Monday, April 2, 2007


Well I finally made my tins - mine looks like crap but Samantha did pretty good on her friend's tin. I made one for her and she made the other . once I figured out what I did wrong with my big one (Thanks so much everyone in Beate's Group :) They're not too bad. I still had more trouble with the tops and knotches then I wanted - so I just added flowers to mine and a name tag on my daughter's friend's tin

Whew! Glad thats over with :) BUT I still have 3 more of the smaller tins that my girls want to do for our "Craft" weekend when the guys are gone to Moab - ugh!

In case you can't tell behind my tins There is a big box - and in that box is my new Circut machine! OH MAN! I'm so excited - the flower from my daughter's tins were from the Circut machine.
THis morning I read a couple emails about the sale at Michales for the Circut - I showed it to my husband before he left for work - PERFECT Timing - he was in a good mood AND we had just sold a puppy the night before so he had some cash in his pocket :) WHOO HOO! SO I rushed out this morning and bought it :) I got it home and was playing with it - but then my daughter got home from school wanting to finish her tins - ho hum - SOO now that those are done - back to play time! I need to get playing with the stamps I borrowed from my mother in law before I have to give them back to her next Sunday! lol

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