Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scrapbook Expo - April 14, 2007

Ok I FINALLY made it to my first scrapbook expo! I didn't know what to expect but wow! It was cool!

I took my 8 year old daughter and my 11 week old baby , and met my mother in law there at 9 am - we got the early bird session and were able to make a few make it/take it's that weren't offered to the regular public who only paid $6 a ticket instead of the $20 - it was worth it - but if I had known we were going to pay for the early bird sessions we would have gotten there at 7:30 when it opened instead of 9 am - we only had an hour to hurry through everything before the big crowd hit -

Whew - we were there for 7 1/2 hours - But it was a LOT of fun!
We had tried to get into a few of the classes but they every time we got there too late and they ran out of room :( So we just stayed with the make it/take it stuff and the AWESOME clearance/discounted items that were being sold EVERYWHERE!

First thing we made when we got in there was this way cute purse from Robert's crat -
The pictures suck - sorry but I'm tired and I just want to get these uploaded tonight :)

Next we made this cute Birthday paint can from Robert's craft store - I LOVE this one! My daughter wants to buy the bigger paint cans and decoarate them for birthday gifts :)

After these were finished we stood in line for about 20 mins to make this cute little folder mini album - theme is LOVE - but it was cute - I like how it' turned out.

Time for a little shopping - i got some really cute brass templates to play with for $1.25 each and a few for 25 cents each - spent a while looking through all those bins trying to look through them all -whew!

Next we went to the Clost to my Heart stand and did this make it take it
Cute card :) Oh wait, the picture really sucks - let me try it again ...

OK well after that was done - I had to go feed the baby so my mother in law took Samantha over to make a 12x12 scrapbook page - My scrapbook is 6x6 so I didn't mis too much - but my daughter loves it! She's SO excited to put pictures in it and put it in the shadow box we got - or maybe it's just a box with a window but she's excited to start on more scrapbooking now. She starts springbreak on Wednesday so I told her I'll wade through our CDs and maybe we can play catch up on scrapbooking. I stopped at Feb of last year so lots to catch up on :)

Anyways - back to the expo - we walked around al ittle more - I got a couple of quick cutz for $5 and some cute little tins for $1 a peice - I plan on putting paper on those next week - hopefully :)

Not sure who was sponcering this take it/make it - they had some really cute stuff though -OH it's that new company - what's it called??? Can't remember but I almost bought these stencils at Robert's last week - and their chalk is awesome! Going to have to go out and get some more :) Bugs me I can't remember though - grrr

Then we walked on toooo Archivies - we now have ONE in Orem - which isn't too far from my house - but far enough out of the way of everything else - so I haven't been there yet - but they did a cute little make it/take it thing also

THen we had to stop to feed Samantha - she was STARVING to death - So got her a $4 hot dog that was too spicy for her - ho hum, then back to shopping again - by this time it was 1:30 -

We walked around and found Designs by nails - ahem - anyone who has an 8 year old girl knows how important your nails are :) So I ended up buying the little kit to make cute little designs on your nails :) We'll get those in a week in the mail :) She's so excited. :)

More shopping - I got a big stack of cardstock for $1 and if I would have know it was $1 instead of $2 I would have gotten 3 more of them (I was out of money :)

So next we went back to the Robert's table and they were making these cards - I was getting a ticket for a raffle so I missed the card - it was 3:00 and they had to close up their make it/take it to make room for the next make it/take it- SOO Samantha made this card while I was getting the tickets for the raffle -

BUT since we were right there when she was setting up the next make it/take it we were first to do it - we made these cute little tags - Sorry for the bad picture - I'm too tired to re-take it right now :)

Then we went over to this cool looking thing - they had these plastic tiles that was cliped to a clipboard and card stock. you took a big paint brush and put ink on it and took off one of the tiles to get the ink on the paper - then put the tile back and take another one off to get a different part of the card - I had never seen these before but I LOVED it! If I had brought more money with me - look out - but since I didn't - I'll just have to watch for them at Robert's or Michaels or JoAnns and see if I can find them :)
I Love this face stamp too - wish I knew who made it - but it's probably safer that I don't :)

OK LAST STOP - whew it was getting late - we were tired but my baby was doing AWESOME! He was being so good!
We went back to the Robert's table for their "box of Love"
This one took FOREVER! We waited in line for about a half hour - then when we got up there my feet were killing me I just wanted to grab everything and leave - but nope we stayed and finished it all -
It was fun :)

When we got home Samantha kept saying how much fun she had and how much she loved it! She's so excited to scrapbook next week and make cards and all that fun stuff :) It's nice to have someone to play with now - My little girl is growing up - and loves to hang out with me :)

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Zoe said...

WOW Jen, that really does look like a lot of cute stuff! It sounds like it was so fun. I am a bit jealous!! :P I am not even a scrapbooker but those projects are irresistable! I might have to go with you next time!