Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre school Teacher - Thanks

Well I got so many ideas for a thank you for my kids' teachers - I'm sure I"ll be using them all :)

I have this weekend/next week to work on my older kids' gifts - but my youngest daughter is graduating today from Pre-school - I'll be back later with more pictures :)

I want to thank Ashley for her idea though - once I read her email I KNEW this was what I wanted to make -

Then I let her decorate the back 3 coasters

I'm not a big fan of these coaster pots (read down to mother's day )
It took some time to make this one but I love it! I showed it to my sister in law and she's telling her sisters about it for their kid's end of the year gift -
luckly they're out of our district - because now my older 2 want to make one for THEIR teachehrs!

I'm still thinking gift certificate for my son's teacher whom I really want to thank in a big way - so maybe I'll put my son's picture in front with the gift card on back of the picture or something? hum - just thinking

Anyways - so that's what I did yesterday -

Working on a birthday gift pack for my step-dad - will post pictures on Saturday after I give it to him :)

Thanks for looking :)

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