Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sorry to ignore everyone else - I'm not -
When I got the virus on my computer we had to get it reformated (Thank you again Shane!!!) BUT unfortunatly we didn't save the email address out of my address book -

I thought I emailed you from my gmail site but I the yahoo Email keeps coming back as delivery failed - so Kadie - EMAIL ME!!

Any anyone else that I know - I don't have your email address either :(
So email me :)


P.S. I just uploaded 12 scrapbook pages that I"ve finished - but I have to find the CD of my PaintShopPro program so I can enhance the colors and crop and all that fun stuff -
So keep watching :)

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kadie labadie said...

Jen: I thought you dropped off the face of the earth...glad to hear your back up and running. Email me and we can chat! Have missed you and just thought you have been busy. Here's my email addy;

Look forward to hearing from you. Glad I was able to find your blog so I could find out that your comupter went down and you just lost my email addy. Hope the girls are feeling better about the puppy - sorry to hear "Little Runt" didn't make it - HOW SAD!

Hope your Valentine's Day was extra special and Have a ton of questions to ask you about the new SU product....sounds like you got the new circle scissors..have to tell me all about it. Going to be placing a big SU order this next week and it's on my list of things to get.

Email me girlfriend! Hugs! Kadie