Poor kid - he BETTER be bettter by tomorrow! I NEED to get out of the house! BUT I will stay home with him if I have to - poor little guy

BUT because everyone's been so sick - I've had some play time during NAP TIME!!!

Ok I joined a "Stocking Stuffer swap" from Paper Crafts - here's what I made - just a couple mini frames from the dollar store - came with 6 in a pack :) SO good deal

The swap is due on Friday so hopefully I can get them mailed off on Monday -
I'll upload Kadie's Christmas swaps next week after she gets them :) DOn't want to ruin the surprise :)

OH I didn't upload the picture tin for my Mother in law!
Here it is -

First picture is wrapped up :) I used a little white lunch sack and just covered it :) I think Kadie gave me the idea sometime ago :)

Next is the Hobby Lobby gift card tin that I decorated to match (her favorite color is green :)

And open it up and meet all the people :)

She loved it! * WHEW *

THanks for looking :0

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