Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy new Years! Samantha's birthday!

Samantha was born on New Years day - we went to the hospital trying for New Years Even (Tax reasons ) but that didn't work - she wasn't THE New Years baby - but 6:30 am was enough for me :)

We brought in the New Year with a Wii - a-thon - Cory played for most of the night - then the kids took turns playing - First Collin fell asleep about 10ish - then Cody passed out closely after - then Cory fell asleep - Christina fell asleep on the couch about 10:30ish - then Cory fell asleep next to Cody - Next Casey went over to cuddle up with dad and here's Samantha dancing away on the Dance Revolution til midnight - I woke up Cory about 5 mins before - then we let Samantha run outside to throw some poppers - The other kids stayed asleep :) BUT it was fun -

For Samantha's birthday - I took her to build a bear - she LOVED it!
Of all the cute little animals for her to pick out - she picked out the scroungiest looking puppy - but the one that needed the most love :)

We got her a little princess bed - and a shirt and colar and of course a little baby puppy to play with - because it was her birthday they made a special announcment at the checkout - she loved it :)
Then we went to Taco Bell after for a quicky lunch before picking up the other kids and heading to the dollar Tree to pick up some baby items for her new little princess :)

Grandma Lilly came over and brought her a cool CD player with a big Tin full of Gospal Music - which she LOVES!

THEN Grandma and Grandpa Stewart came over and So did Justin and Nic & Erin - Marla was coming home from Wyoming so she didn't make it but she left a gift with Justin to bring - she got some cool "little pets" - She got the whole vet play-house thingie with about 24 little pets to play with :)She LOVED IT!

AND that's about it for this post :)
Stay tuned for after lunch - we went to the MOTORCROSS FREESYLE GAMES!

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