Friday, May 11, 2007

MORE babies???

Ok so if you read down in my blog you'll see that I just finished selling 9 puppies over Easter weekend -

Well now it's the cat's turn!

Some history about our cats -
a few years ago we adopted a male wild cat - put a cardboard box on the porch and fed him - that summer we found 4 kittens hiding under our jet ski - yikes! Since they were wild cats, we couldn't catch them to give them away - but we couldn't let them starve! So kept feeding them - slowly they started dissapearing - not sure where they went, but we kept feeding them - last Summer - 2 females got pregnant - HoneyBun - is my daughter's favorite cat - she is the biggest softy - all my kids pick her up and play with her - So we were able to bring her in our garage and she had the kittens in there - Lucky - the all black female was the other one that got pregnant, but she HATES people -
After a while of her being gone - I went down to do a load of laundry and saw movement in the tumble weeds in the window well - YIKES! She had 6 kittens in there!
So we brought the kittens in the garage and left the garage door open and she ran in when she thought no one was looking - HA HA

So when the kittens were old enough - we took them to Smiths with a big KITTEN'S sign and gave them all away!

now we're down to 2 female cats - not sure what happened to the other cats over the winter but we have 2 now - these 2 cats are GREAT at going out into the field and catching mice - so they're staying here for as long as they want to -

We notice Lucky was pregnant - but she still doesn't like people touching her - but she'll tolerate it if she's eating - so my husband snuck up and grabbed her and brought her in the garage - a few days later she had her kittens - that was about April 23rd-ish she had 4 kittens - but since she hates to be around people other then when she's hungry - we gave her her space so she could relax -
honeybun - I wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not - but my husband thought she was going into heat - so we put her in the garage anyways to keep Lucky company - and keep her from getting pregnant - well guess what, she was preganent -
We were giving Lucky her space and not going out there except to give her food and water and change the litter box - a few days ago she had moved the kittens - my husband and I were the only ones who knew where they were - but she moved them - so searching around trying to find them without making her nervous - I finally saw them in a box/bin - But didn't even tell my husband where they were in hopes that she'll keep them there.
Well today I was running late and asked my little girl (age 5) to go make sure the cats had water out in the garage - a few mins passed by and she didn't come back in the house - I'm like GREAT she found the kittens she'll be moving them for sure !

So I went out into the garage and the OTHER female cat (honeybun) was inside the box hoovering over the kittens while my daughter was trying to look - I called her back in and walked out to see why she was hoovering over the box - the kittens were older so they shouldn't be so protective of them, Well it looks like the other female WAS pregnant - she had 4 kittens - I'd say about 3 or 4 days ago! THAT'S why Lucky had moved the kittens -
So now instead of 4 kittens to give away, we'll have 8 - plus my neighbor's so far 6 kittens and she still has a pregnant cat who's just about ready to pop -

Here is a picture of the kittens - you can see the older one and the smaller one - the mom is not in the picture - those are all kittens - 2 weeks and 3 days old :)


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