Tuesday, January 20, 2009

R.I.P Squirt

Yesterday was a sad day here at my house :(
Remember the little runt puppy that wouldn't eat? I was force feeding her almost every day - she would eat some days and not the next, then eat again - well Sunday she ate in the morning, and again in the afternoon but in the evening she wouldn't eat. We brought Rosie upstairs to feed her but she's all dried up. I forced her to eat a syringe full of formula and she cuddled back up with her mom and slept until it was time to go down to bed.

Well Monday morning Samantha went down to get their food treys for me and she found her passed away. I ran down stairs to pick her up and bring her upstairs wrapped in a blanket - luckly there was no school because my girls were devistatied (sp)

Cory took her with him to work. not sure what he did with her but he said he did the proper thing so not to worry about it.
I just kept telling my girls that she went to go live with her new family sooner then the other puppies did (they're going to new homes in about 2 weeks - well a couple of them are anyways) and she is now happy in her new home.

She's not starving anymore - she's happy. cory and I think her digestive system just wasn't strong enough to handle puppy food. We mixed it with puppy formula for 3 weeks - which was probably what was keeping her alive. but the puppy food just wasn't setting well with her. we had a couple of people come over to see her the week before and they couldn't believe she was still alive.
I know that these things happen. we have had a puppy die for no reason in a previous litter too - and from other breeders we have heard it's very common to lose at least one pup out of every litter.we've had 3 litters without any loses so I think we're doing pretty good. these things do happen a lot and sad to say there really isn't much more we could have done.

So with that said - Rest in Peace Dear Squirt (the girls named her because she was so small :)

I would put a copy of the rainbow bridge on here but I"m still without a computer and my husband wont let me google anything :)

HUGS to everyone

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Maria Williams :) said...

i'm so sad to hear this! i do hope your family can get past the saddness.