Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day gifts

Ok here's what I made -
First gift I made for my sister in laws -

I got my coasters awhile ago and I finally had the PERFECT project to make with them - I saw these mini roses at Walmart for $2.98 and thought they'd be perfect in the coaster box for my sister in laws for mother's day!

I saw SO MANY really cute boxes on SCS and thought - "HOW EASY"

HA HA! an hour and 45 mins later - I FINALLY finished ONE!
Only 3 more to go! YIKES!

Next gift is for my mother in law - she and I are planning on starting weight watchers together - just to help shed a few pounds - but it's always more fun to do with a friend -
SOOO for Mother's day I got her a subscription to weight watchers magizine -
I saw a few of those really CUTE bikini cards and had to have my try at it

I'm trying to find a really cute saying to put on the inside without insulting her or being rude - she has a pretty good sence of humor but... you know - it IS mother's day :)

Then I made alittle box to put the magizine in and made the tag with my kid's pictures

For MY mom - it's al ittle harder to shop for her - she has EVERYTHING - but she LOVES yard work/flowers - so I got her a pretty plant for her to plant in her yard - I think she'll really like that - then I also made another tag set with my kid's pictures - so hopefully she'll like that too :)

SO that's all I'm doing for mother's day - I have to make 3 more of the coaster boxes for the mini roses - yikes! I'll finish those tomorrow AFTER my trip to Archivers for the make it take it - hopefully Cory will babysit

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Lorie said...

How awesome is that? You are so thoughtful! And, you guys will LOVE Weight Watcher...I lost 30 pounds with the program! :0)