Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kadie's Swap FINISHED!

Ok took me a while but I FINALLY finished all the cards :)

Now let's see if I can get these uploaded real fast before the baby gets fussy :)

First card - I've wanted to CASE this card from armywife97wp for a LONG time :)
This is actually the card that I saw awhile ago that inspired me to buy the Silly Sealife set :) I love these whales! It wasn't easy getting them close together like this :) BUT I love this card - will definatly make it again

And this was the SECOND SIlly Sealife card that told me I NEEDED this set :) Cased by tackertwosome
LOVE this card :)

Ok Baby's starting to get fussy so hurry-ing a long....

Here is a Very Punny froggy :)
Love this card - took forever for me to make because I don't like to cut images out very often but - I think I liked how it turned out :) Sorry you can see the last frog, I can't find out how to take the date off the camera for these project pictures but put it back on for scrapbook pictures -
Card Cased by - stampshera

Another Very Punny Card - Cased by - thurbis01 Her's looks a lot better - I still don't have a scallp punch

Obviously I'm not a very orginal person :) I case almost everything :)

This one I got the idea off of - UGH I can't find it! I thought I had it written down! I'm so sorry!
It's actually the second card I made like this - the first one my son spilt his chocolate milk all over and ruined it : BUT this one turned out ok too :)

Using my Circut machine I cased this from Monika
And now that I'm in her gallery getting her link I see I got the above card from her too :)

This one I had messed up on a previous center folded card and had the card stock sitting in my scrap pile - so I pulled it out and just added a matching piece of patterened paper over it and added the Thanks :) (My orginal :)

And now we come to an end - I finished all the cards last night - then realized as I was cleaning up I needed ONE MORE THANK YOU card! AHHHHHH

So this morning I went to Misti's site and followed her tutorial on how to make this cute Nugget card box

This was my first time ever nugget box - I had the HARDEST time scoring this one - The sliding box was too big, or the sides were too small - So I changed her numbers around a little instead of 4 3/4 square I used 4 1/2 square and scored at 7/8 for the slide box and THAT seemed to work out better :) Whew - Filled with some nuggets I got at the store yesterday (luckly there were still a few in the bag :) And I used my wheel on the mailing lables - I didn't think things through as far as the stamps/paper I wanted to use- but they look pretty ok :) Don't they??

Now THAT (I hope) concludes my 15 + card swap with my friend Kadie

6 Thank you cards
3 wedding/anniversary
2 birthdays
4 Thinking of you

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Smunkee said...

I really like the cow card....did you draw those cows or are they stickers or stamps