Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love You Much Bundle SET

Ok I started on Jan 1st making 3 of these little boxes with 3x3 note cards- but since I put everything away I wasn't able to find time to work on them again - Well yesterday I figured out the secret! I took everything out on Saturday night and worked for about 10 mins - left it all out - on Sunday I sat down but didn't get to do anything - but MONDAY - I sat down 7 -8 times and finished all 3 boxes - a cute envelope note card AND made a matching scrapbook page!

SO I'm sorry family of mine but we will no longer be eating at the bottom half of the kitchen table :) as long as I leave my stuff out (under supervision of course - I need to set up a servaliance camera :) I can work on things off and on all day long and maybe JUST MAYBE I can do the scrapbook page once a month goal that I set for myself :) It's the end of January and I have 2 now :) January AND Feb :) WHOO HOO! I DO need to make a 2nd page though for a 2 page lay out - it's not easy fitting 6 kids on one 8x11 page :

ANYWHOO - here's the group picture - then 2 pictures of the box and note cards and scrapbook page - I did CASE the box and cards - but the scrapbook page I copied a lay out from a 6x6 page but added a few more things and changed the colors aroud so they all match :)
Let me know what you think :)

Thanks for looking!

P.S. My box of Brand New Spring/Summer 2009 catalogs are supose to come today :) I'm SO EXCITED! I will be playing with the brand new "Just Buzzin' By" set this week for another set - Youre going to LOVE the new stuff coming out! I've seen some sneek peeks :)

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