Friday, March 27, 2009

A few things for the fair

Here are a few things I've made -

This is what I'm working on today -
I found some circle coasters in my closet - not sure where I got them but I wish I had more! I found 6 of them - so I'm making ONE for me and 2 for the fair to sell - not sure on price yet - but so far they're cute -
I'm mad at my CSP right now - it keeps cutting the paper and snagging it so I have to start over - sucks - but hopefully it'll do better - I haven't made the inside yet - but I"ll post those when I get them done -

Next I decorated a few pillow boxes - No I STILL don't have the die cut yet - but a nice friend mailed me a couple for samples - so this is what I did with them - not sure what I'm doing with them - but they look cute :)

I altered 6 mini comp books - I don't have the pens yet - I can't find them :( But I'll either bead them or wrap the matching paper around them - we'll see what I"m in the mood for :)
I also made a couple magnetic post it's holdes that I'll be making pens for too :)

Finally my boy/girl punch art card candy -
I CASED them from Brenda - she made them for the new mom's at UDI - Michelle sent me a way cut package (look back in Oct or November :)

SO thats what I have been working on :)

Thanks for looking!

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Kadie Labadie said...

HOLY Buckets Jen - is that first picture of Samantha? Love your post - thanks for sharing. Kadie