Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They're Growing!

Here are some recent Puppy Pictures - they're now 5 weeks old -
They're pretty much eating on their own now - but the solid food is rough on their litle tummies so they're not eating all the time -
We're having trouble with the Runt Squirt - she makes me want to cry every time I see her she's just not eating - We have he only still nursing with the mom - which she HATES - but I think it's pretty much the only thing keeping her a live - Poor thing :(

Anyways - we are playing show dog for pictures - so here are a couple : (sorry they look off - Blogger wont save my text where I want them :( )

The First 2 pictures is the Family Favorite (biggest Male) we call him Big Mac Tires :) Cory picked the name

Next 2 pictures are of Sadie - everyone's favorite girl because of her color - she also has the best body structure for showing - So we're told :) she's afraid of NOTHING and attacks EVERYTHING she can get into her mouth!

Then there is Bo Bo - he's the sweetest :) He is very friendly and loves to nibble on earlobes :)

They will be ready to go to new homes in about 3 weeks- they're growing fast and are a lot of fun! We have one going to New York and One going to Minnasota (I think that's where he said) and one staying in Utah - well nothing definate yet but he's been talking to breeders all over the place who are interested in buying from us :) WHOO HOO!

BIG SHOTS - You're going to be mine REAL soon :)

Thanks for Lookin!

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