Wednesday, April 4, 2007


If you read my earlier blogs - you'll know I borrowed a few stamp sets from my mother in law -
Here's what I did while playing with the Noteworthy set - I found out that it's a retired set from last year - well lucky me :) Someone had an extra set :) SO I only made 3 cards using my mother in laws' set - since I'll have my own within a week or two :)

All these cards were Cased from SCS but I'm SO SORRY - I seem to have lost the email to myself that told me WHO I cased them from - I was SURE I saved it to my drafts folder but it's not there :( I'm SO SORRY!

I love the colors I used in these :)

Tomorrow - inbetween loads of laundry and cleaning I'll be using the Punch box set and the riveting set that I borrowed from her as well :)

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Zoe said...

Wow, you really have an eye for these things!