Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrapbook pages

Here is the new scrapbook page for next week Enrichment mini class .
I am excited about this one because it is made all with punches! I love Punch art!

Look at those Mushrooms! They're made with the circle punches -
The grass is made with the boarder punch - Love this look!
And the flowers - I used the 5 petal punch for the leaves and the scallop punch for the daisy's - I love the demention on the flowers because the petals really pop up to make it look like a real flower :)

The centipede is just little circle punches -
The only thing NOT a punch is the butterfly - that was left over from my velum butterflies from my convention card swaps using the Big SHot machine - I really need more velum - those things are GEORGOUS! I love how they add so much more elegance to the project :)

Anyways - this page really fits in with my kids - living out here we have a LOT of bugs - and my kids really love it too - If we have a jar left out on the counter - or dishwasher - my 5 year old takes it every time and just has to catch something in it :)
We had a swarm of prey mantisis out here this year - I can't even count how many they've caught. A couple of weeks go - my husband came in the house after church and had one on his back - just hangin' out with him. Last week we had one sitting on my vacuum cleaner - just waiting for someone to help him find his way out of the house - They're so cute actually - we kept putting them in my veggie garden - this year has been pretty good becasue there aren't any big spiders in my garden anymore! I can actually stick my hand through the tomato gate and get what I want without weaving in and out of the webs :)

We were hanging out sometime in July when one of the kids out here spotted a centiped in the street! This was a pretty BIG centiped! My neighbor put it in a bug catcher with a few leaves and put it up in her garage - a few weeks later we had a butterfly!!!! The kids were SO excited! We didn't see it come out of the cucoon - but it was pretty cool to watch :)

Anyways - so needless to say it's been a great year for my kids with these new found friends - we have jars still hanging around with some not so fortunate rolly pollies and crickets and grasshoppers -

SO this page is going to fit in really good with our scrapbook pages for this summer - I may need to make a couple more like it to go with all the pictures of bugs we took this year :)

Thanks for looking!!

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Elizabeth said...

What a great page! I love it! I was having flashbacks from childhood reading your bug post. My brother used to chase me around the yard with frogs and lizards and snakes! ACK! I'm scarred for life! LOL

Big hugs!