Thursday, January 17, 2008

Motorcross Freestyle!

Here we go again :)

OK - The first weekend after New Years Cory got tickets for the WHOLE Family to go to the motorcross at the - old Delta Center (can't remember the new name :)

It was a BLAST! WE hadn't been since Casey was like 3 years old - back when Mad Mike Jones was all anyone ever talked about in our family :) Casey was HUGE Fan!
Casey THOUGHT he remembered what it was like - but when we got there - he was SO EXCITED! They ALL Were!

They changed MFX a LOT in the past few years - my first reaction was.... where's the dirt?? Strange question?? I don't know but it seemed like the most of it was for the advertizments on the ramps - and there were only 2 ramps!!!!! Then there was only like 8 guys jumping - they put on a good show though - Even COllin loved it!
He was on my lap clapping and yelling - he thought it was a bit loud though and kept covering his ears but didn't cry at all the whole night - even when he was getting tired - he still didn't fuss :)

The kids each wanted to bring some of their Christmas money - so Casey, Christina and Cody each bought themselves a flag - Samantha didn't want to spend $5 on a flag - so she put her money away forsomething else :)

Well that's about all I can say for this - here are a couple pictures then next post will be of my most recent swaps that I"m doing :)


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